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Watch Dogs Guide: How to Make Quick and Easy Money

90 days 16 hours ago - Money doesn’t seem to be a real issue in Watch Dogs, at least for those who choose to be evil and merciless. But don’t panic, if you’re the hero ty... | Article | PC


Watch Dogs Guide: How to Defeat the Mini Boss Robotic Policeman

91 days 2 hours ago - During the last campaign mission of the first chapter, players will find themselves trapped in a high-tech security prison. Find out how to defeat... | Article | PC


Watch Dogs Guide: How to Escape the Police at the End of Chapter One

92 days 2 hours ago - Escaping the police is generally easy, especially if you can find a bridge or a train nearby. However, at the end of chapter one while escaping a h... | Article | PC


WildStar: ‘Ops Week’ Will Continue Until the Headstart

93 days 14 hours ago - WildStar is almost out and Carbine Studios/NCSOFT have been hosting the last Ops Week, where players can log in one last time in the beta servers b... | News | PC


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Watch Dogs: 5 Reasons Why This Game’s Hacking Can’t Convince Anyone (with GIFs)

94 days 8 hours ago - Watch Dogs is almost out for the amusement of most gamers. However, not everything is perfect about this game. Check out why Watch dogs’ hacking sy... | Opinion piece | PC


Bound by Flame Guide: How to Romance Male Companions

106 days 14 hours ago - Romance is one of the several options that Bound by Flame has to offer with its interactive companion system. To romance male companions, you need... | Article | PC


Bound by Flame Guide: How to Defeat the Concubine Bosses

107 days 17 hours ago - To slay the main Concubine known as the Guardian, Vulcan has to kill her minor daughters, the Creator, the Stalker and the Watcher. The combat styl... | Article | PC


Bound by Flame Guide: How to Make Gold Easily and Quickly

108 days 8 hours ago - Here’s an extensive guide unveiling the best ways to make tons of gold easily in Bound by Flame. | Article | PC


Is Destiny Going to Be Another Traditional MMO?

110 days 17 hours ago - Marta Branco wrote: "The freshly released details regarding Destiny’s game modes, points towards a completely different direction. The five game mo... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Bound by Flame: What Does It Take to Be a Demon? (with GIFs)

111 days 7 hours ago - Demoniac is probably the best word to define Bound by Flame, the upcoming action-RPG game from Spiders and Focus Entertainment, since the whole gam... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


WildStar: Carbine Studios Launches Open Beta with Development LiveStreams

111 days 15 hours ago - WildStar is entering its open beta test phase tomorrow and it will last ten days, starting on Thursday 8th May through 18th May. The launching will... | News | PC


Bound by Flame: Spiders Explains The Demon System

111 days 16 hours ago - Bound by Flame is hitting the gaming market in two days, on May 9 and Spiders, the game developer, has finally explained the upcoming Demon system.... | News | PC


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: 5 New Features Coming to the Series (with GIFs)

113 days 22 hours ago - Discover the core new features coming to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare this autumn. | News | PC


Bound by Flame: 5 Reasons Why You Should Play This Game (with GIFs)

113 days 22 hours ago - Bound by Flame is a fantasy action-RPG developed by Spiders coming out May 9, 2014. The game presents a dynamic and interactive world where every c... | Opinion piece | PC


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Power Changes Everything but So Does Graphics

114 days 11 hours ago - Advanced Warfare slogan revolves around power and the importance it has in any timeline, present or future, “power changes everything”. But in vide... | Opinion piece | PC


Bound by Flame: ‘Companions are Real Assets in Combat’

116 days 1 hour ago - Focus Interactive revealed today, in great detail, the importance of companions in Bound by Flame. More than battle heroes, companions will have th... | News | PC


Bound by Flame: The Vulcan Squad – Meet the Five Companions

116 days 12 hours ago - Vulcan is the protagonist of Bound by Flame and he’ll be possessed by a flame demon, who will grant him incredible powers in exchange for his human... | Article | PC


The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 3 ‘In Harm’s Way’ Preview | VgamerZ

117 days 7 hours ago - In Harm’s Way is the next and third episode of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead. There’s still no official release date announced for this episode... | Preview | PC


The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3: Clementine and Sarah – The New Heroines?

117 days 7 hours ago - Telltale Games has published several screenshots previewing the events of the next episode, In Harm’s Way, where apparently Clementine and Sarah wi... | Opinion piece | PC


Dragon Age Inquisition: Special Edition Will Be Announced Soon

117 days 7 hours ago - Dragon Age Inquisition will have a special edition ready for pre-purchasing in the months to come, ensured BioWare Creative Director Mike Laidlaw. | News | PC


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