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9 Ways the People of Fallout 4 Could Drastically Improve their Shitty Lives

87 days 8 hours ago - "Life is terrible inside the world of Fallout 4, but it doesn’t actually have to be quite so bad." | Article | PC


Fallout 4 almost nukes its own potential with an atomic bomb of bull****

89 days 6 hours ago - "There is greatness in Fallout 4, but just like the post-apocalyptic Boston the game depicts, that greatness is buried under piles of garbage." | Opinion piece | PC


15 Great Indie Games that Make Bad First Impressions

152 days 13 hours ago - "With so many great indie games out there it’s easy to quickly judge them based on their cutesy art styles or fairy tale stories. But you’d be miss... | Opinion piece | Culture


I sold my soul for a ride to the top in Destiny

203 days 13 hours ago - Every weekend is a new opportunity for these players to reach the Lighthouse and claim new spoils. I visited three times last weekend, but I didn’t... | Article | Culture


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

Bungie says despite level 20 cap, Destiny's end-game content will "blow players' minds"

591 days 15 hours ago - "In Destiny, when you complete the campaign, you're really just getting started," says Bungie Head of Community Eric Osborne. | Interview | Xbox 360


Bungie apparently helped design the PS4 controller

599 days 20 hours ago - "One has to wonder how long the partnership has been going on. Did Bungie plan to hop right into bed with Sony the minute it changed its Facebook s... | Interview | PS4


Phonejoy Bluetooth iOS and Android game controller review (TabTimes Games)

660 days 20 hours ago - "Despite Apple's semi-recent show of support for iOS controllers, the selection available to iPad and iPhone gamers is still limited. My personal f... | Review | iPhone


A beginner's guide to 'FTL: Faster Than Light' on iPad

661 days 14 hours ago - "FTL hit warp speed on iPad this week. If this is your first time playing, you'll want to read these tips." | Article | iPad


The 11 best iPad and Android tablet games of 2014 (so far)

663 days 10 hours ago - "Q1 has ended. The snow is melting, conferences are in full swing, and there are already way too many new tablet games to catch up on. It doesn't h... | Opinion piece | iPhone


FTL: Faster Than Light iPad review (TabTimes Games)

663 days 19 hours ago - "FTL captures the excitement of Star Trek without lifting the ideas wholesale; this is a game about space exploration, combat, and diplomacy in equ... | Review | iPad


Infinity Wars preview (TabTimes Games)

664 days 12 hours ago - "'Infinity Wars' is a crowdfunded digital card game being prepped for the jump from PC to mobile." | Preview | iPhone


The cast of 'Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff' says the game 'goes as far as the show does'

669 days 23 hours ago - "The voice cast of Family Guy talk about the new mobile game, Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff." | Interview | iPhone


The Collectables review (TabTimes Games)

670 days 23 hours ago - "Veteran game studio Crytek makes its mobile debut by sticking to what it knows: shooting sprees in the jungle." | Review | iPhone


Indie dev creates a free, endless iOS version of a Steam game that just got Greenlit

671 days ago - "The developer of Joan Mad Run is releasing a free iOS game called John Mad Run. John Mad Run stars John, rather than Joan, and has just a fraction... | News | iPhone


Warhammer 40K: Storm of Vengeance interview

671 days 16 hours ago - The game's designer explains why there are no in-app purchases or microtransactions. | Interview | PC


Mojang's scrolls is headed to iPad and other tablets

672 days ago - "There are no pickaxes or giant pixels in Scrolls, a multiplayer card battler from the creator of Minecraft that's now headed to iPad and other tab... | News | Android


'Monument Valley' review (TabTimes Games)

672 days 11 hours ago - "It's tough to find something sharp and pithy to say about Monument Valley, because it's so wonderfully out of the ordinary. So I'll just cut to th... | Review | iPhone


'Clash of Clans' has reportedly dethroned 'Candy Crush' as top-grossing iOS app

672 days 12 hours ago - "Looks like iOS players don't mind investing a little real-life cash in their Clash of Clans barbarians." | News | iPhone


The 7 best iPad and Android first-person shooters

673 days 9 hours ago - "Keep your iron sights on these seven tablet shooters the next time your trigger finger gets an itch." | Opinion piece | iPhone


Best New iPad Games: the gorgeous 'Monument Valley' has arrived

675 days ago - "The gorgeous interactive Escher puzzles of Monument Valley debuted on iPad this week, plus many more." | Opinion piece | iPhone


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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