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David Wu talks about AI in Avalon

350 days 3 hours ago - It is a commonly held – but grossly incorrect – belief that good AI is in some way related to smart AI. While it is true that AI should be smart en... | Article | PC


Avalon Lords Dev Diary - Trusty Steeds

378 days 1 hour ago - This week we’ll be taking a quick look at the horses of Avalon and what went into getting them this far. Todd Delong, is the artist/animator trying... | Preview | PC


Animus Interactive officially welcomes David Wu and The Alliance Games Team

402 days 17 hours ago - Avalon Lords team just announced they are now working with David Wu of Halo 4 fame. | News | PC


New MMORTS "Avalon Lords" first screenshots

415 days 15 hours ago - Animus Interactive have broken their long silence to release the first screenshot from upcoming castle building MMORTS Avalon Lords. | News | PC


Need Cash? (US Only)

Now - How would it feel to have your money struggles solved by this time tomorrow? We give fast loans from $100-$10,000+, and repayment terms up to 60 mo... | Promoted post

Banned, Burned & Censored

963 days 6 hours ago - Crass replays retro games Ice Climbers, Punch Out and Bionic Commando to show us things that were changed or removed for a changing market. | Video | Arcade

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