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Peter Molyneux's Panties [Cocktail Time Podcast Ep. 44 - Fable 4]

864 days 23 hours ago - In Cocktail Time LIVE Ep. 44 Joseph Christ, Bob Webb and Chris Davis talked about the possibility of Fable 4, and Peter Molyneux's affinity for wea... | Podcast | Industry


4Player E3 2013: PlanetSide 2 Interview with Adam Clegg

893 days 10 hours ago - 4Player: Joseph interviews PlanetSide 2's Adam Clegg to talk about the the future of PS2, expansion of the Lattice System, the future of the infilt... | Interview | PC


4Player E3 2013: Interview with Matt Lightfoot of Day Z

893 days 17 hours ago - 4Player-"Joseph interviews Matt Lightfoot to talk about the new standalone version of DayZ, UI updates and character made buildings." | Interview | PC


4Player E3 2013: Wolfenstein Nails It...So Far

893 days 18 hours ago - 4Player: "I don't need to tell those familiar with my work how much I love Wolfenstein. And to those who are new here...I do. But I've been a bit w... | Opinion piece | E3


Super Mario Maker (Wii U) Review

Now - Justin tries his hand at creating supreme Mario levels. | Promoted post

4Player E3 2013: Killer is Dead: Combat Evolved

894 days 22 hours ago - 4Player-"Killer is Dead, Suda51's newest creation has all the style you would expect from the man responsible for games like Lollipop Chainsaw, Sha... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


A Modest Request for Wolfenstein: The New Order

928 days 22 hours ago - 4Player-"now that Wolfenstein: The New Order has been announced, I'm excited but a little concerned as well. Raven Software's 2009 Wolfenstein did... | Article | PC


Trailer Talk Episode 37 - More Obscure Games Edition

939 days 13 hours ago - 4Player-"Not all of the trailers in this episode are brand new. I've been holding on to a few because I wanted to do another obscure games edition.... | Video | PC


Trailer Talk Episode 36 - Better Late Than Never Edition

942 days 21 hours ago - 4Player-"Sorry the show is so late. Had some issues with a copyright scanner on Youtube. But that has been corrected, and I now present to you some... | Video | PC


4Player Review: Dead Island: Riptide

944 days 9 hours ago - 4Player-"Let's get one thing out of the way. Dead Island: Riptide is not a sequel to Dead Island. Believe me, I can understand if you would think t... | Review | PC


4Player Hands-On With State of Decay

952 days 14 hours ago - 4Player-"State of Decay is a magnificent take on the zombie apocalypse theme, bringing something to the genera it's been sorely missing. Depth. Muc... | Preview | Xbox 360


Trailer Talk Episode 35 - TAKE MY MONEY Edition

956 days 10 hours ago - 4Player-"This week I'm discussing several trailers for games I want to play really really badly. This is going to be an expensive year. Please post... | Video | PC


Top 6 Best (and Worst) Video Game Hugs

958 days 4 hours ago - 4Player-"While typically I hate to list things in top (insert random number) due to my ever changing views on things, I’d figure I should at least... | Opinion piece | Culture


First 15 Minutes of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Leaked

961 days 2 hours ago - 4Player-"Somehow (don't even ask because we have no idea) YouTube user eaglesblades has gotten himself a copy of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and put it... | Video | PC


Game + Art Convergence: Part 3

961 days 22 hours ago - 4Player-"Between art games, indie games, shoot-bangs and RPGs there is one constant that ties all gamers together – the building of a community. I... | Article | Culture


Can Always Online Benefit Microsoft? Why Yes It Can

964 days 5 hours ago - 4Player-"With the recent rumblings about how the next generation console from Microsoft will always require an internet connection, there has been... | Opinion piece | Xbox 720


On the Topic of Westerns or Lack Thereof

964 days 19 hours ago - 4Player-"Red Dead Redemption is easily among my favorite games of all time. As a game, it was rich with experiences and mechanics to master while a... | Opinion piece | PC


Are We Seeing The End of The Triple-A?

965 days 7 hours ago - 4Player-"The Tomb Raider reboot is a gripping experience complete with vibrant, engaging, spectacular hair physics, and the general consensus is th... | Opinion piece | PC


Final Fantasy's Musicman: Nobuo Uematsu Q&A Part 2

965 days 20 hours ago - 4Player-"Continuing from the first half of the Q&A, here's the finale." | Interview | Culture


Final Fantasy's Musicman: Nobuo Uematsu Q&A Part I

966 days 20 hours ago - 4Player-"An anime convention was held a couple weeks ago not far from where I live. While I admit cosplay/anime aren't taking up my time like the s... | Article | Industry


Delver's Drop Hands-On

970 days 20 hours ago - 4Player-"Being honest, the most notable aspect of Delver’s Drop I witnessed in my brief play-session with it at PAX East this year is art direction... | Preview | PC


Mad Max (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out Avalanche Studios latest creation. | Promoted post
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