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Gods Will Be Watching Falls Foul On Judgement Day | CVG Review

215 days 6 hours ago - CVG - "We should probably feel a tinge of guilt that we've just shot a one-legged man in the head, his only crime being that he pleaded for a drink... | Review | PC


Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty Review | GameTrailers

215 days 16 hours ago - The Odyssee lives on and the love of Oddworld shines in this carefully crafted remake from Just Add Water. | Review | PC


Sigourney Weaver Alien Isolation Interview – ‘It Was Exciting For Me To Have a Flamethrower’

215 days 16 hours ago - GameCentral - "Over the years we’ve interviewed many of the great and the good of the video games industry, from company presidents to gaming’s mos... | Interview | PC


Divinity: Original Sin Review | RPGFan

215 days 23 hours ago - RPGFan - "How quickly our favor turns; praise transformed to bitterness and curses. Had you asked me two weeks ago what I thought of Divinity: Orig... | Review | PC


New looped animations from White Night, a completelly black and white game

Now - White Night is a noir horror game inspired by classic horror movies and games, with a focus on strong visual storytelling. | Promoted post

Top 10 Sports Games Of The Generation

215 days 23 hours ago - In many ways, this past console generation was a brutal one for sports video games. While other genres flourished, sports gamers were subjected to... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Why I'm in love with this sweet game about a little girl in Alaska

215 days 23 hours ago - The Inupiat, like many indigenous tribal peoples, hold the belief that all things are inhabited by a spiritual essence that goes deeper than their... | Opinion piece | PC


The Last of Us Remastered sets new standard for rereleases

216 days 1 hour ago - ShackNews - "We already know The Last of Us is a fantastic game. Even if you've championed the game on PS3, though, the PlayStation 4 "Remastered"... | Opinion piece | PS4


Infinity Runner Review | DarkStation

216 days 2 hours ago - DS - "Set in the ever popular context of a space station, the Infinity is a gigantic vessel hosting various horrific experiments involving a race o... | Review | PC


Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty PS4 Review | ArcadeSushi

216 days 3 hours ago - Remakes of classic games are sometimes a slippery slope. A developer could spruce up the graphics to their hearts’ content, but if the core element... | Review | PS4


Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty PS4 Review | VGReloaded

216 days 3 hours ago - VGR "Being a Nintendo-only gamer at the time, I missed out on the original Abe’s Odyssey. I played it a little bit round friends’ houses, but neve... | Review | PS4


Opinion: The One Thing I Want in the New Doom

216 days 5 hours ago - Kotaku - "Of all the games that have been announced as coming soon, between Freedom Wars and Destiny, the only game that I'm particularly excited o... | Opinion piece | PC


The Last of Us Remastered Makes The End Of The World Even More Beautiful

216 days 8 hours ago - DT - "The Last of Us on PlayStation 3 was my favorite release of 2013 — and my favorite game of all time. It won more than 200 Game of the Year awa... | Opinion piece | PS4


Test Chamber — The Last of Us Remastered Edition

216 days 14 hours ago - Game Informer's Tim Turi and Ben Reeves play the PS4 version of the highly-acclaimed PS3 game from Naughty Dog. | Video | PS4


The Last of Us Remastered Review | DarkStation

216 days 14 hours ago - A year ago Sony released what I’d argue is the best game of the last generation, The Last of Us for the PlayStation 3. Since its release, rumors ha... | Review | PS4


Rogue Legacy Vita Review | PocketGamer

216 days 14 hours ago - PG - "I'm not going to be able to get through this review without mentioning Spelunky. It's inevitable. And it's not an unfair comparison. I mea... | Review | PS Vita


Halfway Review | PCGamer

216 days 15 hours ago - 2014 has brought us a tiny surplus of indie, turn-based strategy games. And happily, they’ve all been thematically and mechanically different: The... | Review | PC


US PlayStation Store Update - 07/29/14

216 days 15 hours ago - Grace Chen has put up the US PSN update for this week. | News | PS3


The Last of Us Remastered "Lock at 30 FPS" Graphics Comparison

216 days 17 hours ago - IGN has released a video comparison of TLOU Remastered at 30fps locked and unlocked. | Video | PS4


Siesta Fiesta Review | DigitalChumps

216 days 22 hours ago - There’s something cathartic about grabbing a paddle and bouncing a rubber ball repeatedly into the air. A person might see how many times they can... | Review | 3DS


Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty PS4 Review | Gamestyle

217 days ago - Back in 1997 a new character was born. His name was Abe and he would soon become a cult icon for many. His game Abe’s Oddyssey became somewhat of a... | Review | PS4


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