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'Oquonie' Review: a beautiful land of confusion (TabTimes Games)

39 days 11 hours ago - "Oquonie is an abstract puzzle game that's more about the journey than the solution." | Review | iPhone


The first 10 games to install on your new iPad

40 days 16 hours ago - "These are the Super Mario 64s and Final Fantasy 7s of iPad gaming—the true classics." | Opinion piece | iPad


Fireproof Games co-founder disses free-to-play as 'The Room 2' hits 1.2 million downloads

41 days 12 hours ago - The Room 2 has been downloaded 1.2 million times since its debut in December 2013. | News | iPhone


Best New iPad Games: 'The Walking Dead' season 2 episode 2 is not the only horror hit this week

42 days 4 hours ago - The Walking Dead: Season 2's second episode, "A House Divided," is just one of many great new iPad games this week. | Opinion piece | iPad


Enter to Win a PS4 and More!

Now - We are buying one lucky N4Ger a PS4 just for commenting on any N4G story! | Promoted post

Tengami/Havok interview - hints of DLC

42 days 7 hours ago - "We definitely will be adding more content, probably to the existing game." | Interview | iPhone


Interview with Tengami developer Nyamyam Games

42 days 14 hours ago - Nyamyam explains what went wrong with "that puzzle" and more. | Interview | iPhone


10 Amazing Video Games from the '90s That Have Not Aged Well

44 days 3 hours ago - "Nostalgia is a hell of a drug." | Opinion piece | Retro


It's mini golf meets Scrabble in 'Word Puttz,' where swear words are fine but gophers are forbidden

44 days 22 hours ago - "It takes truly twisted minds to make a Scrabble-esque word tile game that’s set on a mini golf course." | Interview | iPhone


Ouya exclusive games will expand to other platforms

45 days 5 hours ago - "Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman says the company wants to make its ecosystem of exclusive Ouya games available on other platforms." | News | Android


Zynga wants to plow mobile gamers with a new 'FarmVille' spin-off on tablets

45 days 16 hours ago - "FarmVille 2: Country Escape is Zynga's attempt to retake casual gamers from its competitors on tablets and smartphones." | News | iPhone


‘Tengami’ review (TabTimes Games)

46 days 14 hours ago - "Tengami is one of the most immediately enchanting games to ever grace my iPad's screen, but it forgets to go deeper than its quest to mimic the lo... | Review | iPhone


The 14 best iPad and Android games like Pokémon

46 days 16 hours ago - "Nintendo has given us little hope for its first-party franchises ever showing up on tablets in the near future." | Opinion piece | iPhone


Best New Android Games for Tablets: make your iOS friends jealous with a few new Android exclusives

48 days 15 hours ago - "Android gets some exclusives this week, while some hits migrate over from iOS." | Opinion piece | Android


More people have tablets than handheld systems like the 3DS and PS Vita, research shows

49 days 1 hour ago - "And Puzzle & Dragons may have just scored a global record." | News | iPhone


‘Toast Time’ review: just a little burnt (TabTimes Games)

49 days 15 hours ago - "Toast Time is a charming pixelated shooter that gets jammed up with its own hectic mechanics." | Review | iPhone


Qualcomm demos 4K Android gaming tablet at MWC 2014

50 days 12 hours ago - "The first Android tablet equipped with Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 805 processor was on-hand at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona." | News | Android


'A Darker Shade of Red' review: strangers in a motel (TabTimes Games)

51 days 7 hours ago - "An admirable homage to film noir, pop culture, and point-and-click adventures that's shorter than Humphrey Bogart." | Review | iPhone


‘The Tribez & Castlez’ interview: when 'The Tribez' goes to war

52 days 4 hours ago - "Chief Producer Leonid Sirotin explains why they went this route and how Castlez isn’t just 'The Tribez 2: Electric Boogaloo.'" | Interview | iPhone


'Candy Crush Saga' maker King has withdrawn its trademark for the word 'candy'

52 days 16 hours ago - King has sent a statement to TabTimes Games clarifying exactly what this means. | News | iPhone


‘On the Line’ review: off the rails (TabTimes Games)

52 days 19 hours ago - On The Line has just one simple mechanic and one glaring bug. | Review | iPhone


Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post
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