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TGP: Hoard Review

1841 days 17 hours ago - If you like dragons and using them to rain fire on unsuspecting citizens, Hoard may be the game for you. Christopher Mooneyhan from That Gamer... | Review | PS3


TGP: GoldenEye 007 Review

1843 days 7 hours ago - Activision have two first person shooters out this month, and other than the Black Out going on over on the 360 and PS3, the Wii receives a remake... | Review | Wii

Episode #17: The Blender Extender

1846 days 11 hours ago - NBA EIite gets axed, G4 gets dropped by Direct TV, Minecraft sells half a million units. We also gather around for some Kinect and Just Cause 2 tal... | Podcast | PC


TGP: Haunted House Review (Xbox 360)

1849 days 10 hours ago - "Euuuurrrgggh. No, that isn’t the sound of the horrifying ghosts and terrifying creepy monsters lurking in a haunted mansion; that would be me.... | Review | Xbox 360


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That Gamer Podcast Episode #16: Halloween Spooktacular

1852 days 16 hours ago - Sony makes slaves of us all, the PSP Phone rumors are back in full effect, and kids want the darnedest things for Christmas. We gather around for s... | Podcast | PC


TGP: Super Meat Boy Review

1852 days 16 hours ago - "Calming, easy and not an ounce of frustration in place. If you ever see the words used to describe to Super Meat Boy, be sure to get the fellow’s... | Review | Xbox 360


TGP: Pinball FX 2 Review (XBLA)

1855 days 7 hours ago - "This game is one of those that will draw in the unsuspecting consumer, kick them down and proceed to smash in their head with a sledgehammer made... | Review | Xbox 360


TGP: Minecraft- My First Multiplayer Adventure

1856 days 13 hours ago - "Life was good. Life was peaceful. I could finally rest, watching out across the placid ocean from my aerial island beach house. I’d earned the muc... | Article | PC


TGP: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Review (PSP)

1856 days 16 hours ago - "Snake has begun a small mercenary group in Central America, and suddenly finds himself in the middle of helping a Russian discover what sort of th... | Review | PSP


TGP: Costume Quest – Review

1857 days 1 hour ago - Halloween is close and I had no themed games to play. Sure there were DLC and patches for games (TF2 often have Halloween based maps and items rele... | Review | Xbox 360


That Gamer Podcast, Episode #15: Space Rammin’

1857 days 4 hours ago - We gather around for some Fallout: New Vegas, Game Dev Story, and Super Meat Boy chatter, and of course we dive into the latest and greatest in the... | Podcast | PC


TGP: Dead Rising 2 Review (360)

1858 days 15 hours ago - "I don’t know. This game is packed with so much amusement yet filled to the brim with frustrating moments. It’s like, for every good thing, you fin... | Review | PC


TGP: Game Dev Story Review

1859 days 18 hours ago - What’s this? A mobile game getting such attention and it’s not got Chillingo attached to it? Absurd, I know. But allow me to tell you about this su... | Review | iPhone

Episode #14: Repressing Memories of 1000 Pumpkins and Midgets With Plasma Cutters

1860 days 21 hours ago - In this riveting edition of our beloved show, we discuss Ben’s psychological issues dealing with repressed pumpkin memories against his very wishes... | Podcast | PC


TGP: Fallout: New Vegas Review

1861 days 7 hours ago - "Two statements. Both are true. 1. Fallout: New Vegas is an awesome game. 2. Fallout: New Vegas is an awful game. Contradictory? Sure, may... | Review | PC


TGP: Minecraft- My First Adventure (pt.3)

1862 days 10 hours ago - "The new world fell into place before my eyes. I watched in awe as the ground once again spewed up vast mountain ranges in the distance and entire... | Article | PC

TGP: NBA 2K11 Review

1862 days 19 hours ago - "When NBA 2K11 announced that Michael Jordan was going to be their cover athlete for the game, I didn’t realize how in-depth and detailed it was go... | Review | Xbox 360


TGP: Minecraft- My First Adventure (pt.2)

1868 days 21 hours ago - A very funny series of articles that tells a story of a gamers first experience with Minecraft. In Part 2, Spense discovers that snow has covered t... | Article | PC

TGP: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode One Review

1869 days 20 hours ago - Joel Loynds, from That Gamer Podcast, says "Sonic is supposedly back on form, if the other Video Game based websites are to be believed. I – on the... | Review | Wii


For Those About To Rock (On Plastic Guitars, We Salute You.)

1871 days 5 hours ago - Joel, from That Gamer Podcast, wraps up his experience with the music genre in preparation for the upcoming generation of plastic instruments. | Review | Nintendo DS


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