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PS3 outselling Wii and 360 in Australia: SCEA head

2709 days 19 hours ago - Last week, Nintendo Australia was shouting from the rooftops about the success of the Wii down under, with the console becoming the fastest to reac... | News | 1


Killzone 2 at E3 – Cost $20 Million To Date

2711 days 15 hours ago - Killzone 2 is going to get the full E3 treatment, with its own party in a swanky sushi bar in Santa Monica and everything. It's on at the same time... | News | 1


Sony in talks on commercial use for PS3

2788 days 16 hours ago - Sony PlayStation 3 users may soon be asked to share the supercomputer power of their video game consoles with companies that lack their own technol... | News | 1


Hackers speaks to BBC

2831 days 10 hours ago - Computer hackers have scored a victory in their battle against Sony and the way the company controls its PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld games... | News | 4


Blood & Blade Giveaway

Now - Join us in celebrating the release of Blood & Blade with a key giveaway for in game gems. | Promoted post

PlayStation 3 enjoys record pre-orders

2846 days 2 hours ago - Advance orders for Sony's highly anticipated PlayStation 3 console have broken all records, with high street stalwart Woolworths revealing it has b... | News | 1


God of War II to support 720p on the PS3

2846 days 10 hours ago - God of War II will not only be playable on the PlayStation 3, of course, but it will run at a true HD resolution of 720p. This is great news. While... | News | 1, 9


Sony's success 'won't depend on MS or Nintendo'

2846 days 14 hours ago - Ready At Dawn president Didier Malenfant has told that Sony's performance in the next-gen console market will be determined by th... | News | 1, 13


Major Konami Announcements on Monday

2855 days 5 hours ago - Konami of America has stated that there will be "earth shattering" news regarding the company and several titles they will be releasing.... | News | 1,2,3,4,5,9


'Give us the 20Gb PS3'

2856 days 6 hours ago - Leading games retailers have told MCV that they do want to see the 'basic' PS3 hardware launched in the UK – while consumers have already begun pet... | News | 1


IGN: Force Feedback System for PlayStation 3

2859 days 2 hours ago - SplitFish GameWare Inc., a leader in video game hardware innovation, today announced it has developed a new dynamic force feedback system for use w... | News | 1


New PSP firmware upgrade released

2859 days 3 hours ago - Version 3.10 offers expanded support for PlayStation Nework titles (of immediate use to those with a PS3) and the ability to play MPEG-4 AVC format... | News | 4


Rein Weighs In On PS3

2859 days 4 hours ago - Mark Rein, Vice President of Epic Games, has spoken out against the negativity surrounding the PS3. He's also qualified some of his earlier comment... | Interview | 1


flOw in Feb

2870 days 17 hours ago - "What's the deal with flOw and its release date?" is one of the most asked questions they get here at IGN PS3. IGN called up repre... | News | 1


Hands On: Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

2902 days 14 hours ago - Shocker from this year's Jump Festa. Remember the PSP entry in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII series? You know, the one that's known official... | Preview | 4


Fox puts rush on "X-Men" for PS3 Blu-ray

2948 days 14 hours ago - LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Seeking to ride PlayStation 3 momentum, 20th Century Fox is rush-releasing "X-Men: The Last Stand" to... | News | 1,13


PSP Star Wars looking lethal

2970 days 7 hours ago - Due in December, Lethal Alliance plunges players into Star Wars blasting set between movies Episode III and Episode IV. You take charge of a mercen... | Screenshot | 4


First PS3 pre-orders sell out in minutes

2970 days 18 hours ago - GameStop and EB Games began accepting a limited number of pre-orders for Sony Corp's forthcoming PlayStation 3 console in stores accross the United... | News | 1


PS3's Playstation Network up and running

2972 days 5 hours ago - The producer of Full Auto, Mike Gallo, has spoken about how Full Auto 2's online functions will work, in an interview on the Official Playstation M... | News | 1


YouTube videos that'll make you want a Nintendo Wii

2978 days 2 hours ago - The headline says it all really Click the link if you're interested in the Wii and want to see some cool videos about the system and gameplay | News | 3


TGS 2006: A GPS for the PSP

2984 days 18 hours ago - At the Tokyo Game Show this past weekend, one of the most anticipated products for the Sony PSP was finally shown off to audiences for the first ti... | News | 4


Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post
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