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The Last of Us: How many of Us used the “listen mode”?

611 days 15 hours ago - SchollA from Console ControllUs pronounced console-control-us writes: Shhhh…you hear that? Are you listening close enough? I can hear people alr... | Opinion piece | PS3


No DRM, No 24hr check in for Xbox One, Will Microsoft change it back once they get us to buy?

618 days 15 hours ago - Microsoft’s announcement, No DRM, NO 24 hour check in was huge news when it broke, a backtracking “heard ’round the world” if you will, which promp... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Skyrim Gameplay With Over 160 Mods

620 days 10 hours ago - Heavily Modded gameplay of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Quick runthrough of Redwater Den, a dungeon that is part of the Dawnguard DLC. A great... | Video | PC


So Nolan North is in The Last of Us after all

624 days 5 hours ago - Scholla from Console ControllUs pronounced console-control-us writes: I just want to say I’m having a heck of a time with The Last of Us so far,... | Article | PS3


Valve Partners With HTC To Create The Vive Virtual Reality Headset

Now - Valve has formed a relationship with Taiwanese smartphone and tablet maker HTC to help create a virtual reality headset called The Vive, which is p... | Promoted post

What is the sexiest console ever made?

625 days 14 hours ago - Fresh off E3 2013: All the next generation consoles are now finally revealed — physically, Sony being the last remaining (PS4) as gamers anxiousl... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Oh. That’s Why Microsoft chose to go with that Design for Xbox One?

628 days 18 hours ago - SchollA from Console ControllUs pronounced console-control-us writes: The jokes have not stopped regarding Microsoft's latest next-gen console, Xb... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Dear Developers, If you're going to have a chase scene don’t leave any “goodies” lying around

637 days 14 hours ago - If you’re a gamer, no — a gaaamer I’m pretty sure you’ve experience this. So you’re playing a game and you come upon a chase sequence or a seque... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


GameStop Deals: Get a new game for $9.99 or less

638 days 8 hours ago - Starting today GameStop is offering a deal on brand new games. | News | Wii


Was the Madden 25 Cover Vote rigged?

638 days 18 hours ago - SchollA from Console ControllUs pronounced console-control-us writes: There might be a saying that goes “if your thinking it others out there may... | Article | Xbox 360


Xbox One: The promise to deliver 15 exclusives but no one flinched…why?

645 days 16 hours ago - Console ControllUs: But the truth is gamers were hurt, so even though it should’ve been expected no one could’ve truly known that it would go down... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Xbox One: Nex-gen voice recognition amazing but will anyone use it?

652 days 15 hours ago - Microsoft press conference 2013 showed off some beautiful seamless integration between all the things we gamers use as entertainment; TV, music, mo... | Article | Xbox One


Why Watch_Dogs doesn’t quite excite me anymore

654 days 14 hours ago - SchollA from Console ControllUs pronounced console-control-us writes: It was just a year ago around this time, E3 to be exact where I was singing... | Opinion piece | PC


Wait…Did Geoff Keighley unknowingly ruin the end of The Last of Us?

656 days 9 hours ago - With The Last of Us shipping in less than a month gamers across the world are gearing up and getting excited to finally be able to have the game i... | Article | PS3


Batman: Arkham Origins Full Length trailer in 3 days

656 days 23 hours ago - A teaser trailer for the new Batman: Arkham Origins was released a couple days ago. Now it is confirmed when we’ll get to see the full length trailer. | News | Xbox 360


Madden NFL 13: How to add player on a team with salary cap issues

657 days 9 hours ago - SchollA from Console ControllUs pronounced console-control-us writes: In playing Madden 13 I ran into a issue where I tried to add a player to a t... | Article | Xbox 360


Madden NFL 13: How to have your Safety return kicks

659 days 5 hours ago - Ever see a Free Safety or Strong Safety returning kicks in the real NFL and wanted to mimic it in the game? For instance a good example of this is... | Article | Xbox 360


Madden NFL 13: How to boost or lower player attributes that were stripped away

665 days 9 hours ago - If you like to do your own rosters like me or you like to make tweaks from time to time here’s a tip on how to boost or lower players attributes th... | Article | Xbox 360


Top 5 things I NEED fixed for Metal Gear Solid V

667 days 16 hours ago - SchollA from Console ControllUs pronounced console-control-us writes: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots; just finished like my 3rd or 4t... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Are games really changing?

673 days 1 hour ago - Since the early years of gaming (NES, ATARI, SEGA MASTER SYSTEM) one thing has remained as a prime objective: Fun! Whether it’s the aim of getting... | Opinion piece | Culture


Huge Tomb Raider Bundle Discount and a additional free game – Hurry to get your copy

676 days 14 hours ago - You only have a limited time to take advantage of this huge discount so hurry. | News | PS3


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS) Review

Now - Drew checks out his favorite hunting simulator. | Promoted post
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