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South Park: The Stick of Truth Review | Talkingship

48 days 3 hours ago - It’s not uncommon for an RPG to have a variety of playable classes. Wizard, Paladin, Brute…the list goes on. South Park: The Stick of Truth draws h... | Review | PC


7 Reasons Why You Should Be Worried About PlayStation Now

101 days 3 hours ago - Sony’s recent announcement of the Gaikai-powered PlayStation Now has got everyone very excited. It’s understandable: the promise of being able to r... | Opinion piece | PS3


Is Titanfall’s 6v6 Multiplayer a Deal Breaker?

102 days 13 hours ago - Today, Respawn announced/confirmed that Titanfall would only have 12 player multiplayer matches. For some, this is a big deal. For others, it doesn... | Opinion piece | PC


No, Sony Has Not Won the Console Wars

103 days 17 hours ago - Sony have sold 4.2 million consoles, compared to Microsoft's 3 million. Many look at these figures and think that Sony have won the console war: bu... | Opinion piece | PS4


Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

Forza Motorsport 5: Talkingship's Games of the Year

117 days 13 hours ago - David writes: "“Forza, where dreams are driven”. This has been the loud war cry from the Microsoft camp in the battle for the “best driving game” t... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


The Last of Us: Talkingship's Games of the Year

117 days 19 hours ago - Shaxster writes: "Naughty Dog have a track record of success with the Uncharted series, and thus it should come as no surprise that The Last of Us... | Opinion piece | PS3


Grand Theft Auto V: Talkingship's Games of the Year

117 days 23 hours ago - Fisherman writes: "If Grand Theft Auto V isn’t the best game of this year, it probably is the most game of this year. There are games of equal and... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Device 6: Talkingship's Game of the Year

118 days 20 hours ago - Shaxster writes: "Device 6 was the second Simogo game to come out this year, hot on the heels of the brilliant Year Walk. It took Year Walk’s ideas... | Opinion piece | iPhone


BioShock Infinite: Talkingship's Games of the Year

119 days 11 hours ago - Shaxster writes: "A city above the clouds, where all is not quite as it seems. That was the premise of BioShock Infinite. It promised to take us on... | Opinion piece | PC


The Novelist Review | Talkingship

122 days 12 hours ago - Shaxster writes: "The Novelist is a game about compromise. In that respect, it’s probably more realistic than any other: it is the embodiment of th... | Review | PC


PlayStation 4 Preview (EGX 2013) | Talkingship

177 days 20 hours ago - Shaxster writes: "The next generation of consoles is almost here, but is it any better that what we’ve already got? We got hands on with the PS4 at... | Preview | PS4


GTA V's Misogyny is...Sensible

216 days 14 hours ago - Shaxster writes: "Today there’s been a lot of complaints in the gaming press about GTA V‘s misogyny. To an extent, I can sympathise. If I was femal... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


This Technology is the Future of Gaming

263 days 8 hours ago - We’ve all been there: trying to play a game when it’s sunny, but we’re unable to see anything on the screen. It’s possibly the most annoying thing... | News | Tech


The Novelist: An Interview with Kent Hudson

270 days 6 hours ago - “Your choices are the story.” That’s how Kent Hudson, founder of Orthogonal Games and creator of The Novelist, described his game to Talkingship. A... | Interview | PC


The Last of Us Review | Talkingship

277 days 13 hours ago - Shaxster reviews one of the most highly anticipated PS3 games of this generation. Unsurprisingly, it's damn good. | Review | PS3


Xbox One DRM: Gone, But Not Forgotten

300 days 17 hours ago - The Xbox One's DRM is gone...for now. Shaxster argues that the shared library/discless gameplay features have only been held off temporarily. | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Animal Crossing: New Leaf - The Diary Of A Mayor Day 1

304 days 13 hours ago - Jake charts his adventures in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, because he's a ridiculous manchild and/or a bit mentally ill. Enjoy. | Opinion piece | 3DS


Xbox One's DRM Explained

306 days 14 hours ago - The Xbox One has online DRM. But what does this mean, and why isn’t it as big as deal as you might think? Shaxster explains. | Opinion piece | Xbox One


E3 2013: What to Expect from Nintendo

315 days 21 hours ago - The House of Mario will have plenty to show off at E3 on Tuesday. Here’s what Talkingship's expecting, ranging from an HD Zelda game for Wii U to a... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


E3 2013: What to Expect from Sony

315 days 21 hours ago - Sony have already held one big event this year, back in February when they revealed the PS4. But make no mistake: this E3 is still a massive deal f... | Opinion piece | PS3


Looking for Pokémon XY News and Info?

Now - Try Bulbapedia, the largest Pokémon resource on the internet. | Promoted post
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