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The Best Gaming Duos Of 2013

362 days 10 hours ago - Certain characters bring out the best in one another. Video games offer even more unique circumstances for duos to capitalize on each others' stren... | Opinion piece | PC


Game Over: The Losers of 2013

362 days 10 hours ago - You charge too little and you charge too much for your games - and you want to own our living rooms? Here are the stumbles of the past 12 months | Opinion piece | PC


The best Xbox games of 2013

362 days 10 hours ago - Picking the best games of any given year is a little like drunkenly throwing darts across a crowded bar - the perfect way to start a fight, in othe... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Game On: The Winners of 2013

362 days 10 hours ago - GIB - "It's easy to knock those that had a poor run in 2013, as mistakes stick out more prominently than successes. So while we've already covered... | Opinion piece | PC


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Tearaway Review | AVClub

362 days 21 hours ago - Near the end of Tearaway’s first act, you get a request from something that looks like a potted plant huddled inside a rolled-up piece of paper. Th... | Review | PS Vita


Forza Motorsport 5 Review | OperationSports

362 days 23 hours ago - OPS - "With each new Microsoft console, a racing game is always there at launch. It was Project Gotham Racing by Bizarre Creations for the original... | Review | Xbox One


The Walking Dead – Season 2: All That Remains Review | AVClub

362 days 23 hours ago - While it’s pretty much a given that the social fabric would break down immediately in the face of a zombie crisis, the swiftness with which flesh-a... | Review | PC


Powerstar Golf Review | OperationSports

362 days 23 hours ago - Zoe Mode's Powerstar Golf is unquestionably charming. From the lush visuals to the comforting background music, there isn't a moment where the game... | Review | Xbox One


Gran Turismo 6 Review | EmpireOnline

363 days ago - Sony and Polyphony Digital’s latest entry in the long running driving simulator is sure to be welcomed by hardcore fans of the series. For most pla... | Review | PS3


The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Review | AVClub

363 days ago - AVC - "How much about us has changed in the last 22 years? For those of a certain age—the ones who were kids back then—that’s entirely a question o... | Review | 3DS


Lego Marvel Super Heroes Wii U Review | EmpireOnline

363 days 1 hour ago - If you’ve ever sought proof that there’s no shame in being a big kid, there’s every likelihood you will have come across TT Games’ Lego-based oeuvr... | Review | Wii U


Super Mario 3D World Review | EmpireOnline

363 days 1 hour ago - After almost three decades of consistently stunning Mario games – including last year's Super Mario 3D Land on 3DS, and the ground-breaking Wii ser... | Review | Wii U


Dead Rising 3 Review | EmpireOnline

363 days 1 hour ago - New consoles may be all about the exclusive games available for them, but it was still a surprise when it emerged that Capcom’s much-loved zombie-g... | Review | Xbox One


Need For Speed: Rivals Review | EmpireOnline

363 days 1 hour ago - Rumbling in the slipstream of 2010’s Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit and last year’s sequel Most Wanted, developer Ghost Games’ inaugural franchise ent... | Review | PC


BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea Review | EmpireOnline

363 days 1 hour ago - With a running time of just over 90 minutes, the first episode BioShock Infinite spin-off 'Burial At Sea' doesn't stick around long enough to build... | Review | PC


Ryse: Son Of Rome Review | EmpireOnline

363 days 1 hour ago - The greatest achievement of Ryse: Son Of Rome, and in pure technical terms there are many, is that in cribbing various elements of other well-estab... | Review | Xbox One


Call Of Duty: Ghosts Review | EmpireOnline

363 days 1 hour ago - Sociologically, it’s quite fascinating to see this year’s chest-beating, uber-macho, dude-bro first-person shooters both attempting to tackle fears... | Review | PC


The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Review | EmpireOnline

363 days 1 hour ago - Fittingly for a game built around themes of duality, A Link Between Worlds is simultaneously the most original and familiar Zelda entry in years. | Review | 3DS


The Xbox One Is Like A Linebacker In Ballet Shoes | AVClub

363 days 1 hour ago - The Microsoft of the PC era ruled the world with bigness. Its Windows operating systems were sprawling messes of code built to accommodate almost e... | Review | Xbox One


Knack Review | AVClub

363 days 1 hour ago - AVC - "A fantasy story only works when all of its moving parts fit together. Storytellers don’t need to explain all the rules of their unreal world... | Review | PS4


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