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Rage And Disappointment Over Guild Wars 2 Lost Shores Event

649 days 8 hours ago - They hype was huge for the latest Guild Wars 2 content called the Lost Shores. But as the three day event happened, players were met with more than... | News | PC


Playspan Hacked - Guild Wars 2, Eve And Runescape Not Effected

680 days 18 hours ago - The popular marketing site Playspan, which is used by thousands of MMO makers for their real-world currency transactions was recently a victim of a... | News | PC

Win The Game Or Run in Shame

739 days 13 hours ago - Are you sick of getting your butt handed to you every time you go on your favorite game? It's time to stand up with the big boys now, and we can sh... | Article | Wii


Australian Police Commissioner At War With Video Games

746 days 12 hours ago - Will games like GTA turn you into a maniacal, knife wielding killer? Australian Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione thinks so. | News | Culture


Need Cash? (US Only)

Now - How would it feel to have your money struggles solved by this time tomorrow? We give fast loans from $100-$10,000+, and repayment terms up to 60 mo... | Promoted post

In The Near Future Movie Stars May Be Your Video Game

746 days 14 hours ago - While we wait for the next generation of consoles to come out, a slowly dying industry makes a bold new move. And what it could bring us is beyond... | News | Tech


Mars Rover Landing: NASA's 1st Xbox Game Unveiled (Images)"

774 days 17 hours ago - Nasa wants everyone to feel spaced out! Come take the first glance at what they are bringing to the gaming world. It is guaranteed to be out of thi... | News | Culture


God Of War The Movie Is Confirmed But Who Should Play Kratos?

778 days 5 hours ago - Now that the video Game "God of War" has slipped onto the big screen, who should they pick for the lead role? shows you the 5 actors... | News | Culture


Guild Wars 2: Are You Ready To Be Stressful?

841 days 1 hour ago - On May 14th, from 11 AM to 6:00 PM PDT (-7 GMT) Guild Wars 2 is letting all those who have pre-purchased the game to join in on a server stress tes... | News | PC


Tera Releases to The Public Today

850 days 16 hours ago - Today is the official launch date for what looks to be an amazing, new MMORPG. With visually stunning graphics, a deeply submersive storyline... | News | PC

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