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8 Fantastic, Fresh Concepts that Should Have Made for Much Better Games

23 days 2 hours ago - GamesRadar - There's nothing quite like a cool new concept to turn the head of an otherwise jaded gamer. In a world of samey spectacle and me-too m... | Opinion piece | Culture


What the heck is Yo-Kai Watch and Why Should I Care?

35 days 6 hours ago - GamesRadar - Yo-Kai Watch is huge in Japan. We’re talking Pokemon levels of huge. So huge that Arnold Schwarzenegger met up with character Robonyan... | Opinion piece | Culture


I'm Buying Black Ops 3 Strictly for its Zombies Mode

56 days 6 hours ago - GamesRadar - I'm an, uh, unabashed lover of all things Jeff Goldblum. I adore his turns as a brilliant mathematician with a strange laugh, an exper... | Opinion piece | Culture


I Have Seen the Future of VR and it is Pterodactyls Dropping Rocks on my Head

56 days 6 hours ago - GamesRadar - Listening to the recording I made of myself playing Crytek’s Back to Dinosaur Island 2, there’s a noise I don’t fully remember making.... | Opinion piece | Culture


Top 5 Movies To See This Month

Now - The month of September has Johnny Depp portraying an enraged criminal, a group of climbers trying to make it home safely, and the return of the sur... | Promoted post

London Calling - Hands On with Assassin's Creed Syndicate | GamesRadar

62 days 18 hours ago - GamesRadar - The first thing that any respectable Assassin does when arriving in a new city is ignore the story marker entirely and clamber up the... | Preview | PC


Doom is Fast, Thrilling, Authentic, and Deeply, Hilariously Gory | GamesRadar

62 days 18 hours ago - GamesRadar - So after all the excitable yelping coming out of last year's Quakecon, after that damnably exciting, damnably brief teaser trailer, we... | Preview | PC


The Best Platform Games Ever (That Aren't Mario)

62 days 18 hours ago - GamesRadar - Platform games are one of gaming's most enduring staples, and you can't really mention them without talking about Mario. Except I am.... | Opinion piece | Culture


Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Craze Knocks Retailer Pre-Order Page Offline

62 days 19 hours ago - Fallout 4 fans across the UK have been gripped by a fever of interest in the coveted Pip-Boy edition, with a surge of traffic knocking one retailer... | News | PC


Meet the Xbox Game Using the Tech Microsoft Won’t | GamesRadar

62 days 19 hours ago - GamesRadar - If Kinect has been the Prince Hamlet-like tragedy of the Xbox One – a very public murder, all blood and commercial thunder – SmartGlas... | Preview | PC


N64 Controller Hacked To Work On Xbox One

63 days 5 hours ago - Kotaku - Chris Gallizzi and Jesse Aragon from Hyperkin gave themselves a day to get an N64 controller working on the Xbox One. Mission accomplished. | Video | Xbox One


Halo, Game of Thrones, and More Get Custom Xbox One Systems You Can Win

63 days 6 hours ago - GameSpot - Much as it did last year, Microsoft is giving away 20 custom Xbox One systems as part of San Diego Comic-Con, including consoles themed... | News | Xbox One


Secrets of the Best Games at E3 2015

68 days 21 hours ago - IGN - E3 2015 may be over, but that doesn't mean we can't take a look back at some of the biggest games shown during the convention. From and new D... | Video | PC

Star Wars Battlefront Interview: "There Are 10,000 Ways to F*** This Up"

68 days 21 hours ago - GameSpot speaks to DICE general manager Patrick Bach about Battlefront's missing single-player, deadlines, and the curse. | Interview | PC


What Other Square Enix Games Deserve the Final Fantasy 7 Treatment?

68 days 21 hours ago - GamesRadar - The internet got hit with a heavy dose of Final Fantasy fever coming out of E3 2015. Against all odds, Square Enix finally announced a... | Opinion piece | Culture


Watch the New Trailer for Bombshell, the Game That Could Have Been Duke Nukem

68 days 22 hours ago - 3D Realms and developer Interceptor have released the E3 2015 trailer for Bombshell, an upcoming top-down action role-playing game. | Trailer | PC


The Agonizing Wait: Every Game That's Coming in 2016

68 days 23 hours ago - GameSpot - This year's E3 showed that, while 2015 is a strong year already, some of the most interesting games on the horizon won't arrive until ne... | Article | PC


What's the First Game You Bought With Your Own Money? - GameSpot Q&A

69 days 5 hours ago - GameSpot - Money wasn't an easy thing to come by when you were younger. If you had any, you most likely didn't have much. This didn't bode well for... | Opinion piece | Culture


Ubisoft's For Honor vs Guerrilla's Horizon: Zero Dawn For Coolest New E3 IP

75 days 4 hours ago - MoviePilot - What a great E3, people! I don't know about you, but I was sufficiently excited and surprised by every conference. Everyone did a grea... | Opinion piece | PC


Wander, a New MMO, Is Hilariously Broken

91 days 5 hours ago - Kotaku - Wander is an MMO that doesn’t feature any combat. That sounds pretty interesting, right? Too bad it seems completely busted right now. | Image | PC


But is it Art? Why Okami is Remembered so Fondly

118 days 1 hour ago - OPM - Despite near-universal rave reviews and a rating of 93 on Metacritic, Okami suffered low sales that resulted in the sad and untimely demise o... | Opinion piece | Culture


LEGO Jurassic World (XB1) Review

Now - Ken travels to Jurassic Park once again. | Promoted post
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