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Consolebits.com: Wife of a Gamer

584 days 10 hours ago - Carmen from Consolebits.com writes: I'd like to share some of my experiences as being the wife of a gamer - and a person who realy has 0 interest... | Article | PS3


Consolebits.com: 5 IPs That Telltale Should Develop Next

621 days 14 hours ago - Rodolfo from Consolebits.com writes: Now that Walking Dead took game of the year, it's clear that Telltale can create some interesting experiences... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


consolebits.com: I got my first Platinum Trophy

626 days 23 hours ago - Rodolfo from consolebits.com writes: I finally got that first Platinum Trophy that eluded me for 4 years. So, why did it take so long and how did... | Article | PS3


Consolebits.com - Seawasp Android Review

662 days 3 hours ago - Rodolfo from consolebits.com writes: I was asked to review his game from Honey Milk Labs and I'm glad that I did. While it is not without its shor... | Review | Mobile


Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Why Digital Games Make Sense for Parents

682 days 19 hours ago - Rodolfo from Consolebits.com writes: Plastic has a certain charm to it (especially in NES cart form) but digital game distribution has some BIG pl... | Opinion piece | PS3


Redesigning Games for Gamer Parents

689 days 23 hours ago - Rodolfo from Consolebits.com writes: Gaming as a Parent ain't easy. Here are some features that game developers should consider to help gaming dad... | Article | PS3


Gaming as a Parent - Introduction

694 days 15 hours ago - Rodolfo from Consolebits.com writes: I am a lifelong gamer - with 2 toddlers and a wife that absolutely hates gaming. It's tough to find time to g... | Opinion piece | Culture


Gaming: Penguin Wings 2

699 days 12 hours ago - Rodolfo from Consolebits.com writes: I've had a tough time getting into mobile gaming, but I am slowly coming around. I am quite happy with a simp... | Review | Android


Gaming Opinion: Wii U Release and Date

708 days 17 hours ago - Rodolfo from consolebits.com writes: Now that we know the important release info for the Wii U, here is my opinion on the different SKUs, digital... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Consolebits Review: Double Dragon Neon (PSN)

709 days 5 hours ago - Rodolfo from Consolebits.com writes: I've waited a long time for this one. Ever since the original Double Dragon on the NES, through to Super Doub... | Review | PS3


Consolebits.com - Bring Back Couch Co-op!

730 days 2 hours ago - Multiplayer has become dominated by online gaming. As an old-school gamer, I long for a resurgence in couch co-op. Real world, physical multiplayer... | Opinion piece | Retro


5 Gaming Franchises That I Want to Return

730 days 6 hours ago - As a lifelong gamer, there are several franchises that I miss, and that I feel could be legitimate contenders in this generation of hardware. So,... | Opinion piece | Retro


Consolebits.com - Who is Mega Man X?

730 days 15 hours ago - One of my favourite NES franchises was Mega Man, However, once X came long, he was quickly supplanted. But who was Mega Man X really, and why didn'... | Opinion piece | Retro


Consolebits.com Review - Super Mario 3DS

731 days 13 hours ago - As a 3DS Ambassador, I've found the 3DS library to be a bit lean since day 1. Fortunately, there are some solid titles available, and Super Mario 3... | Review | 3DS


Gaming: Nintendo WiiU Info Coming September 13th?

732 days 3 hours ago - September 13th will bring us some details on the WiiU. In this article, I write what Nintendo must do, will likely do, and what I'd like them to do. | Opinion piece | Wii U


Consolebits.com Sony PS3 / PSN Review: inFamous 2 (digital)

732 days 11 hours ago - Recently added to PS Plus as part of the "Instant Game Collection", inFamous 2 builds on the strengths of its predecessors, and (although likely no... | Review | PS3

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