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Deck-building comes to Magic 2014 - Duels of the Planeswalkers | GamesRadar

494 days 14 hours ago - GamesRadar - Magic the Gathering is a pretty big deal around the GamesRadar office. So you can bet that we're stoked for the annual installment of... | Preview | PC


RadarPlays - Blade Wolf DLC (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)

494 days 14 hours ago - GamesRadar - Oh boy, here we go again. Look, we just can't seem to not be awful at this game, so please forgive our failures. That being said, the... | Video | PC


Pokemon X and Y - 27 things you need to know | GamesRadar

494 days 19 hours ago - GamesRadar - Pika Pika! There's a new Pokemon game! Well it's about time. The next core series Pokémon game has been announced–Pokemon X & Y wil... | Preview | 3DS


Xbox Soapbox: Predicting Summer of Arcade 2013

494 days 20 hours ago - IGN - What's in Summer of Arcade this year? We don't know, but we have some strong suspicions. | Video | Xbox 360


Destiny The Game

Now - Explore Mars, Rediscover Venus, Reclaim the moon, Protect Earth. Become Legend. The wait is over! Destiny is now available to play, Pick up your... | Promoted post

Podcast Beyond: How Xbox Steals PS4's Thunder

494 days 20 hours ago - IGN - PlayStation. Does the word send a chill down your spine? Does it caress your senses with wave upon wave of irresistible pleasure? No? Do you... | Podcast | PS4


Metro: Last Light PC Review | IGN

494 days 20 hours ago - IGN - Getting everything out of Metro: Last Light requires slow and patient play. In a post-apocalyptic adventure that relies a great deal on const... | Review | PC


SimCity - Screw Civil Services - IGN Plays SimCity No. 42

494 days 23 hours ago - IGN - Greg's citizens are begging for fire stations, but he just keeps milking them for natural resources. | Video | PC


25 upcoming 3DS games for 2013 and beyond

495 days ago - GamesRadar - Nintendo's 3DS is enjoying one of its best years in terms of quality releases--and what we've seen so far is only the beginning. Over... | Article | 3DS


Could Monochroma Be the Next Limbo? - Gameplay Commentary

495 days ago - IGN - Could this indie platformer be the next Limbo? | Video | PC


Dust 514 Review in Progress

495 days 1 hour ago - IGN - It's a good thing I like numbers, because Dust 514 has thrown an awful lot of them at me with little regard to whether I was ready or not. Se... | News | PS3


TinyKeep, The Procedural RPG With “Extremely Intelligent” Enemy AI

495 days 15 hours ago - Siliconera - TinyKeep is an action RPG being funded via Kickstarter with three major goals: Procedurally-generated dungeons “Extremely intell... | News | PC


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Will Be Re-released In Japan With Most Of The DLC On Disc

495 days 18 hours ago - Siliconera - Square Enix is re-releasing Final Fantasy XIII-2 in Japan as a standalone game under the Ultimate Hits label (it’s Square Enix’s in ho... | News | Xbox 360


Game Scoop!: XCOM vs. XCOM

495 days 18 hours ago - IGN - Maybe 2K should have stuck with its original XCOM plan. | Video | PC


State of Decay, TMNT, Duck Tales Dates Revealed?

495 days 19 hours ago - IGN - A GameStop listing provided to IGN appears to confirm numerous digital game releases, including State of Decay, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:... | Rumor | PC


Metro: Last Light review | New York Post

495 days 19 hours ago - New York Post - The metro is everything. It’s a sanctuary from the toxic jungle above. It’s a quarantine zone where infected and mutated denizens v... | Review | PC


Review: Metro: Last Light is the most fun you'll have in post-apocalyptic Russia | PC World

495 days 19 hours ago - PC World - Metro: Last Light is a flawed game with genuine pathos, a unique first-person shooter that accomplishes more with its narrative than som... | Review | PC


Review: When the world ends, ‘Metro: Last Light’ begins | Digital Trends

495 days 19 hours ago - Digital Trends - Russians can be a bleak, bleak people. Not always, of course; just like any other culture, they can be warm and optimistic as well... | Review | PC


Metro: Last Light review – Rush’n underground | Metro News

495 days 19 hours ago - Metro News - It makes Fallout’s post-apocalyptic landscape look like Centre Parcs, but is this bleak tale of Russian Armageddon worth surviving thr... | Review | PC


Shock Value: The Anatomy of Twist Endings

495 days 20 hours ago - IGN - Sometimes violent twists and turns work. Sometimes they don't. We examine why. This is an essay about endings and narrative structure. Tha... | Article | PC


RadarPlays - Punch-Out!! (NES)

495 days 21 hours ago - GamesRadar - With boxing legend Punch-Out!! just re-released on the Wii U Virtual Console, we put back on our gloves to go a few rounds with this g... | Video | Retro


Get paid to review products

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