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That Gamer Hub - Browser Game of the Week: High Tea

1749 days 23 hours ago - "You are the British. You like tea and you must coordinate your ships and bank account to get as much as possible. This starts out very easy at fir... | Article | PC


That Gamer Hub: Minecraft Monday (07-02-11)

1752 days 4 hours ago - "As Minecraft grows, more and more reviews start creeping onto the internet – slightly prematurely, perhaps, as the game is only in beta (but I sup... | Article | PC


That Gamer Hub: A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda | Review (PC)

1753 days 7 hours ago - "At first glance the game looks (and sounds) very much like a Mega Man clone. You are playing as a robot (A.R.E.S.) sent to various locations in a... | Review | PC

That Gamer Hub: Magicka | Review (PC)

1755 days 19 hours ago - "Rather than being a carbon-copy of old favorites – replicating the gameplay but losing the charm – Arrowhead Studios have managed to vamp up the “... | Review | PC


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That Gamer Podcast, Episode #29: Time Warp Space Zone

1756 days 23 hours ago - On this week’s episode: TGH detail how to save your games to the future, Reveal the winner of Super Bowl 45, announce the fate of MTV games, they g... | Podcast | PC


That Gamer Hub - Retro Game Rewind: Fallout 1 and 2

1757 days 10 hours ago - "So you may have heard about Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, but did you know where these modern day hits came from? The original Fallout was rel... | Article | Retro

That Gamer Hub: Browser Game of the Week: The Blocks Cometh

1758 days 7 hours ago - "The Blocks Cometh, created by the Canadian development team Halfbot, is an incredibly simple little browser game with one goal: climb as high as p... | Article | PC


That Gamer Hub: Tales From Space: About A Blob | Review (PSN)

1759 days 23 hours ago - "You’re just a little blob from space (as the title suggests), who has landed on Earth with all your blob friends. Upon your arrival, you are immed... | Review | PS3


That Gamer Hub: Minecraft Monday (31-01-11)

1760 days 19 hours ago - "After the the last big update, things have been moving along slowly (well, as far as new features are concerned anyway). I’ve been hearing via twi... | News | PC


That Gamer Hub: Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World | Review (PC & Mac)

1762 days 3 hours ago - "Point-and-click adventure games are part of a genre that has been around ever since computers had mice and could display more than just text on a... | Review | PC


That Gamer Podcast, Episode #28: Space Helicopters

1763 days 22 hours ago - "On this week’s episode: We give you the lowdown on the PSP2, give a report on Disney Interactive, we gather around for some Dead Space 2, Bulletst... | Podcast | PC


TGH: Browser Game of the Week: Tower of Heaven

1764 days 8 hours ago - "Did you like LIMBO? How about Super Meat Boy? Then odds are you will probably like Tower of Heaven. By Askiisoft, with great music by flashygoodne... | Article | PC


That Gamer Hub: Modern Combat: Domination | Review (PSN)

1766 days 4 hours ago - "For those of us wanting a FPS fix and at a very low price, Gameloft’s Modern Combat: Domination is a good choice. For only $8, or $6 if you have P... | Review | PS3


That Gamer Hub: Breach | Review (XBLA & PC)

1766 days 10 hours ago - "Breach is the new multiplayer-only, fps title from Atomic Games available on XBLA and PC. Atomic is the studio that made a huge splash last year w... | Review | PC


That Gamer Hub: Minecraft Monday (01-24-11)

1767 days 4 hours ago - "Hope everyone’s enjoying the new updates on Minecraft, as it looks like it might be our fill for a while! (Which is fair enough, really, as it was... | Article | PC


That Gamer Hub: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Review | DS

1767 days 9 hours ago - "Ghost Trick comes from the creative minds of the Ace Attorney series and I’m not actually too sure what to make of this one. See, Ghost Trick isn’... | Review | Nintendo DS

That Gamer Hub: Pac-Man Championship Edition DX | Review

1768 days 11 hours ago - "In 2007, Namco Bandai resurrected Pac-Man once again to hit our (now) big screens for some intense pellet nomming. But, I think a lot of us were s... | Review | Xbox 360


That Gamer Podcast, Episode #27: The Spawn of Rachel Ray

1769 days 4 hours ago - "On this week’s episode: Nintendo announces the price and release date of the 3DS, we update you on PS3 security issues, Valve gives you more game... | Podcast | PC


That Gamer Hub: Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Review (PS3)

1770 days 9 hours ago - "My last couple reviews have dealt with racing games, and I have one more on tab for you guys to finish the trifecta. If you are looking for a rac... | Review | Xbox 360


That Gamer Hub: Browser Game of the Week: Majesty of Colors

1771 days 23 hours ago - "When writing a dissertation at university about whether or not video games could be deemed as works of art, focusing on Indie games, (something I... | Article | PC


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