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The Value of Repetition

1026 days 19 hours ago - "Repetition" is usually a bad word -- and in games, often associated with grinding. Can it be the path to unlocking something more rewarding for pl... | Opinion piece | PC


Are video game players ready for subtle storytelling?

1027 days 2 hours ago - "They don’t need their hands held, or things always spelled out. They are sophisticated, media-literate, smart people. It’s okay for things not to... | News | PC


Resonance review [GameZone]

1027 days 16 hours ago - Being a part of the Nintendo generation, point-and-click adventure games are just one of those genres that I never really got to touch until recent... | Review | PC


Dungeon Fighter Live: Fall of Hendon Myre review [GameZone]

1027 days 19 hours ago - When Nexon launched Dungeon Fighter Online for PC a while back, it provided a different kind of MMORPG experience, giving players the chance to bat... | Review | Xbox 360


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Learn some Final Fantasy trivia from this insightful video

1028 days 1 hour ago - "JonTron, who previously brought us a video full of Zelda knowledge, returns to share some trivia on one of the biggest series in gaming, Final Fan... | Video | PSP


Lumines Electronic Symphony: The Untold Story

1028 days 3 hours ago - How did the PlayStation Vita's puzzle star take shape? Producer James Mielke (formerly of developer Q Entertainment) walks through early concepts f... | Article | PS Vita


Learning to walk again: Understanding the difficulties of game concepts through Minecraft

1028 days 13 hours ago - "I take my motor skills for granted. I am lucky enough, generally speaking, to be able to travel in any direction I desire and arrive at my destina... | Opinion piece | PC


Orcs Must Die 2 review [PCGamer]

1028 days 14 hours ago - Orcs must be shot, burnt, stabbed, crushed, impaled, frozen, catapaulted, dissolved in acid, turned into chickens, or forced to murder each other.... | Review | PC


Zynga's headaches - did we not see this coming?

1030 days 3 hours ago - "As Zynga's stock plummets and analysts arrive late to the conclusion that the social game giant's Facebook business -- 80 percent of its bookings... | Opinion piece | PC


Tactical freakout variations: The mechanics of Dyad

1030 days 5 hours ago - Dyad is Shawn McGrath's labor of love. It's a single-player racing/shooting/music game that has more in common with the demoscene or audio visualiz... | Interview | PS3


War-torn Developers: Creating Games from the Front Lines

1030 days 5 hours ago - "What's it like to create games in a warzone? We're talking about the same kind of environments mimicked in our most violent shooters and open-worl... | Interview | Culture


The secret to EVE Online's success: It's all bottom-up

1030 days 8 hours ago - As the senior producer of EVE Online, CCP's Jon Lander is ultimately in charge of the direction of the nine year old MMO. "I'm the guy who sets whe... | News | PC


Ask Gamasutra: 84 Metacritic need not apply

1031 days ago - Over on Gamasutra's job boards, an ad recently popped up that has become a topic of debate over the course of the past couple days. Irrational G... | Opinion piece | Industry


The More You Know: Making Decisions Interesting in Games

1031 days 6 hours ago - Stardock's Jon Shafer, who previously led development of Civilization V at Firaxis, explains how it's possible to create a game full of "very inter... | Interview | PC


Have Used Games Helped the Industry Evolve?

1031 days 6 hours ago - Used may be a four letter word among publishers and developers due to the constraints preowned games and a hits-driven market has put on the indust... | Article | Industry


Wreckateer review [GameZone]

1034 days 4 hours ago - The popularity of Angry Birds can’t be overlooked, and it isn’t a matter of being built around complicated gameplay, but taking the rather basic fo... | Review | Xbox 360


Anna review [GameZone]

1034 days 7 hours ago - "Anna intrigued me from the first time I ever saw a trailer for it. The extremely ambitious premise completely blew me away, and since I'm a huge H... | Review | PC


How to know when your game idea is good enough to make

1034 days 11 hours ago - "If I forget about an idea after 4 or 5 months I know it was a good thing we never started it, but if after two years it's still there and you're s... | Video | Industry


This Is All Your Fault

1034 days 12 hours ago - Spec Ops: The Line's lead writer, Walt Williams, on this summer's biggest surprise, one asking some heavy questions about the nature of the medium. | Interview | PC


Game creation and the art of listening

1034 days 12 hours ago - One of the curious choices inherent to game development is the extent to which the creator does or does not listen to feedback from the community.... | Opinion piece | PC


Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post
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