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Want Early Access to the Resident Evil 6 Demo?

1216 days 10 hours ago - Want to know how to gain EARLY Access to the RE6 demo? Here’s how: | News | Xbox 360


E3 2012: Good Quiet or Bad Quiet?

1222 days 18 hours ago - If Big E3 news this year were a ninja it would be a stealth master. | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


E3 2012: Geoff Keighley Responds: On why Sony Press Conference will not air on Spike

1224 days 1 hour ago - SchollA from Console ControllUs pronounced control-us writes: I just wrote an article about the absence of Sony’s Press Conference on Spike, (yo... | News | PS3


E3 2012: What? No Sony Press conference on Spike?

1224 days 3 hours ago - CCU: This can’t be… This is Unbelievable, E3 is a mere 2 days away and if my eyes serve me correct there will be no Sony Press Conference bein... | News | PS3


Forza Motorsport 6 (XB1) Review

Now - Ken checks out the latest numbered Forza title. | Promoted post

Bethesda Developer Speaks: Talks creation of the Vampire Lords from the Dawnguard DLC

1224 days 10 hours ago - CCU: Yesterday I posted a thread in the official Skyrim forums asking people about the appearance of the Vampire Lords from the Dawnguard DLC trai... | News | PC


The Controlled Substance Podcast — 8th Dose (E3 Special)

1224 days 18 hours ago - -All Things E3 The CCU crew (Ace and SchollA) had a good one this week as we discuss all things E3, we get into: -Disappointment over past E3... | Podcast | Nintendo DS


E3 2012: Top 10 things Sony could do to make my E3

1225 days ago - SchollA from Console ControllUs pronounced control-us writes: While compiling a list of things that would make my E3, know that I went the reali... | Opinion piece | PS3


GT.TV tonight: “E3 First Look Special”

1226 days ago - Tonight On Spike, GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley will be featuring back to back Exclusives of E3 and trailers from the most anticipated games... | News | Nintendo DS


E3 2012: Another let down?

1227 days 23 hours ago - We’re getting closer to “Gamings’ Superbowl”…E3 to be exact and strangely enough it’s quiet — almost too quiet. | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


Skyrim Mod Showcase: Better Vampires by Brehanin

1232 days 9 hours ago - A mod showcasing the overhaul of vampires in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. | Video | PC


CCU: Prototype 2 Review

1240 days ago - CCU: This game is a classic example of second-helpings. If you enjoyed the original I would definitely suggest coming back for more. Developer Radi... | Review | Xbox 360


The very best Vampire mods for Skyrim — Create your Perfect Vampire

1242 days 3 hours ago - Have you ever wanted the perfect vampire for Skyrim without it being overpowering? Let’s face it, the vampires in Skyrim are not very good from the... | Opinion piece | PC


GT.TV Presents – Max Payne 3 – Tonight

1253 days 17 hours ago - In a special GameTrailers tonight, Geoff Keighley will be taking an exclusive look and talking to Rockstar Games about the presentation in Max Pay... | News | PC


God of War: Ascension – Aha! So that’s where Sony goes with it

1257 days 2 hours ago - SchollA from Console ControllUs writes: From Revenge to Avenge I just wrote a article wondering how a unangry Kratos would reflect 'Ascension... | Article | PS3


God of War Ascension: A kinder, gentler Kratos? Are we ready for that?

1263 days 4 hours ago - What is: All the gods are dead (well most)…Kratos is presumed dead…where do we go from here? | Opinion piece | PS3


Professionals vs Consumers: Who’s MORE QUALIFIED to give a quality review?

1267 days 1 hour ago - SchollA from Console ControllUs writes: To piggy back off of the article “Metacritic vs User reviews…which is more important?“ In which I wrote a... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


Metacritic vs User Reviews…which is more important?

1273 days 19 hours ago - While watching G4′s discussion on Mass Effect 3′s ending they brought up something on the show truly interesting that I don’t think a lot of peop... | Article | Nintendo DS


"Cause and (Mass) Effect" (3): What happened to the reviewers?

1280 days 4 hours ago - The last ten minutes heard round the world… While we’re all recovering from the hoop la circulating the Mass Effect 3 debacle, something hit me. | Article | PC


"Mass Affect": What destroyed Mass Effect 3's ending?

1287 days 22 hours ago - SchollA from Console ControllUs writes: Word on the street is that gamers are upset over the Mass Effect 3 ending mostly because it didn’t honor t... | Opinion piece | PC


Mass Effect 3:Exclusive limited time offer – Darknight anyone?

1288 days 11 hours ago - Apparently Bioware is offering Mass Effect 3 in a exclusive limited time offer. Possibly a peace offering? | News | PC


Mad Max (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out Avalanche Studios latest creation. | Promoted post
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