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Rise Of The Tomb Raider An Xbox Exclusive? What Was Square Enix Thinking?

35 days 18 hours ago - HotHardware: During Microsoft’s press briefing at Gamescom, it was revealed that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be exclusive to Xbox One. A sequel to... | Opinion piece | PC


Watch Dogs Hacks Into Raptr’s Most-Played Games for May 2014

90 days 14 hours ago - Maximum PC: There were quite a few games released in May 2014 with Wolfenstein: The New Order, Tropico 5, The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4, Final Fanta... | News | PC


The 10 Best Source Engine Games

90 days 14 hours ago - Maximum PC: It’s hard to believe that Valve’s Source engine is turning 10 years old this month. So we decided to celebrate the engine's tenth anniv... | Opinion piece | PC


Tropico 5 Review - Maximum PC

99 days 17 hours ago - A familiar experience, but still fun When it comes to creating the greatest island nation in the world, we will stop at nothing to achieve this.... | Review | PC


Celebrate the new TV season with Filmwatch

Now - With the 2014-2015 TV season right around the corner, come join us on Filmwatch as we celebrate and give all you TV lovers something to enjoy! | Promoted post

Editorial: Should Nintendo take a cut from YouTube videos?

112 days 10 hours ago - Press2Reset: Nintendo has revealed its YouTube Affiliate program that would give content creators a piece of the ad revenue for any videos they mak... | Opinion piece | PC


Dark Souls 2 Review - Maximum PC

139 days 18 hours ago - I’m fighting against a skeleton wielding a large greatsword. I roll out of its way to dodge its first attack and immediately parry a second one wit... | Review | PC


Editorial: Throwing darts at Dark Souls II

139 days 18 hours ago - Press2Reset: Despite its glowing scores across the board, Sean Knight is taking aim at some issues he has with Dark Souls II. | Opinion piece | PC


Editorial: Go for the Grammy

154 days 1 hour ago - With professional compositions and arrangements, Sean Knight is surprised that there are not more Grammy nominations for music from the video game... | Opinion piece | PC


Analysis: Is Facebook’s purchase of Oculus a bad thing?

168 days 9 hours ago - Press2Reset: Rather than taking out his torch and pitchfork, Sean Knight is thinking of how the Oculus team can benefit from its acquisition by Fac... | Opinion piece | PC


Metroid: M for Mature

181 days 23 hours ago - Sean Knight continues to offer information that could save Nintendo. This week he muses about a new cross platform Metroid title | Opinion piece | PC


Review: Shapes of Gray | Press2Reset

196 days 12 hours ago - Sean Knight went grayscale as he took on Shapes of Gray, an indie-developed gem kept him engrossed for hours. | Review | PC


Editorial: Nintendo’s console is in another castle

211 days 9 hours ago - Sean Knight explores the idea of another Nintendo console in the near future. Is this what Nintendo needs to get back in the game? | Opinion piece | Wii U


Editorial: Can Dota 2 maintain its impressive growth?

225 days 12 hours ago - Sean Knight reflects on Dota 2's ballooning popularity after the Moba's gigantic success last year and muses about whether it can keep up the pace. | Opinion piece | PC


Editorial: Will the next-gen launch be a disaster?

306 days 7 hours ago - Sean Knight isn't sold on the idea that the next-gen consoles are ready for launch. Read on to find out why. | Opinion piece | PS4


Editorial: Halloween is for Horror Games

321 days 12 hours ago - Trick or treat! Sean Knight has some game recommendations for Halloween. | Opinion piece | PC


Is The Elder Scrolls Online set up to fail?

370 days 9 hours ago - With Zenimax Online opting for both microtransactions and a monthly subscription, Sean Knight wonders if it will be too much for the MMO crowd. | Opinion piece | PC


Editorial: eSports Rumble

411 days 9 hours ago - Is Blizzard acting too arrogantly in its decision to double-book the August 10-11 weekend? Sean Knight thinks so. | Opinion piece | PC


Analysis: Which of Xbox One or PS4 has the edge?

460 days 6 hours ago - With the E3 conferences out of the way, Sean Knight looks over the next-gen of console hardware and wonders who has the lead. | Opinion piece | PS4


Editorial: Don’t see red over Greenlight

467 days 8 hours ago - While Code Avarice has grievances with Valve's Project Greenlight, Sean Knight thinks they could have gone about airing them in a better way. | Opinion piece | PC


Editorial: Is EA’s exclusive Star Wars deal a worry?

482 days 8 hours ago - In this week's Split Screen, Sean Knight and Anton Wegenast explore the light and dark side of EA's latest license acquisition. | Opinion piece | PC


PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post
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