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12 Comic Characters Deserving Their Own Game – Or Just Better Ones

587 days 6 hours ago - Aggressive Gaming Here at Aggressive Gaming we look at 12 comics/characters that are deserving of their very own next generation games. And whil... | Opinion piece | PS4


Aggressive Gaming: 6 TV Shows that Could Be Great Games

587 days 19 hours ago - Aggressive Gaming While I don’t confess to being the biggest TV fan, there are, however, some great TV shows currently on network and cable that... | Opinion piece | Industry


Things Are Going Slower Than Expected, but First Xbox Shows Probably Early 2014

588 days 8 hours ago - Aggressive Gaming Xbox Entertainment Studios is moving forward with its planned TV series that will air on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One Live. Altho... | News | Xbox 360


New Battlefield 4 Update…Again

589 days 13 hours ago - Aggressive Gaming Are you among the millions of gamers having difficulties with Battlefield 4? Well after several patches DICE and EA have relea... | News | PC


A Closer Look at Cuphead

Now - Its aesthetic and theme is inspired by classic 1930s-era animation from Fleischer Studios, classic Disney and notably, Ub Iwerks (Mickey Mouse) and... | Promoted post

Aggressive Gaming - 8 Annoying Gaming Trends that Need to Change

591 days 6 hours ago - Every generation has their own grips about what our beloved industry is doing to ruin itself. Nevertheless, as video games grow to a level that exc... | Opinion piece | Industry


Upcoming Video Game Movies

591 days 10 hours ago - There is an unspoken rivalry (or sometimes screaming rivalry) between Hollywood and the video game industry. No other media can match the total... | Opinion piece | Industry


Aggressive Gaming - Disappearing Gaming Trends and Genres

592 days 2 hours ago - Aggressive Gaming November 2013 marked the beginning of a new generation of game consoles with the release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. An... | Opinion piece | PC


Aggressive Gaming Review: Ryse Son of Rome

592 days 4 hours ago - Aggressive Gaming I’ll start by saying that I’m a serious Roman history buff. I’ve been studying the era and writing books about it for twelve y... | Review | Xbox One

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