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"Keep your fanboy rage to yourself. I'm not going to read your angry PM about how I'm wrong."

Industry Beats Drums for 3-D TV

2219 days 22 hours ago - 3-D entertainment -- goofy glasses and all -- has taken center stage at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, as announcements of new televisions, pa... | News | 14


Sony Reportedly To Cut Ties With Most Suppliers

2454 days 8 hours ago - Sony Corp. plans to cut ties with more than half of its parts and materials suppliers by the end of 2010, aiming to save at least 500 billion yen i... | News | 13


The most heart-rending gaming disappointments of 2008

2607 days 6 hours ago - From ArsTechnica: "As 2008 draws to a close, there's lots of talk of the best games of the year, and the things that made us happy to be... | Article | 1,2,3,12


Sony: More Job Cuts A Possibility

2607 days 6 hours ago - Sony may be forced to make further difficult restructuring decisions beyond what it has already announced. This could include cutting more jobs tha... | News | 13


Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

Sony Touts PS3 Momentum; But Analyst Bets on Wii

3003 days 5 hours ago - Sony is confident things will start picking for the PS3 this holiday, though one analyst begs to differ saying it will be yet another Wii Christmas. | Article | 1,3,13


Sony Misfortune & Mishap

3003 days 23 hours ago - Nearly a year after the PlayStation 3 launch, one must consider what exactly Sony has to show for its efforts. Once touted as the "Mercedes&qu... | Article | 1,2


From virtual reality to medical attention

3006 days 22 hours ago - In recent years, new research on playing video games has focused on whether or not excessive video game use can be considered an addiction akin to... | Article | 11,12


'Assassin's Creed' Has A Hidden Agenda: To Justify Video Game Cliches

3007 days 3 hours ago - Why are games separated by levels? Why are characters moved with a controller? New title tries to explain. Those whose jaws drop at screenshot... | Article | 1,2,12


First-person shooters have gamers locked and loaded

3059 days 3 hours ago - Your footsteps echo in the eerily empty halls of Rapture. Water splashes your face as it streams from the ruptured walls of the once-utopian underw... | Article | 2,3,8,12


Seismic Research at University of Houston

3059 days 7 hours ago - What do video games and seismic explorations have in common? Both require very demanding computer applications that call for the ability to process... | News | 14


Microsoft Announces Use of HDi Logo by Toshiba and Major Hollywood Studios

3060 days 16 hours ago - Microsoft Corp. today announced that its trademarked HDi logo will soon appear on all Toshiba HD DVD players. In addition, Universal Studios Home E... | News | 2,13


Watch out Wii, Sony outlines "astounding" PS3 rescue plan

3061 days 10 hours ago - Sony has outlined a plan to rescue the PlayStation 3 (PS3) from oblivion. Disappointingly, the plan has already received a thumbs down from a leadi... | News | 1,3,13


Latest dragon titles don't live up to the legends

3061 days 18 hours ago - Back in the day – say, 550 A.D. – dragons were scary. They torched villages, hoarded treasures and kidnapped virgins, and one of them even took dow... | Article | 1,2,4


Hello Halo!

3062 days 13 hours ago - Tech Check with Jim Goldman dishes on Halo 3: Inside of a week now to the year's most anticipated entertainment event. Not Shrek. Spider-man.... | Article | 2


Greatest Competitive Games of All Time - Goldeneye: 007

3103 days 19 hours ago - In honor of the thriving competitive gaming world at Major League Gaming and beyond, the editors at MLG wish to honor and chronicle the history of... | Article | 11


Video Games: Electronic Gaming Expo winners named; Penny Arcade next

3103 days 19 hours ago - Jon and Chip Carter of Tulsa World give their breakdown of the latest news happenings in the world of gaming. They let us in on the best of show wi... | News | 20,1,2,3,11


Money Trouble in Second Life

3104 days 16 hours ago - Habitual Second Life users will recognize Ginko Financial ATMs as a fixture in the virtual world. These days, though, the long lines of avatars ass... | News | 12,13


Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Preview

3104 days 17 hours ago - Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, the two biggest mascots in video game history will square off on the Nintendo Wii, but not in Super Smash Bros. Brawl... | Preview | 3


Gaming for a Living: Pay to play at and turn your frags into funds.

3104 days 20 hours ago - You ready to put your money where your mouse is? UK-based plans to launch a service this month that will let gamers pony up an entra... | Article | 11, 12, 13

70° Video games with a brain and a cause

3104 days 20 hours ago - One man makes an impressive argument that video games can be more than just distracting timekillers. They can be -- Ian Bogost says -- downright so... | News | 11


Top 5 Games To Play - February 2016

Now - It's time to see what this month has to offer... Here's Your Top 5 Games To Play In February 2016... | Promoted post
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