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Mutant Mudds in development for PSVita and PS3

936 days 22 hours ago - Mutant Mudds, a critically acclaimed old-school platformer, has been confirmed to be in development for both PSVita and PS3. Not much information w... | News | PS3


Still Time coming to PSVita in late 2014

938 days 6 hours ago - Still some time before Still Time hits our Vitas… Earlier today indie developer Alan Zucconi announced that he’s hoping for his work-in-progress... | News | PS Vita


Sony teases “many cool things” for PS4 and Vita at Gamescom

939 days ago - In a tweet earlier today Tony Clark from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe teased us with a PS4 and PSVita hashtags, referencing the upcoming game... | News | PS4


Sony exec: "dozens more games coming to Vita"

990 days 23 hours ago - TVL: Our favourite Vita front-man is at it again, promising dozens of new Vita titles on the way – under his watch alone. | News | PS Vita


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

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Heads-up’ PlayStation Store update 20th February 2013

1085 days 21 hours ago - PS Blog: The wait has been long but Persona 4 Golden is finally out this week on PS Vita. Murders have been occurring in the small town of Inaba an... | Article | PSP


PS Vita birthday sale starts this week

1100 days 23 hours ago - PlayStation Vita celebrates its first year anniversary this month and what better way to celebrate than with a range of game discounts on PlayStati... | News | PS Vita


Easiest PS VITA platinums of 2012

1134 days 18 hours ago - 2012 is pretty much over, and it is about the right time to take a glance the easiest platinum trophies of the year. Are you ready for some hunt? | Opinion piece | PS Vita


Metal Gear Solid V[ita]: The Phantom Pain is no utopia

1151 days 15 hours ago - Have you heard of a mysterious game The Phantom Pain developed by fictional Moby Dick Studio? Sure you have. But the masterly made trailer gave so... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


VITA to get TV app in December

1162 days 21 hours ago - SCEJ announced a Torne app for the PS VITA. If you yet to know what it does then it’s TV-like app in Japan. | News | PS Vita


Sei Madou Monogatari announced for VITA

1163 days 6 hours ago - In this week’s Dengeki magazine Compile Heart unveiled their current VITA project – Sei Madou Monogatari. | News | PS Vita


Malicious: Rebirth PS VITA gameplay trailer

1181 days 9 hours ago - Malicious: Rebirth is currently being prepared for digital release in Japan next week. The enhanced port features identical-to-PS3 graphics and new... | Trailer | PS Vita


First off-screen gameplay of COD: Black Ops Declassified

1196 days 1 hour ago - So the first off-screen footage of Black Ops Declassified appeared on Youtube. Unfortunately, video is not too long and not the best quality, but w... | Video | PS Vita


Demon Gaze coming to VITA

1205 days ago - This week Famitsu unveiled a new dungeon RPG for PS VITA – Demon Gaze. | News | PS Vita


BO: Declassified to include voucher for COD: Roads To Victory, release date confirmed

1216 days 1 hour ago - New interesting details about Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified has been shared. | News | PS Vita


First WRC 3 VITA gameplay footage

1217 days 2 hours ago - First gameplay video of WRC 3 for PS VITA landed. Check it out. | Video | PS Vita


Reader app gets a trailer featuring One Piece

1217 days 15 hours ago - Manga reading app simply called Reader got a trailer featuring One Piece. | Trailer | PS Vita


A bit more of Most Wanted VITA gameplay

1217 days 16 hours ago - Youtube user called randomwithabomb uploaded another video of Most Wanted PS VITA gameplay. Check it out. | Video | PS Vita


First real off-screen photos of NFS Most Wanted for VITA

1222 days 6 hours ago - Criterion and EA aren’t too keen on showing off Most Wanted for PS VITA that’s for sure. We have got a couple of official screenshots and that’s it... | News | PS Vita


Release date set for Retro City Rampage

1223 days 14 hours ago - VBlank Entertainment shared a release date for a highly anticipated Retro City Rampage. The game releases on 9 October on US PSN and PC. But good n... | News | PC


“PS VITA haz some gamez”: 25 titles to look forward this holiday

1224 days 14 hours ago - MetaV: So here we are, stepping into the fourth quarter of 2012. It’s pretty much every gamer’s most anticipated time of the year. It’s the season,... | Opinion piece | PS Vita


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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