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Preview: Card Hunter | Screen-Shaped Eyes

829 days 18 hours ago - Scott of Screen-Shaped Eyes takes a break from a busy few days of playing boardgames to play a boardgame videogame. There's no stopping Scott's inc... | Preview | PC


Review: The Last Of Us | Screen-Shaped Eyes

831 days 9 hours ago - Chris of Screen-Shaped Eyes finds The Last of Us to be a moving and gorgeous experience, easily a contender for game of the year. He does have one... | Review | PS3


Review: Marvel Heroes | Screen-Shaped Eyes

835 days 13 hours ago - POW! WHAP! FAZAAM! Scott of Screen-Shaped Eyes delivers a panel-by-panel beatdown of the newest Marvel game, Marvel Heroes. If you'd like to read t... | Review | PC


Review: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon | Screen-Shaped Eyes

835 days 17 hours ago - Then Scott of Screen-Shaped Eyes got drunk and imagined Far Cry 3 was about dragons and lasers and cyborgs. Or he played Far Cry 3's DLC, Blood Dra... | Review | PC


Top 5 Movies To See This Month

Now - The month of September has Johnny Depp portraying an enraged criminal, a group of climbers trying to make it home safely, and the return of the sur... | Promoted post

Review: Far Cry 3 | Screen-Shaped Eyes

836 days 9 hours ago - Scott of Screen-Shaped Eyes went for a lovely holiday in the tropics, only to find over-extended Alice in Wonderland metaphors and bloody violence.... | Review | PC


Screen-Shaped E3: Ubisoft

846 days 1 hour ago - Screen-Shaped Eyes have now live-blogged the Ubisoft press conference, where they yet again prove themselves the only company at E3 with a sense of... | Opinion piece | PC


Screen-Shaped E3: EA

846 days 4 hours ago - We'll be honest, we at Screen-Shaped Eyes did not have high hopes for EA's press conference, but we've all come out of it more enthusiastic than we... | Opinion piece | PC


Screen-Shaped E3: Microsoft

846 days 6 hours ago - Microsoft, you have been live-blogged by Screen-Shaped Eyes. Come read what we had to say about Microsoft's E3 press conference. Be warned. It's no... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Review: StarDrive | Screen-Shaped Eyes

858 days 10 hours ago - Scott of Screen-Shaped Eyes has gone somewhat boldly into a galaxy full of space-bears and slave-owls and decides he's probably better off at home. | Review | PC


Tap Trainee: A Beginner's Guide to iOS Gaming

870 days 12 hours ago - Lucas Bert of Screen-Shaped Eyes is here to take you through your first gaming steps on those newfangled iApple thingamabobs. | Opinion piece | iPhone


EA Stops Paying For Guns, And Why You Shouldn't Be Proud Of Them

874 days 2 hours ago - Chris Matyskiel of Screen-Shaped Eyes talks about the EA gun licensing fiasco: "You reward success, not a cessation of stupidity". | Opinion piece | PC


Fortune Sides With Those Who Ludum Dare (Pt. 1)

879 days 14 hours ago - Scott Emslie of Screen-Shaped Eyes looks at a random selection of games from the recent Ludum Dare game-jam in the first of our Ludum Dare articles. | Review | PC

Closing Ranks: Why We Need To Be Like BSN

884 days 23 hours ago - Chris Matyskiel of Screen-Shaped Eyes is mad as hell at apathetic gamers and he's not going to take it anymore. | Opinion piece | PC


Review: Kairo | Screen-Shaped Eyes

886 days 14 hours ago - Scott of Screen-Shaped Eyes delves into alien geometry and abstract puzzling when he reviews Richard Perrin's Kairo. | Review | PC


Review: Guacamelee! | Screen-Shaped Eyes

886 days 20 hours ago - Screen-Shaped Eyes' new writer Matt Stewart has dived off the top-rung and slammed an elbow drop on Guacamelee!, the new game from DrinkBox Studios. | Review | PS3


SSE Presents: Page Raid (Mass Effect: Revelation)

891 days 1 hour ago - At Screen-Shaped Eyes, we continue our monthly book club with episode two. This month, we've taken a look at Revelation, the prequel to the Mass Ef... | Video | PC


Reloading: Infinite Possibilities, One Course Of Action

892 days ago - In our final piece of analysis of Bioshock Infinite over at Screen-Shaped Eyes, Nick Nguyen looks at why violence is necessary for the game's centr... | Opinion piece | PC


Screen-Shaped Podcast: Dat Carapace

893 days 12 hours ago - We at Screen-Shaped Eyes have only gone and done a ruddy podcast, haven't we? Follow the link to find out why we hate space-squid, Metacritic,... | Podcast | PC


Of Monsters and Men: Thoughts On The Future Of Horror Games

898 days 7 hours ago - Chris McGuinness of Screen-Shaped Eyes falls into a terrified fugue state when he contemplates the future of videogame horror. | Opinion piece | PC


Sins Darker Than Death or Night: Bioshock Infinite

900 days 12 hours ago - Chris Matyskiel of Screen-Shaped Eyes continues our Bioshock coverage (not many left now, we promise) by digging into Booker's history of violence. | Opinion piece | PC


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post
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