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Press Pass: Free to Play on the Facebook Oculus

459 days 7 hours ago - The Press Pass crew goes into discussions about Xbox One services, the Oculus Rift acquisition by Facebook, and a newly published study about in-ga... | Podcast | Xbox One


Look before you leap

483 days 12 hours ago - There's no rush to get into the newest console generation according to Anton Wegenast, and he explains why in his latest article on Press2Reset. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Preview: Cloudbuilt [Press2Reset]

491 days 11 hours ago - If you're looking for the challenge of platforming and the hectic fun of speed running through a level, Marc Lynch has a new game for you to keep a... | Preview | PC


Review: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc [Press2Reset]

507 days 10 hours ago - High school life took on a deadly new twist for Press2Reset's Marc Lynch in NIS America's new North American release. | Review | PS Vita



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North American LCS: Week 3, Day 1

517 days 2 hours ago - The LCS summaries continue into Week 3. Join Press2Reset's Nate Hales as he covers the matches between the top teams in North America. | Article | PC


League of Legends Worlds: Finals

635 days 23 hours ago - After months of tournaments and regional championships, the League of Legends World Championships came to a close. Marc Lynch has the game summarie... | Article | PC


League of Legends worlds: Royal Club vs. Fnatic

642 days 16 hours ago - The second semifinals match-up pitted the Chinese champions against the European favorites. Nate and Marc summarized the games. | Article | PC


League of Legends worlds: SKTT1 vs. NJS

643 days 9 hours ago - The first semi-finals match-up saw two Korean powerhouses duke it out for a spot in the finals and Nate Hales has your game summaries here. | Article | PC


Preview: Takedown: Red Sabre [Press2Reset]

655 days 11 hours ago - Developer Serellan is looking to bring the shooter genre into a more methodical and tactical frame of play. Anton Wegenast played an early build fo... | Preview | PC


Tears on the showfloor

661 days 8 hours ago - Aenne Schumann did more than play a game a PAX Prime's Indie Megabooth, she experienced an emotional journey. | Opinion piece | Android


Review: Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs [Press2Reset]

661 days 13 hours ago - Sean Knight found The Dark Descent's sequel to be thicker on the atmosphere, but perhaps a bit lighter on anxiety. | Review | PC


Review: Sword of the Stars: The Pit: MindGames DLC [Press2Reset]

702 days 14 hours ago - Kerberos Productions is playing MindGames with its players in the new The Pit DLC. Marc Lynch survived in the dungeon as long as possible to bring... | Review | PC


Review: Rise of the Triad [Press2Reset]

702 days 14 hours ago - Marc is coining a new term. 'Gorious' combines the better parts of 'glorious' and 'gore' to properly describe ROTT. | Review | PC


Editorial: Pitching a Final Fantasy MOBA

704 days 10 hours ago - You heard it here first folks. Final Fantasy MOBA. Nate Hales expands on the idea from last week's Reset Transmission podcast. | Opinion piece | Culture


Feature: Take This: A light in the darkness

757 days 12 hours ago - New nonprofit hopes to help sufferers of anxiety and depression know they're not alone. Andrew Testerman spoke with founder Russ Pitts about the pr... | Interview | Culture


Analysis: Is Nintendo avoiding Sony and Microsoft at E3?

794 days 9 hours ago - As Nintendo cancels its annual E3 presentation, Richard Hayden wonders if there’s more at work than simple cost-cutting strategies | Opinion piece | Industry


Analysis: Will next-gen consoles embrace f2p?

798 days 7 hours ago - Mostly ignored by the current console generation, free-to-play could yet shake things up when PS4 and the Next Xbox arrive, says Marcus Mac Dhonnág... | Opinion piece | PS4


Review: Monaco: What's Yours is Mine [Press2Reset]

800 days 12 hours ago - Round up your most trusted friends and plan the perfect heist in Pocketwatch Games's new co-op stealth title. James may now be wanted in three stat... | Review | PC


Review: Don't Starve [Press2Reset]

800 days 13 hours ago - It's survival of the wittiest in Klei's wilderness survival. Sean Knight has managed to live for over a month, which made him most qualified to wri... | Review | PC


Editorial: Saying goodbye

808 days 12 hours ago - In this week's DLC, Marc Lynch ventures into Persona 4 Golden and learns a few important life lessons. Spoiler alert for Persona 4: Golden! | Opinion piece | PS Vita


Indie Game Month Contest Details

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