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Killzone: Mercenary Review-TGH

224 days 9 hours ago - TGH Writes: "Killzone has, bar a rare PSP outing, primarily been a console endeavor. Liberation tried to bring out the lore and take the series to... | Review | PS Vita


FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Character Breakdown

227 days 3 hours ago - TGH Writes: "Final Fantasy XIV's successful rebirth to 'A Realm Reborn' released just a week ago. If you didn't spend the weeks prior to the releas... | Article | PC


Rayman Legends Uplay Actions/Rewards Revealed

228 days 8 hours ago - TGH Writes: "Rayman Legends is set to release in just a few days and we wanted to give you a head start on what to expect for uPlay Rewards and act... | News | PC


The 6 Things Disney Infinity Needs to do Next

232 days 16 hours ago - TGH: "Disney Infinity has been out for just over a week North America and already it’s received a fair amount of critical admiration. The reported... | Article | Xbox 360


Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

Rayman Legends Vita Patch 1.01 Released

234 days 7 hours ago - TGH Writes: "The game may not even be out yet but Rayman Legends on the Vita has received a 15MB patch." | News | PS Vita


Midnight Stream: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

235 days 2 hours ago - TGH Writes: "Want to watch us go crazy in an MMO? Well you can now! Final Fantasy XIV is set for release and we have gone ahead prepared a stream!... | Videocast | Xbox 360


10 Of The Greatest Game OST's Ever

238 days 10 hours ago - TGH Writes: "A soundtrack is what brings the game to life and fills it with memories, it’s also what separates an average game from a great game. Y... | Opinion piece | Culture


Flashback HD Review-TGH

238 days 10 hours ago - TGH Writes: "While a large amount of the words below this sentence will admittedly be hasty judgements, I ask every reader to take them with a pinc... | Review | Xbox 360


Witcher 3 Interview-Gamescom 2013-TGH

238 days 11 hours ago - TGH Writes: "Vaughn and Finn interview Jakub Szamalek, a writer from CD Projekt RED on Witcher 3 at this years Gamescom." | Video | PC


TGH Live: Payday 2

248 days 4 hours ago - TGH Writes: "This week’s TGH Live is going to be Payday 2. So get ready to watch us heist our way to victory!" | Videocast | PC


Emperor Zinyak Enslaves Playstation 3 Hard-Drive

256 days 7 hours ago - TGH Writes: "If you are planning on picking up Saints Row IV on Playstation 3 make sure you have the space, because the fourth iteration boasts the... | News | PC


TGH Live- Dragon's Crown

257 days 2 hours ago - TGH Writes: "Time for another late in the day stream for us, this time we are streaming the upcoming Atlus title, Dragon's Crown. We will be stream... | Videocast | PS3


TGH Stream- Black Ops 2: Vengeance Map Pack

259 days 23 hours ago - TGH Writes: "Tonight we will be streaming the newest map pack for Black Ops 2, Vengeance. We also have a few surprises during our stream of the Pla... | Videocast | PS3


Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Review-TGH

264 days 22 hours ago - TGH Writes: "It’s the year of Luigi! While that’s certainly not what my 6 year old Chinese calendar says on its wearing pages, I know for sure the... | Review | 3DS


Project X Zone Review-TGH

264 days 22 hours ago - TGH Writes: "Crossovers between video games has always been the dream. Everybody has always wondered at least once, “what if this game character ap... | Review | 3DS


Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut Review -TGH

282 days 6 hours ago - TGH Writes: "Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut is an odd game. It’s odd not just because it’s a psychological horror that grew into a cult classic... | Review | PS3


Atlus Announces EVO 2013 Attendance

282 days 22 hours ago - TGH Writes: "Atlus who is one of the major sponsors of EVO 2013 this year with two games at the event, Persona 4 Arena and King Of Fighters XIII. H... | News | Xbox 360


Hotline Miami Review (Vita/PS3)-TGH

283 days 6 hours ago - TGH Writes: "Hotline Miami is well known amongst the PC crowd for its over-the-top depiction of violence through the video nasty haze of the ’80s,... | Review | PS3


Drive Club Preview-TGH

283 days 7 hours ago - TGH Writes: "There’s never been a lack of realistic driving simulators out there in the console market and it seems that if a developer wants to sh... | Preview | PS4


Hohokum Preview-TGH

284 days 6 hours ago - TGH Writes: "There aren’t enough ‘zen’ games out there. There’s a need for titles like Flower, Flow, Proteus and Dear Esther, games that encourage... | Preview | PS4


Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review

Now - Ken dives into this (brief) Metal Gear mission. | Promoted post
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