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"Need to find my muse again."

Under the Radar: Witchmarsh — Bewitched by the ’20s

58 days 18 hours ago - This week on Under the Radar, Leviathyn takes a look at Witchmarsh, an action-RPG set in 1920s Massachusetts, being developed by British studio Ing... | Article | PC

Under the Radar: Shiness — A Shiny Coat of Anime

67 days 20 hours ago - This week in Under the Radar, Leviathyn looks at the crazy combination of anime and RPG called Shiness by French developers Ynnis Interactive. | Article | PC


Under the Radar: Chaos Reborn — Magical Mayhem For All

119 days ago - This week on Under the Radar Leviathyn takes a look at Chaos Reborn, a remake currently on Kickstarter by X-Com designer Julian Gollop. | Opinion piece | PC


Heroes of the Storm: Blizzard's Upcoming "Team Brawler"

140 days 11 hours ago - Leviathyn weighs in on how Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm differs from other MOBAs in the wake of newly-released gameplay footage. | Opinion piece | PC


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Under the Radar: Eden Star – Taking Back Pharus

141 days 16 hours ago - This week in Under the Radar, we take a look at Eden Star, a survival-creation game, being developed by Flix Interactive. | Opinion piece | PC


Aderyn's Cradle Interview - Bringing Back Free Will | Leviathyn

154 days 17 hours ago - Samuel was able to get in touch with Mojo Game Studios about Aderyn’s Cradle, the action RPG trying to get funded on Kickstarter, and ask a few que... | Interview | PC


Under the Radar: Cradle – An Evolved Open World RPG

158 days ago - This week in Under the Radar, Samuel takes a look at the open-world action RPG currently on Kickstarter from Mojo Game Studios called Cradle. | Opinion piece | PC


Under the Radar: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

164 days 18 hours ago - This week in Under the Radar Samuel looks at an MMORPG hungry to get back to its roots, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen from Visionary Realms. | Opinion piece | PC


Anatomy of a Kickstarter Campaign

177 days 15 hours ago - Leviathyn buckles down and dissects all the important aspects that help make up a truly successful Kickstarter campaign. | Opinion piece | Culture


Valve's Steam Machine: The Future Looks Steamy

232 days 17 hours ago - As the release of Valve's Steam Machine inches closer, Leviathyn looks at what it means for the entire gaming world and, more importantly, PC games. | Opinion piece | PC


Under the Radar: The Girl and The Robot - Between Wind Waker and Studio Ghibli

234 days 8 hours ago - Under the Radar is back from its sabbatical with a look at "The Girl and The Robot" by Flying Carpet Games, an action/adventure game successfully f... | Opinion piece | PC


Dawngate First Look (Leviathyn)

277 days ago - Leviathyn takes a first look at Dawngate, a MOBA in beta being developed by Waystone Games and published by Electronic Arts. | Preview | PC


Interactions in the Industry: It's a Secret to Everybody

280 days 20 hours ago - In this look at the "interactions in the industry", look at why gamers can have so much spoiled about a game before it even releases. | Opinion piece | PC


Under the Radar: Kenshi - X-Com + Oblivion, with a dash of Stronghold

292 days 16 hours ago - This week in Under the Radar, Leviathyn will look at Kenshi, an indie open-world strategy RPG title, currently in the works by Lo Fi Games. | Opinion piece | PC


Under the Radar: The Year of the Card Games -

320 days 17 hours ago - The year 2013 has given rise to a number of exciting video games, especially for fans of collectible card games. This time, with an "Under the Rada... | Article | PC


( Memoria Review: Making Magical Memories

337 days 15 hours ago - Memoria is a point-and-click adventure game developed by Germany studio Daedalic Entertainment that is sure to leave you with a more than a few ple... | Review | PC


Interactions in the Industry: The Status Quo on Gender Equality?

342 days 15 hours ago - Everyone seems to be harping on and on about the fact that Call of Duty: Ghosts will be including female avatar options in multiplayer. It seemed... | Opinion piece | Culture


Assassin's Creed Across the World

346 days 7 hours ago - There are multiple locations where Assassins' Creed could go for future games. Where do you want to see them go next? | Opinion piece | Culture

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