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Dragon Age Inquisition: How to Fix the Black Screen Bug

27 days 11 hours ago - A large amount of players are having issues with the freshly released Dragon Age Inquisition. This vastly spread bug happens upon launch, after the... | News | PC


Dragon Age Inquisition: Crack Delayed by Denuvo and Modding not in Danger

29 days 4 hours ago - Dragon Age Inquisition is launching today on United States of America and Russia. However, a piracy leak has been running around the internet for s... | News | PC


Worlds 2014 Quarterfinals – Does NA Even Stand a Chance?

76 days 17 hours ago - he group stage of Worlds 2014 is over and the results are not surprising. Asia has taken over the quarterfinals with 75% of the total teams and a p... | Opinion piece | PC


Dragon Age Inquisition: BioWare Unveils New Combat Features and Relationship Meters

80 days 1 hour ago - BioWare’s creative director Mike Laidlaw and producer Cameron Lee answered a few Dragon Age Inquisition fan questions on twitch today, unveiling a... | News | PC


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Dragon Age Inquisition: Customization Will Offer 62 Variations and Endless Possibilities

80 days 2 hours ago - BioWare presented Dragon Age Inquisition’s customization system today thought a one hour twitch stream. The new system will be much more complex, d... | News | PC


The Sims 4 Guide: 8 Ways to Die

93 days 13 hours ago - Death is part of life itself and as in the previous games, The Sims 4 features a series of different ways to die. Drowning is the only traditional... | Article | PC


Dragon Age Inquision: ‘Skyhold is Filled with Interesting Places to Visit’

96 days 8 hours ago - Skyhold is Dragon Age Inquisition’s upcoming base of operations and just as the protagonist himself, this location will be dynamic and progressive.... | News | PC


Bloodborne: Exclusive Wallpapers Released

97 days 2 hours ago - VgamerZ presents a set of five Bloodborne exclusive wallpapers in high definition portraying various landscapes and events in the upcoming game. | Image | PS4


Destiny: Ammo and Gold Hacks are Taking Over Bungie’s New Game

97 days 5 hours ago - Destiny is being targeted by hackers and several applications have already been successfully made to disrupt the game’s normality. Aside from the a... | News | PC


Dragon Age Inquisition: Exclusive Wallpapers – The Inquisitor, Cullen and Morrigan

98 days 9 hours ago - VgamerZ presents a set of three Dragon Age Inquisition exclusive wallpapers in high definition portraying the Inquisitor, Cullen and Morrigan. | Image | PC


The Sims 4 Guide: How to Make Your Sim Younger

98 days 13 hours ago - Aging is part of life itself and as obvious, it’s part of the Sims world as well. However, it’s always disappointing to watch your favorite sim... | Article | PC


The Sims 4: 5 Reasons Why You Should Play This Game (with GIFs)

98 days 13 hours ago - Opinions diverge drastically when it comes to define The Sims 4. It’s true that over one hundred things are missing from the previous games but goo... | Opinion piece | PC


Dragon Age Inquisition: Who is the Inquisitior?

98 days 20 hours ago - The Inquisitor is one of the innumerous mysteries within BioWare’s upcoming game, Dragon Age Inquisition. As the main protagonist and leader of the... | Opinion piece | PC


The Sims 4: Top 10 Fun Things to Do

100 days 8 hours ago - The Sims 4 is out and even if the reception is not the best, the game is still able to proportionate plenty of fun moments. Some of the entertainin... | Opinion piece | PC


The Sims 4: 5 Reasons Why This Game is a Huge Flop

103 days 8 hours ago - After five years, Electronic Arts has finally released a new Sims game but the reception hasn’t been the best so far. Gamers and reviewers are extr... | Opinion piece | PC


The Sims 4: EA’s Supposed Anti-Piracy System Has Been Nullified

104 days 10 hours ago - The Sims 4 “mosaic bug” is severely affecting the playability of the game for some players. However, the gaming community has already found a way t... | News | PC


Best Games Coming Out September 2014

105 days 15 hours ago - Summer holidays are over and a new school year arrives. However, there are good news for gamers this year - September will be dense in quality and... | Opinion piece | PC


Watch Dogs Guide: How to Make Quick and Easy Money

203 days 18 hours ago - Money doesn’t seem to be a real issue in Watch Dogs, at least for those who choose to be evil and merciless. But don’t panic, if you’re the hero ty... | Article | PC


Watch Dogs Guide: How to Defeat the Mini Boss Robotic Policeman

204 days 4 hours ago - During the last campaign mission of the first chapter, players will find themselves trapped in a high-tech security prison. Find out how to defeat... | Article | PC


Watch Dogs Guide: How to Escape the Police at the End of Chapter One

205 days 4 hours ago - Escaping the police is generally easy, especially if you can find a bridge or a train nearby. However, at the end of chapter one while escaping a h... | Article | PC


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