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Black Ops 2 Origins - How To Build All 4 Elemental Staffs

821 days 9 hours ago - SegmentNext - "Where to find all the parts and gramophone to build all four elemental staffs in Black Ops 2 Origins Zombies map". | Article | Xbox 360


Saints Row 4 Stores Hacking Solutions Guide

827 days 3 hours ago - SegmentNext - "Where to find all the Stores in Saints Row 4 and how to solve all the hacking puzzles to hack these stores in the game". | Article | PC


Black Ops 2 Buried Mined Games Easter Egg Richtofen/Maxis Guide

871 days 4 hours ago - SegmentNext - "In-depth guide to complete Richtofen and Maxis path of Mined Games Easter Egg in Black Ops 2 Zombies Buried". | Article | PC


Microsoft Discusses the Xbox One and Cloud Computing's Infinite Potential

886 days 6 hours ago - SegmentNext - "Microsoft discusses the Xbox One behind closed doors at E3. I talk to a few developers about Microsoft's cloud computing claim". | Interview | Xbox One


US Movie Releases to Look Out For in November

Now - Remember, remember, the films of November! It’s the time of year when the nights draw in, the year winds down and studios line up their most presti... | Promoted post

Major Nelson Addresses DRM Concerns, Silencing Don Mattrick and How PS4 Isn't a Threat

893 days 5 hours ago - Gamingbolt - "Regarding the current opinion of the Xbox One, don't count on Microsoft changing their DRM strategy any time soon. In fact, they'll b... | Rumor | Xbox One


The Last of Us That's All I Got Trophy Guide

895 days 23 hours ago - SegmentNext - "How to trigger all Ellie Jokes in The Last of Us to unlock That's All I Got trophy in the game". | Article | PS3


The Last of Us Optional Conversations Locations Guide

896 days 7 hours ago - SegmentNext - "How to unlock all optional conversations in The Last of Us to unlock 'I want to talk about it' trophy in the game". | Article | PS3


PS4 Vs. Xbox One: Who won E3?

897 days 7 hours ago - SegmentNext - "With the bulk of major E3 press conferences done and over with, we can move forward and take a look back at all the presentations th... | Opinion piece | PS4


The Order 1886: New Details That You Might Be Interested In

899 days ago - Gamingbolt - "During their E3 press conference, Sony announced The Order 1886, a brand new IP for the PlayStation 4. It is being developed by Ready... | News | PS4


E3 2013 Day One Impressions and Misconceptions

899 days 2 hours ago - SegmentNext - "E3 2013 is not what I fantasized it was. It's The Great Gatsby on steroids". | Opinion piece | E3

Sonic: Lost Worlds Hands-On Preview - SegmentNext

899 days 7 hours ago - I played Sonic: Lost Worlds at E3 2013. Here's what I thought about it. | Preview | Wii U


Total War: Rome 2 Offers In-depth Strategy and Large Scale Battles | SegmentNext

901 days 18 hours ago - SegmentNext - "Creative Assembly reinvents strategy genre with Total War: Rome 2 by offering in-depth strategy, large scale battles and a chance to... | Preview | PC


Remember Me Mnesist Memory, Focus Boost, Sat Patch, Scaramech Guide

902 days 4 hours ago - SegmentNext - "Remember Me Collectibles - Mnesist Memories, Focus Boosts, Sat Patches and Sacramechs locations to unlock It's all in the details, y... | Article | PC


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 Introduces a Time Bound Twist | SegmentNext

902 days 5 hours ago - SegmentNext - "Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 might restore faith of long-term fans in the franchise". | Preview | Xbox 360


What Do Xbox One Internet Connection, Used Game and Privacy Policy Mean For Gaming Consumers?

903 days 7 hours ago - Segmentnext - "Two weeks ago, when Microsoft launched its next entry into the “gaming” console market with the reveal of Xbox One, there were many... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Why is Metal Gear Solid 5 Voice Change a Slap in the Face of Longtime MGS Fans

903 days 11 hours ago - SegmentNext - "Let’s take a look at what makes the change in Snake's voice in Metal Gear Solid 5 so important for the followers of the franchise". | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Remember Me Memory Remix Solutions and Bugs Guide

906 days 6 hours ago - SegmentNext - "Remember Me Memory Remixes, Bugs and Interactions that you can use to shift events in your favor and unlock all the achievements and... | Article | PC


Fuse Intel Locations Guide

914 days 8 hours ago - SegmentNext - "Fuse Intel Locations to find all the intelligence pieces to unlock The Inspector achievement or trophy". | Article | Xbox 360


Xbox One Vs. PS4 – Who Won The Gamers?

920 days ago - SegmentNext - "With Microsoft finally revealing Xbox One, it is time to take a look at how it fares with PS4 with regards to the wants of the core-... | Opinion piece | PS4


Design of Xbox One Demystified

920 days 4 hours ago - SegmentNext - "We discuss the design changes introduced to the new Xbox One". | Article | Xbox One


See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post
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