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"to travel the best open world RPG's is the true test of the true gamer"

New bombshell on Mass Effect 3 conclusion

1350 days 15 hours ago - Inentertainment: The ending of the game has caused a huge deal of upset, so much so that some gamers have now started to file complaints to the FTC... | Opinion piece | PC


Mass Effect 3 is cheesy, ridiculous, and really, really fun, just like Thunderbirds

1350 days 15 hours ago - News.comAU writes: "I've discovered the secret of Mass Effect 3 - the secret is that it's not a conventional video game at all. It's an interactive... | Opinion piece | PC


The Guardian: Journey – review

1350 days 19 hours ago - The Guardian: Modern conventions are jettisoned with gusto, sparsely populated but stunning vistas are preferred to crowd scenes and the story is o... | Review | PS3


TotallyGN - DiRT 3: Complete Edition – Review

1351 days ago - Totallygn - If you read my Twisted Metal review you will know how complex that game was control wise. DiRT 3 is a much simpler affair. Accelerate w... | Review | PC


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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This year's best game, has the worst ending: Mass Effect 3

1351 days 4 hours ago - Examiner: In a game with various threads led by conversation, the ending of the game was somewhat directed and the dialogue options were cloudy. Pl... | Opinion piece | PC


Gameplanet Preview: Asura's Wrath

1351 days 5 hours ago - Gameplanet: So far, fan feedback to Ausra’s Wrath has been divisive. Certainly quick-time sequences, no matter what euphemism is employed, are only... | Preview | Xbox 360


Gameplanet Preview: Max Payne 3

1351 days 5 hours ago - Gameplanet: Max Payne 3 represents perhaps the most significant danger to Rockstar’s hard-won reputation in recent years. It's one of the few times... | Preview | PC


Why is everyone mad at Bioware about Mass Effect 3 and should we be?

1351 days 7 hours ago - I will try to keep them to a minimum but some spoilers are inevitable. As a long time fan of the nearly five year old Mass Effect series, I feel t... | Opinion piece | PC


Gameplanet Preview: Fable Heroes

1351 days 9 hours ago - Gameplanet: The gameplay style is a significant departure from the typical Fable role-playing experience. Other than a few familiar yet cursory ele... | Preview | Xbox 360


Kitguru: Syndicate Review

1351 days 13 hours ago - Kitguru: The plot is rather predictable and the voice actors do all they can to lift it from the realms of mediocrity. Perhaps I have been playing... | Review | PC


Kitguru: Mass Effect 3 Review

1351 days 13 hours ago - kitguru: The best way to describe Mass Effect 3 is as a Star Wars-War of the Worlds hybrid. The richly developed characters are reminiscent of Luc... | Review | PC


Touchgen: The Island – Castaway review

1351 days 14 hours ago - Touchgen: The Island – Castaway is a fun casual game where you get to run around collecting fruit, do some fishing and run a wide array of errands... | Review | iPad


Touchgen: Little Acorns - Review

1351 days 14 hours ago - Touchgen: Some times I get cutesy fatigue, and I just block out all the new cute releases for the week. I read a blurb in my inbox about Mr Nibbles... | Review | iPhone


Touchgen: Incoboto review

1351 days 14 hours ago - Touchgen: I realise I may have slightly mislead you with that opening statement. So please don’t send me hate mail if you downloaded this game expe... | Review | iPad


Touchgen: Sir Benfro’s Brilliant Balloon Review

1351 days 14 hours ago - Touchgen: It’s hard to sum up exactly what kind of game Sir Benfro is. The gameplay itself could be seen as a mix of Lunar Lander meets Tiny Wings,... | Review | iPhone


Touchgen: Pizza vs. Skeletons review

1351 days 14 hours ago - Touchgen: Unique, weird and completely brilliant! I thought Plants vs. Zombies was the ultimate dichotomy of foes having at it. Now an even more ou... | Review | iPhone


Touchgen: Beat Sneak Bandit Review

1351 days 14 hours ago - Touchgen: It has been a slow start to 2012. Sure, we’ve had some quality games here and there, but for the most part it has been a little quiet. To... | Review | iPhone


Touchgen: Coco Loco Review

1351 days 15 hours ago - Touchgen: I have never been a fan of the insanely popular Angry Birds series. I can’t put my finger on one single thing that annoys me about the ga... | Review | iPhone


Gameplanet Preview: Halo 4

1351 days 15 hours ago - Gameplanet: The situation surrounding Halo 4 is tense. Every semblance, every trickle of news is immediately pounced upon by media, bloggers, fans... | Preview | Xbox 360


5 Things to Try in Mass Effect 3

1351 days 15 hours ago - PCMag: Most FPS games these days are entirely scripted and self-contained ventures: You're told your character's standing and background, then dro... | Opinion piece | PC


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