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That Gamer Podcast, E3 Coverage – Day 4

1296 days 15 hours ago - "On today’s show: We discuss the latest news to come of out E3, give our final thoughts on the conference, and thank our fans for being awesome!"... | Podcast | Xbox 360


Review: Sega Rally Online Arcade (XBLA) l That Gamer Hub

1296 days 23 hours ago - "As I grew up and was able to explore the world a bit more, arcade games made their way into my gaming repertoire and one of these was Sega Rally C... | Review | Xbox 360


That Gamer Podcast, E3 Coverage – Day 2

1298 days 11 hours ago - "On today’s show: We reveal the future of Nintendo, discuss the Wii U, and talk about even more awesome games!" Brandon from That Gamer Hub | Podcast | Xbox 360


Nintendo E3 2011 Conference Live Blog & Chat l That Gamer Hub

1299 days 2 hours ago - That Gamer Hub will be live blogging the entire Nintendo press conference. "Coming off a stellar showing at last year’s E3, Nintendo is looking... | Article | Nintendo DS


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That Gamer Podcast, E3 Coverage – Day 1

1299 days 11 hours ago - "On today’s show: We reveal the future of video games, detail the Microsoft, Sony, EA, and Ubisoft press conferences, and talk about some more awes... | Podcast | PC


EA E3 2011 Press Conference l That Gamer Hub

1299 days 22 hours ago - We are live blogging the entire EA press conference "Firstly, I’m expecting something out of the Respawn Entertainment team after 2010′s little... | Article | PC


That Gamer Podcast, E3 Coverage – Day 0

1300 days 12 hours ago - "We detail the Konami announcements, give our predictions on the upcoming press conferences, and talk a whole mess about awesome video games." B... | Podcast | Wii


That Gamer Hub [E3 Coverage]

1300 days 13 hours ago - "People from around the world are flocking to Los Angeles for the years biggest gaming event. Obviously not everyone can make it to E3, so we’re he... | Article | E3

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Review (Wii) l That Gamer Hub

1300 days 19 hours ago - "Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a remake of the very first Silent Hill game, using a few new techniques to scare the player, and throwing aside... | Review | Wii


Overthinking: Half Life and Portal l That Gamer Hub

1300 days 19 hours ago - "In this series, I hope to tear apart a series of games. Spoiler alert throughout. I think first I’d like to cover the Portal series, touching upon... | Article | PC


That Gamer Podcast, Episode #44: Raptor Curling

1302 days 1 hour ago - "On this week’s episode: Activision angers gamers, Sony gets some new friends to play with, Kinect nabs some Mass Effect 3. We gather around for so... | Podcast | PC


E3 2011: Konami’s Press Conference l That Gamer Hub

1303 days ago - "Last year, Konami had put up what is probably the worst E3 press conference we had ever seen in the history of the show. Gimmicky games, sketchy p... | Article | Xbox 360


Summer of Raptr l That Gamer Hub

1303 days ago - "To celebrate the launch of its new website, is giving away over $25,000 worth of prizes including the hottest games, consoles, and gear... | Article | Culture


NIN2-JUMP | Review (XBLA) | That Gamer Hub

1303 days 6 hours ago - "The game’s story is as simple as you can get. You play the role of a ninja named NIN-JA who must save princess SAKURA which was kidnapped by the e... | Review | Xbox 360


BGotW: American Dream l That Gamer Hub

1304 days 6 hours ago - "Terry Cavanagh has made some great games. I was a big fan of Don’t Look Back and VVVVVV and when I played American Dream a couple months back I i... | Article | PC


Back to the Future: The Game – Ep 4 | Review (PC) l That Gamer Hub

1306 days ago - Episode 4: Double Visions puts the player back in the digital shoes of Marty McFly as he travels through time, breaking timelines and fixing those... | Review | PC


Minecraft Monday (05-30-11) l That Gamer Hub

1306 days 8 hours ago - The wait is finally over as beta 1.6 finally lands on our metaphorical doorsteps. Notch always intended this update to be primarily bug fixes, with... | Article | PC


Spotlight: Universe Sandbox (PC) l That Gamer Hub

1307 days 16 hours ago - In Universe Sandbox you are granted control of the cosmos. You can, as our fearless Editor-In-Chief did, increase the size of sun to 200 times its... | Article | PC


I am Noble 6 [That Gamer Hub]

1311 days 7 hours ago - Reach is not the end of Halo. 343 Industries is creating something (whether it be a true remake to Halo:Combat Evolved or not) that will reside wit... | Article | Xbox 360

Minecraft Monday (05-23-11) l That Gamer Hub

1311 days 20 hours ago - With updates to Notch’s blog few and far between, most updates on Minecraft’s progression can only be found on twitter. Notch is rarely quiet on th... | Article | PC


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