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Gaming Nostalgia: Adventure Games

1164 days 8 hours ago - For many, the 1990's will be fondly remembered as the pinnacle of graphic adventure games with classics like Monkey Island, Discworld, Broken Sword... | Article | PC


Gaming Nostalgia: Dizzy

1266 days 2 hours ago - Following it’s release in 1987 the first Dizzy game – Dizzy: The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure – was so popular that it lead to a full franchise which... | Article | iPhone


Women in Games: Violent Contradictions

1291 days 15 hours ago - Robert Settle would like to see more violence against women in video games. Now he has got that controversial statement out of the way let him try... | Article | Xbox 360


Hunting for Achievements

1299 days 4 hours ago - An in-depth look at why we find collecting achievements/trophies irresistible whilst exploring the different strategies developers/publishers take... | Article | Xbox 360


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