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GertLushGaming Presents Our Tour De France-PS4 Review

176 days 12 hours ago - Select from one of the official teams and take part in this supreme test of endurance. Compete as one of the riders in a bid to reach the Holy Grai... | Review | PS4


Official Pokémon Destination on iTunes Launches With Animated Episodes for iOS Devices

176 days 19 hours ago - This morning, The Pokémon Company International announced that iTunes is providing fans a one-stop online destination,, for of... | News | iPhone


GertLushGaming Presents Our Block Drop U Review

181 days 18 hours ago - A simple-yet challenging physics-based puzzle game. The goal is to guide the red block down to land safely on the ground while eliminating the gray... | Review | Wii U


GertLushGaming Presents Our Cocoro-3DS Review

181 days 18 hours ago - Cocoro – Line Defender is a strategy game in which you control the Yoko of each of the four elements. In an Asiatic game world, you must unlock her... | Review | 3DS


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GertLushGaming Presents Our Road Redemption Preview

182 days 2 hours ago - Road Redemption features a brutal arsenal of weapons, versatile character-customization, and an engaging storyline. To survive, you'll need to mast... | Preview | PC


GertLushGaming Presents Our Monkey Pirates Review

184 days 8 hours ago - Say ‘Ahoy!’ to the banana-loving Monkey Pirates, as they set sail on a multiplayer battle royale. | Review | Wii U


Metro Redux Release Date Confirmed

184 days 9 hours ago - Deep Silver today confirms that Metro Redux will hit stores on the 26th August in the US, and the 29th August in Europe. | News | PC


EnjoyUp Games announces 99Seconds on Wii U-First Screenshots Revealed

184 days 18 hours ago - The saga continues after 99Bullets. Now your problem isn't the number of bullets, rather the amount of time. | News | Wii U


Ridge Racer Driftopia BETA Coming To An End

188 days 7 hours ago - Namco have released the following stement regarding Ridge Racer Driftopia. | News | PC


GertLushGaming Presents Our Splatter-Blood Red Edition Review

191 days 19 hours ago - A top-down-shooter with a film-noir-singleplayer-campaign, challenging fights against all kinds of monsters, gory splatter effects and destructible... | Review | PC


GertLushGaming Presents Our Z-Run Review

192 days 12 hours ago - The world seems to have fallen into ruins. Swarms of the dead groan around everywhere. You have to run non-stop, trying your best to stay alive and... | Review | PS Vita


GertLushGaming Presents Our Crea Preview

201 days 4 hours ago - Crea is an easily moddable, 2D sandbox game with RPG elements, a lighthearted mood and a colorful art style. | Preview | PC


SteamWorld Dig Announced For Wii U

203 days 9 hours ago - SteamWorld Dig For Wii U. Is It Really True? Yes, it’s true. Image & Form’s SteamWorld Dig is coming to Wii U! Ever since we first launched our la... | News | Wii U


Microsoft Announce Destination Brazil App For Xbox One

205 days 19 hours ago - Brazil Now is a new app on Xbox One that brings you as close to the action in Brazil as possible without leaving your living room. You can personal... | News | Xbox One


Tomodachi Life Headlines This Weeks EU eShop Update

206 days 7 hours ago - Check out this week’s newest downloadable offerings on Nintendo platforms, Including a huge sale on Namco Bandai games. | News | Wii U


Preview: Minimum - Steam Early Access - GertLushGaming

210 days 4 hours ago - Set in a minimalistic stylized universe, Minimum features fast-paced combat with an elaborate blueprint crafting system that pits two teams against... | Preview | PC


Review: R-Type Dimensions | GertLushGaming

210 days 7 hours ago - The coin-op classics, R-Type & R-Type II, are together at last! Fight through all 14 Bydo-infested stages in original 2D or all-new 3D graphics – a... | Review | PS3


GertLushGaming Presents Our Titan Attacks! Review

231 days 4 hours ago - As the last surviving tank commander on Earth, single-handedly turn back the evil invading alien army, drive back the Titans across the Solar Syste... | Review | PS3


Table Top Racing: Gamer Edition Available Now

231 days 4 hours ago - “We’ve received an overwhelming amount of feedback from TTR fans worldwide and we’re pleased to be able to deliver on their top two requests, No Ad... | News | iPhone


GertLushGaming Presents Our Etrian odyssey untold the millennium girl Review

238 days 9 hours ago - The newest installment of the Etrian Odyssey series has arrived! The first Etrian Odyssey game was released in 2007—and was favorably received for... | Review | 3DS


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