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Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz Review | PS3 Attitude

1004 days 9 hours ago - PS3A says: "Putting a monkey in a ball and rolling it across narrow, precarious platforms is a pretty cruel idea for a game, but gamers have strugg... | Review | PS Vita


How digital distribution saved Oddworld and didn’t fund Ferraris

1027 days 15 hours ago - The Oddworld Inhabitants studio closed in 2005, but the series has seen a revival in recent years thanks to the rise of digital distribution. Last... | Article | PC


Grid 2 is a visual masterpiece, at least on PC | PS3 Attitude

1033 days 2 hours ago - PS3A says: "Grid 2 impressed onlookers at this year’s Eurogamer Expo – no doubt about it. With its dazzling visuals and intelligent physics, the ga... | Preview | PC


Simplygon Automagic 3D Optimization | Behind the Game

1037 days 20 hours ago - PS3A says, "You have probably seen Simplygon in action at some point, not that you would have noticed. Simplygon is a powerful 3D-optimisation t... | Interview | Industry


VII Things That Final Fantasy VII Cannot Lose!

Now - We’re going to see a lot of changes before the upcoming FFVII - Remake sees the light of day and we should be okay with that. But here is our list... | Promoted post

Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII review | PS3 Attitude

1048 days 5 hours ago - PS3A says, "Peripheral veteran Mad Catz has been making inroads into game publishing since last year when they signed a deal with Harmonix to acqui... | Review | Xbox 360


Great Debate: Is Square Enix right to stick by the Final Fantasy XIII series?

1055 days 5 hours ago - Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be the next entry into the famous Final Fantasy series. This won’t please everyone because the FFXIII... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


SpecialEffect Interview: Game on for EVERYONE

1062 days 6 hours ago - SpecialEffect is a GamesAid supported charity dedicated to helping ALL young people with disabilities to enjoy videogames by adapting, developing a... | Interview | Industry


The 7-inch Archos GamePad is gunning for PS Vita

1067 days 6 hours ago - The French electronics company Archos has announced a new 7-inch gaming tablet which bears more than a passing resemblance to Sony’s flagship handh... | News | Android


Rain and Puppeteer, a glimpse of Japan Studio’s future under Allan Becker

1079 days 20 hours ago - PS3A says, "Japan Studio led Sony’s new IP charge at Gamescom by putting forward not one but two exciting new titles." | News | PS3


‘Soul Sacrifice is born from my own personal experience as a game designer’, says Inafune

1079 days 22 hours ago - Keiji Inafune gives PS3 Attitude a behind-the-curtain look at his latest project, Soul Sacrifice for PS Vita. | Preview | PS Vita


An early look at Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII | PS3 Attitude

1109 days ago - PS3A says, "When you think of Mad Catz, the chances are you probably think of fight sticks, turbo controllers and other hardcore peripherals. It’s... | Preview | PC


Mad Catz Unveiled: Alex Verrey discusses hardware, community and games

1109 days 5 hours ago - PS3A says, "On Friday 13 July, PS3 Attitude went along to the Mad Catz Unveiled community event at the Penthouse on Leicester Square, London. It... | Interview | PS3


PlayStation 2012: mid-term report

1112 days 23 hours ago - PS3A says, "The first six months of the year are always quiet due to publishers holding back their big guns to catch the Christmas bonanza. However... | Opinion piece | PS3


20 games to sign off PS Vita’s first year

1138 days 5 hours ago - Between E3 2012 and the end of February, PS Vita is due to have over 60 new games. PS3 Attitude selects the 20 most noteworthy that are on the way. | Opinion piece | PS Vita


PixelJunk 4am review | PS3 Attitude

1143 days 20 hours ago - PS3A says: "Originally imagined as a visualizer, a living extension of the PixelJunk Eden world, this product was considered too passive for public... | Review | PS3


Sorcery Review | PS3 Attitude

1154 days 22 hours ago - PS3A says: "Sorcery is one of those rare breeds: a PS Move exclusive. This wand-waving adventure from The Workshop was unveiled at E3 2010 with an... | Review | PS3


Max Payne 3 Review | PS3 Attitude

1156 days 23 hours ago - PS3A says, "It’s almost certainly going to be the most stylish game of the year, but thankfully it can back up that style with more than enough sub... | Review | PC


Resistance: Burning Skies composers discuss making a AAA soundtrack for a handheld game

1163 days 21 hours ago - PS3A says: "PS3 Attitude caught up with Kevin Riepl and Jason Graves, composers on Resistance: Burning Skies, to discuss their approach to composin... | Interview | PS Vita


PS3 Attitude Mini Review | Velocity

1167 days 20 hours ago - PS3A writes: "Well, isn’t this a neat mini surprise? As is often the case with the Minis, I was content to let Velocity slip through my net. Let’s... | Review | PSP


Sniper Elite V2′s sales success: a victory for diversity

1174 days 5 hours ago - PS3A says: "Sniper Elite V2 received number ones across the world last week, and it is now sitting on a healthy 77 Metacritic rating. This is a rem... | Opinion piece | PC


YoYo Games, home of GameMaker: Studio

Now - Game development could not be simpler with GameMaker: Studio, the fastest and easiest to use 2D game engine! | Promoted post
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