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The Evil Within release date in August, boxart revealed

655 days 21 hours ago - Today Bethesda sent out a press release with new information regarding the release date, which will be in August. They also revealed the game's box... | News | PC


Injustice: Gods Among Us goes next-gen

800 days 11 hours ago - It seems Warner Bros is not only planning a 'Game of the Year' edition which includes all DLC to date for NetherRealm's latest game,Injustice: Gods... | Rumor | PC


Batman: Arkham Trilogy Collection outed by retailer

800 days 16 hours ago - It seems Warner Bros has a bit more up their sleeve for the Batman franchise than just the release of Arkham Origins next month. A Trilogy Collecti... | Rumor | Xbox 360


Watch Dogs release date confirmed for november 21st?

947 days 14 hours ago - Earlier today a user spotted the Special Edition for Watch Dogs at Dutch retailer Game Mania, although nobody seemed to notice a quic... | Rumor | PC


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Two more Special Editions for Watch Dogs incoming: Vigilante Edition & Dedsec Edition

947 days 14 hours ago - Earlier today a dutch retailer unveiled a Special Edition for Watch Dogs. An anonymous source from that same retailer tells us that's not the only... | Rumor | PC


BioShock Infinite's "Lamb of Columbia" trailer is here

1015 days 21 hours ago - Yesterday you got to see the sneak peek, but today the real deal's here. Learn who Elizabeth actually is and why she's so powerful. | Trailer | PC


God of War Collection Volume 1 and 2 will become PlayStation Essentials shortly

1020 days 12 hours ago - Europe will see both God of War Collections and Dead Island Game of the Year Edition join PlayStation's Essential series and the price will drop to... | News | PS3


God of War Ascension controller will also be sold separately

1020 days 15 hours ago - For all the die hard fans that didn't want to choose between the Limited Edition controller and the Collector's Edition of the game: you don't have... | News | PS3


Trademark confirms Zombie Bait Edition for Dead Island: Riptide

1054 days 21 hours ago - Yesterday Deep Silver announced Dead Island: Riptide's Rigor Mortis Edition for the US. They said they would have more info on the European Collect... | News | Xbox 360


BioShock's Ultimate Rapture Edition set for European release in february

1055 days ago - Up until today it seemed BioShock's Ultimate Rapture Edition was set for release exclusively in the US. A dutch retailer, however, released a PEGI... | News | PS3


PlayStation Vita gets a significant price drop after all

1127 days 16 hours ago - We all thought we weren't going to get a price drop in 2012, we fell for it. God job, Sony. Now Sony announced a European price drop out of nothing... | News | PS Vita


PSX-Sense: Dead Island: Riptide Preview

1188 days 7 hours ago - When Dead Island hit in september 2011, it proved to be more than just another zombie game. We were impressed by several aspects of the game, but t... | Preview | PC


Guns will be the way to go in Dead Island: Riptide

1188 days 12 hours ago - Ever tried playing Dead Island with just guns? So did we. But it didn't prove half as useful as the melee weapons we found, used ánd broke on our z... | News | PC


PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale delayed due to bad balancing and more

1201 days 11 hours ago - PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Sony's upcoming brawler game, got delayed a few days ago. No exact reason for this delay was given, but the Ga... | News | PS3


PSX-Sense: Dishonored GamesCom Preview

1201 days 13 hours ago - It's only two months left until Bethesda launches Dishonored. We've seen some stunning gameplay and the story is impressive at the least. We know t... | Preview | PC


Darksiders II introduces the Tome system

1219 days 16 hours ago - THQ today introduced the Tome system for Darksiders II. With this, you can now 'e-mail' up to 4 pieces of equipment to your friends' game. While y... | News | PC

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