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Report: Call of Duty Online in Development

1736 days 10 hours ago - A tipster told the website the game will be Activision's "online solution" the publisher has been hinting at over the past couple years. RPS specul... | News | PC


inFocus – Dragon Age II Review

1751 days 5 hours ago - Dragon Age Origins was perhaps the best RPG released this generation. After some time, Dragon Age 2 has finally hit the shelves. Unlike the fist... | Review | PC


SOCOM 4’s Bomb Squad and a Chance to Win Your Way Into the Beta

1780 days 19 hours ago - One of the more creative multiplayer modes found in the beta (and the final game, of course) is Bomb Squad. With only one player able to defuse the... | News | PS3


Huge Update to PlayStation Home Mall

1780 days 19 hours ago - PlayStation Home collectors will be treated to a massive content update this Thursday, March 24th, when a ton of new items hit the shelves in the P... | News | PS3


Top 5 Games To Play - February 2016

Now - It's time to see what this month has to offer... Here's Your Top 5 Games To Play In February 2016... | Promoted post

Crysis 2 Soundtrack on iTunes

1780 days 22 hours ago - Academy Award winning composer Hans Zimmer contributed to the score for Crysis 2, which releases today in the United States and March 25th in Europ... | News | iPhone


Single Stationary Lens Can Capture 3D Images

1782 days 12 hours ago - Engineers at Ohio State University have created the first stand-alone, stationary lens that can create microscopic 3-D images. Up until now, 3-D mi... | Article | Tech


PlayStation Around the Web: What We Read

1784 days 4 hours ago - Jeff Rubenstein - It’s been nearly a week since we debuted our redesign, and I hope you’re enjoying the new look of PlayStation.Blog. We’re working... | News | PS3


Battlefield 3 Gameplay Trailer Retro Remix

1807 days 21 hours ago - Remix of the gameplay video! | Video | Industry

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