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Sony was 'extremely negative' about original PlayStation

106 days 19 hours ago - 'I was asked why would I want to work on a toy,' says Andrew House | Interview | Dev


Sony boss talks of "sleepless nights" when trying to balance PS4 capabilities and price

107 days 9 hours ago - RAM was another issue. "In the early days we were thinking do we need 2GB or do we need 4GB?" Cerny added. The final decision to choose 8GB was, ag... | Interview | PS4


PS4 specs were 'based on what devs were thinking of making'

107 days 11 hours ago - “Some of it was ease of game creation,” he explained. “We didn’t want developers worrying about how to shove data into a small amount of memory.” | Interview | PS4


Bloodborne’s Victorian inspirations influence both setting and gameplay

133 days 11 hours ago - Sony approached him asking if he wanted to work on another game with them for their then-upcoming PlayStation 4, an offer that he happily accepted... | Interview | PS4


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Wolfenstein: The New Order has been pirated over 100,000 times already

149 days 16 hours ago - Now, TorrentFreak reports that the shooter has been downloaded illegally over 100,000 times already, and that’s no small feat considering it weighs... | News | PC


Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Includes An HD Version Of Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment

176 days 14 hours ago - Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is a two game in one downloadable package in North America. In addition to the PlayStation Vita game, Bandai Namc... | News | PS Vita


New Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshots show locations, enemies, classes

181 days 22 hours ago - The base classes in Inquisition are Mage, Warrior, and Rogue. In turn these break down into three specialisations, including Artificer, Knight Ench... | News | PC


Girls und Panzer: Master the Tankery gameplay shows battle against Kuromorimine Girls High School

182 days 9 hours ago - Another day, another Girls und Panzer: Master the Tankery gameplay video. This time, it’s a battle against the Kuromorimine Girls High School. | News | PS Vita

Sony's Yoshida has advice for Japanese developers: Do what you do best

182 days 13 hours ago - "They should really focus on what they do best. Many games try to appease Western audiences, not understanding the culture, and most of them fail." | Opinion piece | Industry


inFamous: Second Son photo contest receives some shockingly good entries

183 days 11 hours ago - Sucker Punch's X-Men-inspired open-world adventure inFamous: Second Son is often touted as a stellar showcase for the PS4. To accentuate its sublim... | Opinion piece | PS4


Real PS4 Screenshots Justify All That 'Next-Gen' Hype

184 days 14 hours ago - The following images are all fan-made, authentic PS4 screenshots that look as good as we all expected next-gen to look. Hell, most of them look bet... | Opinion piece | PS4


Microsoft devices chief Julie Larson-Green takes on New Role, Replaced by Nokia’s Stephen Elop

242 days ago - Julie Larson-Green, the former Windows executive who most recently led Microsoft hardware development as the top executive in the company’s Devices... | News | Xbox


PS4 UI and Social Features, Shuhei Yoshida on Ease of Use

417 days 11 hours ago - One of the most memorable moments from our Gamescom press conference was surely the sight of Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida taking the... | Opinion piece | PS4


The Drop: Week of September 2nd 2013 New Releases

417 days 20 hours ago - Week of September 2nd 2013 New Releases | News | PS3


The Indie 8: Polygon Talks to the Indie Devs at the Sony E3 Conference

495 days 7 hours ago - There they stood, shoulder to shoulder across the wide semicircle of high definition screens at Sony's E3 press conference. Streamed live to the wo... | Interview | PS4


Phil Spencer: here's why you'll need to be online

500 days 11 hours ago - "I mean the analogy, and I don't know if it's a great analogy… let's say I live in an area that doesn't have cell service. I wouldn't go buy a cell... | Interview | Xbox One


The Last Guardian “on track”

500 days 15 hours ago - The Last Guardian might not have made an appearance at Sony’s E3 press conference, but that doesn’t mean the game is gone. | News | PS3


PS4's HDD is upgradable

500 days 16 hours ago - Confirmed by Yoshida himself | News | PS4


Did Sony's PS4 Just Win E3 - Adam Sessler Reacts

500 days 16 hours ago - Adam just got out of Sony's E3 2013 press conference... and what a press conference it was. With an unchanged used game and always online policy, p... | Video | PS4


Square Enix Live Streaming E3 2013

502 days 4 hours ago - The SE Live Streams will start at the beginning of E3 2013, on June 11th, and run all the way through the end of the convention. Saints Row IV, Thi... | News | E3


PS4 Game Release Dates

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