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Thomas Was Alone review | RetroGameShelf

940 days 18 hours ago - "The story and music is where this game really shines, the entire game is narrated in a similar style to Bastion by Danny Wallace who can be recogn... | Review | PC


Sleeping Dogs Review | Retro Game Shelf

1041 days 6 hours ago - "The game’s visuals are stunning, once you’ve downloaded the high-res texture pack and maxed out Anti-Aliasing (on PC,) the game really does look b... | Review | PC


Mad Riders Review | Retro Game Shelf

1087 days 16 hours ago - "This game plays like the sort of game you’d expect to see on the Dreamcast, it’s a very quick, very over the top and a very arcade style racer and... | Review | PC


Carmageddon Kickstarter reaches 600k, Mac & Linux ports assured

1123 days 13 hours ago - "Macists and Linuxers need never fear again as Carmageddon: Reincarnation will now be on it’s way to both Mac and Linux, fantastic news! Hopefully... | News | PC


YoYo Games, home of GameMaker: Studio

Now - Game development could not be simpler with GameMaker: Studio, the fastest and easiest to use 2D game engine! | Promoted post

Carmageddon is coming to iOS and Android

1128 days 9 hours ago - "It was announced this morning that Carmageddon would be making it’s way to iOS and Android devices later this year, with improved graphics, enhanc... | News | iPhone


Carmageddon Kickstarter Smashes Through the 400k Mark

1133 days 21 hours ago - "That’s right, Carmageddon: Reincarnation has smashed right through the $400,000 milestone and will now be successfully funded, so all of you backe... | News | PC


Top 5 Rockin' Soundtracks in Video Games | Retro Game Shelf

1143 days ago - "Video Games are a form of art and as such they need a soundtrack which portrays the style of gameplay, in this list I’ve compiled my Top 5 Rockin’... | Opinion piece | PS2


Top 5 Most Anticipated Games So Far | Retro Game Shelf

1143 days 17 hours ago - "So far this year we've had some nice releases and some not-so-nice releases but there are many games on the horizon which I'm looking forward to a... | Opinion piece | PC


Sniper Elite V2 Review | Retro Game Shelf

1147 days 18 hours ago - "Overall I’d say this is a fantastic game and definitely worth a purchase but it’s not really what I expected and it’s more of a run-and-gun with a... | Review | PC


Xbox 360 version of Mass Effect 3 for under £20 at Amazon

1150 days 16 hours ago - That’s right, get the 360 version of Mass Effect 3 for £19.99 from Amazon, now that’s a good deal. | News | PC


Get SSX for under £20 at Simply Games

1157 days 17 hours ago - "Simply Games are currently selling the Xbox 360 version of EA's new SSX for £19.99 with FREE delivery" | News | Xbox 360


Steam's new EA Indie Bundle is full of awesome and is 70% off

1158 days 13 hours ago - "A new Indie Bundle just popped up on Steam called the EA Indie Bundle and it is full of awesome! The bundle itself contains the following games:... | News | PC


Get Mass Effect 3 for under £20 from Zavvi

1161 days 13 hours ago - Grab Mass Effect 3 from Zavvi.com for under £20 (that’s £19.85 to be exact,) that sounds like one hell of a bargain. | News | PC


Blades of Time Review | Retro Game Shelf

1162 days 20 hours ago - "The controls are fluid and responsive, mouse and keyboard controls feel natural in this game and slashing away at enemies is extremely satisfying.... | Review | PC


Get Rayman Origins for under £10 from Zavvi

1166 days 17 hours ago - "That’s right, grab Rayman Origins on PC for under £10 (£9.95 to be exact) from Zavvi.com" | News | PC


Pre-order Diablo III for £28

1171 days 1 hour ago - "You can pre-order Diablo III for £27.91 over at Amazon, if that’s not a bargain then I don’t know what is." | News | PC


Retro Game Shelf | RetroN 3 - PAL Compatibility & Usage

1171 days 10 hours ago - "I decided to make this little video for PAL collectors because my google searches on the subject of PAL compatibility with the RetroN3 didn't real... | Video | Arcade


EvilGamerZ | Gaming memories (Part 3) - Sega’s end, Nintendo’s disappointment and Sony’s domination

1187 days 12 hours ago - Console gaming memories 2000-2005 "Now we move on to the big boy, the numero uno of all the consoles, the leader and the dominant force in gamin... | Article | GameCube


EvilGamerZ.net | The island of Banoi

1194 days 18 hours ago - In this weeks featured screenshots, EvilGamerZ have a selection of random moments from Dead Island. | Screenshot | PC


EvilGamerZ.net | Gaming Memories (Part 2) - A decade with a controller

1196 days 2 hours ago - "Time to move on to the biggie, Sony showed us what gaming should be like when they released the PlayStation. I own so many PlayStation games that... | Article | PS2


Indie Game Month Contest Details

Now - Win mechanical keyboards from WASD, a Xbox One Bundle, a PS4, GameMaker: Studio Pro Licenses and much more! | Promoted post
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