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First WWE 2K16 Gameplay Details & Returning Game Modes Revealed

28 days ago - First official information on WWE 2K15 Gameplay and significant Game Modes additions that are either all-new, or a much needed return for something... | News | PS4


WWE 2K16: 5 New Superstars Confirmed including Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant

41 days 4 hours ago - GameStop Italy just shared new details on early roster reveals for WWE 2K16. Directly from their online magazine they revealed 5 new names for the... | News | Xbox 360


Eva Marie Shooting for WWE 2K16

53 days 20 hours ago - Directly from her Instagram account Eva Marie confirmed with this photo that she is doing shooting for WWE 2K16, probably filming a commercial, mea... | News | Xbox 360


WWE 2K15 New Abilities & Levels: Full List & Details

281 days 23 hours ago - Superstars abilities have changed from what they were previously. Each superstar can have up to 6 abilities. Each ability has three different level... | Article | PS4


The Xbox One Games You Need to Play in August

Now - A new month has rolled up which means new releases are on the horizon. Microsoft has a fairly good line-up on the way for August, so let’s take a l... | Promoted post

WWE 2K15 New Skill Sets & OMG Moments: Full List & Details

282 days 12 hours ago - The introduction of superstars having a skill list helps making each superstar feel much more unique and even more like their real life counterpart... | Article | PS4


The Evolution (?) of WWE Games Moves Animations

293 days ago - One week from the next gen release of WWE 2K15, let's take a look at how moves and animations have evolved (?) through the WWE Games series... Afte... | Video | Xbox 360


WWE 2K15 Controls Trailer - Official Next Gen Gameplay Footage [HD]

293 days 18 hours ago - Finally official in-game Gameplay footage of WWE 2K15 for Play Station 4 and Xbox One. | Video | PS3


WWE 2K15 - Creation Suite Details and Screenshots Revealed

294 days 3 hours ago - Create An-Arena, Story Designer, and Custom Divas are NOT going to be in the game. With the newly added features, fans will be able to import custo... | News | PS4


WWE 2K15 NEW Comeback Sequences - Create A Comeback Concept

299 days 17 hours ago - Here are 18 NEW Comeback Sequences that you would be able to put together by using a Create A Comeback mode that we concepted, or that 2K could add... | Video | Xbox 360


WWE 2K15 Create-A-Superstar Studio Mode - Trailer [HD]

302 days 12 hours ago - 2K today released a video featuring WWE 2K15 Art Director Lynell Jinks to showcase the most immersive creative suite of tools yet, the Superstar St... | Video | PS4


The Evolution (?) of WWE Games Character Models - Video Comparison

303 days 21 hours ago - Comparing the face textures of WWE Games character models through the years... featuring John Cena, Booker T, JBL, Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Mr. McMa... | Video | Xbox 360


WWE 2K15 Entrances: Daniel Bryan, The Usos, Corey Graves - Next Gen [HD]

304 days 4 hours ago - Check out these three entrance videos from WWE 2K15 (PS4 and Xbox One) featuring Daniel Bryan, The Usos, and Corey Graves! | Video | PS4


WWE 2K15 Dev Q&A Recap: Superstar Editing, Only 25 CAW Slots, Paint Tool Replaced, more

304 days 4 hours ago - The WWE Games Development team sat down to answer fans questions on Twitter. Here's a recap of what went down | News | Xbox 360


WWE 2K15 - 2K Showcase Mode Intro (Opening Video) [HD]

309 days 2 hours ago - The opening video for the new 2K Showcase Mode in WWE 2K15. | Video | Xbox 360


WWE 2K15 Last Gen Info: No Gameplay Improvements, Several Features Removed, more bad news

310 days 22 hours ago - Early copies of the game reveal that PS3 & Xbox 360 versions of the game are the exact same as WWE 2K14 - from the Gameplay to even the Menus inter... | News | Xbox 360


The Making of WWE 2K15 - Episode 2: Featuring New Moves and NXT Gameplay

318 days 21 hours ago - Go behind the scenes in WWE 2K15 with this second episode of the "making of", showcasing brand new gameplay with new moves and NXT wrestlers. | Video | Xbox 360


WWE 2K15 Create A Comeback Mode Concept

320 days ago - SDH proudly brings to you probably the biggest WWE Games concept ever created - showcasing how a brand new Create A Comeback Mode should be designe... | Video | Xbox 360


WWE 2K15 Playtest: Realism, Stamina, Skill Sets & Abilities, 2K Showcase and more - TheGamesDungeon

349 days 13 hours ago - Hands-on of WWE 2K15 with exclusive info regarding the new realistic simulation style gameplay, Stamina System, new superstars Abilities and Skill... | Preview | Xbox 360


WWE 2K15: 2 New Gameplay Videos from Gamescom feat. John Cena, Cesaro and Randy Orton

382 days 12 hours ago - WWE 2K15: 2 New Gameplay Videos from Gamescom feat. John Cena, Cesaro and Randy Orton | Video | Xbox 360


2 New WWE 2K15 Screenshots showing Goldust (Now Confirmed) and Randy Orton

384 days ago - 2 New WWE 2K15 Screenshots featuring Goldust (NEW) and Randy Orton | Screenshot | Xbox 360



Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post
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