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GamesBeat's 2013 ‘Naughty and Nice’ Alternative Holiday Gift Guide for your geek

391 days 15 hours ago - 14 gifts for the good gamers in your the bad ones whose holidays you'd like to ultimately ruin. | Article | Culture


Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is full of geeky references and addicting strategy (review) | GamesBeat

564 days 1 hour ago - It starts off with "more of the same" but quickly moves to "give me more." New towers and plenty of little secrets make this one a must-play. | Review | iPhone


Former Street Fighter guru Seth Killian gets his own character in Divekick

577 days 7 hours ago - Former special advisor to Capcom, Seth Killian, is still famous in the fighting-game community. That's why he's now a character in the two-button p... | News | PC


GamesBeat: Resident Evil 6 thrives on its silliness but stumbles when things get serious (review)

811 days 17 hours ago - Everything in Resident Evil 6 is bigger, louder, and prettier than its predecessors, but that does not necessarily make it a better game. While it... | Review | PC


Access to the Best Geek Dating experience!

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Breaking: OnLive confirms it will not be closing down [updated]

856 days 13 hours ago - Rumors are swirling around that cloud-gaming company/platform OnLive is closing its doors. But OnLive says otherwise. | News | Industry


Sound Shapes vs. downtown Los Angeles

861 days 14 hours ago - Check out this little video that blends the downtown Los Angeles skyline with a custom level from Sound Shapes for the PS3/PlayStation Vita. | Video | PS3


If RuneScape were a country, it’d have the fifth largest population in the world (infographic)

885 days 16 hours ago - 8 billion fish caught a year, a player dying every 27 seconds, 58,000 times more gold than Fort Knox...check out this fascinating infographic for R... | News | PC


GamesBeat’s E3 2012 Game of the Show

924 days 8 hours ago - The GamesBeat staff voted, and here what they picked for the game of E3 2012.... | News | E3


Preview: Rock Band Blitz trades peripherals for pandemonium (GamesBeat)

937 days 16 hours ago - Rock Band Blitz, releasing this summer for Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network, doesn't need plastic instruments for hours of musical and... | Preview | Xbox 360


Max Payne 3 suffers multiplayer issues, Rockstar responds

949 days 10 hours ago - Rockstar responds to the problems in the multiplayer portions of Max Payne 3. | News | PC


The best Wii games you didn’t play, handpicked by industry pros

966 days 8 hours ago - GamesBeat reached out to some key games industry figures (from Nintendo, 2D Boy, Gaijin Games, and more) to ask which Wii titles they think deserve... | News | Wii


5 good reasons games are not art

966 days 11 hours ago - Gamers have fits of Internet rage when non-gamers attack the video game industry. Roger Ebert has spoken out against the idea that games can be an... | Opinion piece | Culture


The ultimate map to the entire Mushroom Kingdom

976 days 15 hours ago - Artist/cartoonist Bill Mudron created this huge map that ties together the various properties (including Mario Kart!) of Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom f... | News | Retro


Spirit Camera: A scary event for a scary game (with video)

985 days 8 hours ago - To promote its upcoming Spirit Camera for the 3DS, Nintendo sent us to a haunted hotel for real-life scares. Here's what happened that night, along... | News | 3DS


Borderlands 2: Four potential problems (and what the developers are doing about them)

990 days 6 hours ago - Developer Gearbox seems focused on fixing the few perceived problems from the original Borderlands or simply fulfilling fan requests. Here's how th... | News | PC


A sick April Fools message from Batman: Arkham City’s Calendar Man

994 days 5 hours ago - You did remember to visit Calendar Man in Batman: Arkham City today on April Fools day, didn't you? In case you didn't, here's what he actually had... | News | PC


Review: Defenders of Ardania -- why I’ll never touch this game again (GamesBeat)

1010 days 16 hours ago - I’ll be honest with you. I did not finish Defenders of Ardania for this review — and I don’t intend to. Nothing short of a loaded bazooka to my hea... | Review | PC


Review: Shoot Many Robots gives good carnage (GamesBeat)

1012 days 14 hours ago - While yet another side-scrolling, four-player co-op shooter doesn’t exactly stretch the imagination, developer Demiurge injected enough character t... | Review | Xbox 360


Review: I Am Alive is intense, thrilling, and a little boring, all at the same time (GamesBeat)

1015 days 6 hours ago - This survival game really sticks with you, from its implied rape scenes to the intense ways it handles something as simple as climbing a wall. | Review | Xbox 360


Halo 4 quotes: The hype, the excitement, and the…huh?

1020 days 15 hours ago - If you think you got a tough job, try deciphering game-industry speak. Developers can say a whole lot of nothing and still sound great while doing... | News | Xbox 360


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