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9 of the sexiest Trophies and Achievements in games

159 days 9 hours ago - GamesRadar - Trophies and Achievements are often unlocked by completing the most mundane of tasks--finish that level, pick up that thing, shoot tha... | Opinion piece | Culture


PS4 vs Xbox One - Which console will rule next-gen gaming?

160 days 8 hours ago - GamesRadar - After nearly a decade of playing Xbox 360 and PS3, the "next-gen" platforms are now officially "this gen." Microsoft's Xbox One and So... | Opinion piece | PS4


12 great games that released on outdated consoles

229 days ago - GamesRadar - Don’t know if you heard, but apparently there was a new console generation last month or something. Sony and Microsoft released a coup... | Opinion piece | PS2


Game names that sound sexual if you have a dirty mind

287 days 4 hours ago - GamesRadar - Free Willy: young adult masterpiece about a majestic whale, or erotic adult smut flick? It depends on the context, really. There are t... | Opinion piece | Culture


Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

Now - Drew takes on some paranormal investigation. | Promoted post

Craft makeshift chainsaws and guns in How to Survive | GamesRadar

300 days 16 hours ago - GamesRadar - Yes, How to Survive is another game about surviving the onslaught of undead flesh eaters on a lonely island--a setting you might have... | Preview | PC


Will Capcom Sue Keiji Inafune Over Mighty No. 9?

301 days 3 hours ago - The creator of Mega Man talks to IGN about the possibility of a lawsuit. When the creator of Mega Man, Keiji Inafune, introduced his newest proj... | Interview | PC


The Best Part of Wind Waker HD Isn't The Beautiful Visuals

302 days 1 hour ago - Kotaku - Sure, Wind Waker HD is gorgeous—absurdly so! But if the Twitter account Linkstagram is any indication, the best part of playing Wind Waker... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Japanese genres we're missing out on (and some enlightening exceptions)

302 days 2 hours ago - GamesRadar - Everything's better in Japan. Food, toilets, and vending machines are all superior; littering, pollution, and crime rates are all down... | Opinion piece | Culture


Watch The Stupid Burn In Godus

302 days 2 hours ago - Kotaku - Being a God is tough work. First you have to try your best to make sure people don't die, then you're clearing space for them to repopulat... | Video | PC


Myst Is 20 Years Old Today. Go Turn a Crank To Celebrate.

302 days 4 hours ago - Kotaku - Twenty years ago, if you were getting a computer, you were getting one with a newfangled CD-ROM drive. And you were getting a game to just... | News | PC


IGN's Favorite Zelda Moments

303 days ago - With IGN's Zelda Week officially upon us, we decided to go all nostalgic and take a look some of our favorite moments from the series. These in inc... | Opinion piece | Wii


Alien Rage: Boring Name, Boring Game

303 days ago - Kotaku - The game has one redeeming quality, and that's a completely out of place narrator that says things like "Double kill!" and "Ten headshots!... | Video | PC


The Biggest Upcoming Console MMOs

303 days 1 hour ago - IGN - As long as video game consoles have had internet connections, enterprising studios have been creating massively multiplayer games for them. E... | Opinion piece | PC


The Top 7… Things we'll always associate with the seventh console generation

303 days 4 hours ago - GamesRadar - With the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One only weeks away, it's strange to think that the days of the PS3 and 360 are coming t... | Opinion piece | Wii


Jaws: The Text Adventure eats yachts in your browser

305 days 17 hours ago - Joystiq - Over the years, we've found that sharks are pretty awesome, and that text adventure games are equally great. A new browser-based game cal... | News | PC


10 throw-away minigames that rivaled the games they were in

306 days 4 hours ago - GamesRadar - Sometimes it's the simple things in life that make all the difference. Take, for instance, minigames: bite-sized experiences embedded... | Opinion piece | Culture


Video game characters' calls to tech support

306 days 7 hours ago - GamesRadar - Video game characters have exactly the same problems that we do, we just don't hear about them. They still have to tie their shoelaces... | Opinion piece | Culture


Watch Theatrhythm: Curtain Call give Final Fantasy a much-deserved encore

306 days 10 hours ago - GamesRadar - The original Theatrhythm made for a very memorable tribute to 25 years of Final Fantasy music, mainly thanks to the catchy music gamep... | Video | 3DS


D4 is the weird Xbox One adventure you'd expect from Deadly Premonition's creator | GamesRadar

306 days 12 hours ago - GamesRadar - Xbox One has a number of big exclusives coming, but likely none are as odd as D4. Short for "Dark Dreams Don't Die," the Xbox One-excl... | Preview | Xbox One


Let's Play Diablo 3 Console (Inferno) Part 4

313 days 5 hours ago - IGN - Want to see Diablo 3 for consoles on the highest difficulty setting? Here you go! | Video | Xbox 360


Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post
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