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"to travel the best open world RPG's is the true test of the true gamer"

Incgamers: Inversion Preview - Third-person gravity bender

1298 days 21 hours ago - Incgamers: A few moments in and the ability to control gravity soon opens up the possibilities beyond the familiar cover > shoot > change cover > r... | Preview | PC


NZHerald Review: Mass Effect 3

1298 days 21 hours ago - NZHerald: One of the problems with Mass Effect 2 was that it took a very ambitious approach to its role-playing mechanic. The result was an expansi... | Review | PC


Gameplanet Preview - XCOM: Enemy Unknown

1298 days 22 hours ago - Gameplanet: XCOM is, as Solomon calls it, “an oddball.” It’s a game that can be lost, and lost spectacularly. But in an era of game development whe... | Preview | PC


Kitguru: Alan Wake (PC Review)

1298 days 22 hours ago - Kitguru: You are immediately thrown into a nightmare, face-to-face with your own creation – a hitchhiker from your own stories. As combat initiall... | Review | PC


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Kitguru: Darkness II Review

1298 days 22 hours ago - Kitguru: Overall, The Darkness II is a good game. It has an excellent balance of gameplay, story, and character development. Although it is a rel... | Review | PC


12 Games It’s Cool To Hate

1298 days 22 hours ago - Hating is cool. It’s why the internet exists. Maybe. In any case, here are 12 games that it’s been cool to hate this gen, despite the fact they’re... | Opinion piece | PC


PC World Review: Mass Effect 3

1299 days 5 hours ago - PC World: Mass Effect 3 is a bit like having a boyfriend that everyone loves but you. He treats you nicely, remembers your birthday, does his share... | Review | PC


Touchgen: League of Evil 2 review

1299 days 7 hours ago - Touchgen: League of Evil 1 was one of my favourite platformers of last year, but it just so happened that 2011 was a great year for platformers acr... | Review | iPhone


Touchgen: ZiGGURAT Review

1299 days 7 hours ago - Touchgen: Some may find ZiGGURAT lacking in content. Yes, there is only one game mode, and there’s nothing to unlock or achieve, but this is one of... | Review | iPhone


Touchgen: Diggin’ Dogs review

1299 days 7 hours ago - Touchgen: It created a completely new kind of puzzle game where Boulder Dash is combined with modern line drawing, and an excellent physics engine.... | Review | iPhone


Touchgen: Wrestlefest Review

1299 days 7 hours ago - Touchgen: My favourite wrestler of all time is Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart. The best there was, the best there is and the best there ever will be. The Sharp... | Review | iPhone


On-Disc DLC Outrage Is Off the Mark

1299 days 7 hours ago - Gamespot: In the last couple of weeks, gamers have expressed no shortage of outrage at finding downloadable content locked away on the retail relea... | Opinion piece | PC


Your Local Guardian Review - Alan Wake's American Nightmare

1299 days 10 hours ago - Your Local Guardian: It's good to see the old grouch back again. The first Alan Wake was an underrated game that I fear many people overlooked. It... | Review | Xbox 360


Your Local Guardian Review - FIFA Street

1299 days 10 hours ago - Your Local Guardian: It certainly is different to other football games. FIFA Street has an unusual and varied selection of modes and a huge wealth... | Review | Xbox 360


Your Local Guardian Review - Rocksmith (Playstation 3 U.S. IMPORT)

1299 days 10 hours ago - Your Local Guardian: I haven’t done this in a long time – imported a game because I was so impatient to play it. The days of the Megadrive, SNES et... | Review | Xbox 360


Your Local Guardian Review - UFC: Undisputed 3

1299 days 10 hours ago - Your Local Guardian: Here we are with another fighting game on the next-gen consoles. But this one has a little more realism than most - it's based... | Review | Xbox 360


Mass Effect FPS became Mass Effect 3's co-op mode

1299 days 10 hours ago - PS3.mmgn: Game prototypes come and go constantly, but you might be interested to know that BioWare Montreal was working on a competitive, multiplay... | News | PC


Touchgen: Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions Review

1299 days 10 hours ago - Touchgen: If the smattering of sub-genres I’ve thrown at you to define Final Fantasy Tactics seem a bit like oil and water, rest assured that each... | Review | iPhone


Touchgen: Rebuild review

1299 days 10 hours ago - Touchgen: Most zombie games are viewed from a sole survivor perspective often running around shooting FPS, or top down twin stick style. If you zoo... | Review | iPhone


Touchgen: Escape Plan - Review

1299 days 10 hours ago - Touchgen: You start the first levels with Lil, but Laarg soon gets into the action. Each level you enter is about escaping through the exit. Swipin... | Review | PS Vita


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