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#GamerGate: Threats of Mass Shooting and Rape- Interview with Brianna Wu + Jennifer Allaway

1 hour ago - The hashtag is a very familiar, if not unwelcome sight to those who monitor the industry as an indicator that vitriol and controversy will ensue. O... | Interview | Xbox 360


Radio Show Covering GamerGate Faces Harassment

10 hours ago - Video Game Sophistry's latest show asks Brianna Wu and Jennifer Allaway to speak about GamerGate, but before the show aired, VGS' host allegedly re... | News | Xbox 360


GamerGate Interview with Brianna Wu "They Threatened to Rape me...So I'm fighting Back"

1 day 12 hours ago - A special episode dedicated to the ongoing phenomenon known as “Gamergate.” It’s evolved from an important need for transparency in the coverage of... | Interview | Xbox 360


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Interview "Does it Stand Up to the Original?"

7 days 7 hours ago - VGS takes the fight to the moon in the highly anticipated title Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Shaggy Dave sits down with Tony Lawrence, the Studio H... | Interview | Xbox 360



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What Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Does Better Than Any Other Borderlands game

10 days 19 hours ago - VGS sits down with Tony Lawrence, the Studio Head at 2K Australia, and Matt Armstrong, the Franchise Director Of Borderlands at Gearbox Software.... | Article | Xbox 360


VGS – Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Interview “Why We Like Butt Slamming on the Moon….SOOO MUCH”

11 days 21 hours ago - This week on VGS…. Andy and Dave are BACK! For the feature interview, VGS takes the fight to the moon in the highly anticipated title Borderland... | Interview | PC


Destiny: Series of New Loot Cave Discovered

23 days 1 hour ago - Thousands of Destiny players are lamenting the loss of the original Loot Cave but the more industrious among us have scoured the universe and found... | Opinion piece | PC


RIP: Journalistic Integrity, Dead because of Cultural Misogyny Or PR Collusion?

24 days 5 hours ago - This week on VGS.... Andy, Dave and the Tech Editor from Canada.com Patrick O’Rourke, reveal some of their own misconduct in the world of gaming... | Videocast | PC


Destiny Loot Farming: Infinite Engrams....Without Firing a Shot

31 days 23 hours ago - IGN says by now you all must be aware of the Treasure Cave in Destiny that you farm Engrams with. Did you know, you don't even need to fire a shot... | Opinion piece | PC


Destiny Easter Eggs: Playing with Balls in SPACE

33 days 23 hours ago - Going to the tower is NOT fun in Destiny….Unless of course you have an inclination to play with big black balls! Some assorted Easter eggs in Desti... | Opinion piece | PC


RIP: Journalistic Integrity- Dead Due to PR Collusion

34 days 22 hours ago - News anchors and gaming journalists take it one step further, after working in the industry for a while, they reveal the sometimes tenuous relation... | Opinion piece | PC


VGS: Why Adult Women are NOT the Largest Growing Demographic in Gaming

37 days 2 hours ago - Discussion time! Discussion time! With the world of X’s and Squares flipped on its side this month as rampart reports of sexual misogyny and miscon... | Podcast | PC


VGS: RIP- Journalistic Integrity, Dead because of Cultural Misogyny Or PR Collusion?

37 days 19 hours ago - Veteran news anchors and gaming journalists come together on VGS to discuss the death of journalistic integrity in their chosen medium. Listen t... | Opinion piece | PC


Fan Expo 2014: Why Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Perfects the Shooter Genre

45 days 1 hour ago - Following the gaming expo, Fan Expo, in Toronto VGS had the chance to sit down with a bevy of never before seen titles (in Canada). Sit down, enjoy... | Opinion piece | PC


Fan Expo 2014: Hands On With Halo: The Master Chief Collection “Perfect.Halo.Fun”

46 days 3 hours ago - Playing Halo: The Master Chief Collection at Fan Expo this year taught VGS two things. 1. I am not NEARLY as good at Halo as 12 year olds 2.... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Fan Expo 2014: Why The Evil Within....Did NOT Impress

46 days 19 hours ago - Gaming is in full swing at Fan Expo…VGS takes an extensive hands on look of The Evil Within….Maybe it’s not you cup of tea, despite the fact it res... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


VGS- August 19th: Why Japanese Games are Inherently Sexist or Is it Cultural Confusion?

61 days 18 hours ago - VGS cuts through the drek at Gamescom and find the information you need to know.. Including this little gem, from Hideo Kojima and Metal Gear So... | Podcast | Xbox 360


VGS- Back To Classics, And From Class Clown to Batman - Roger Craig Smith Interview

81 days 22 hours ago - Interview with the voice of Batman- Here's some highlights! I basically went out and took some classes and googled on how to get started and I s... | Podcast | PC


VGS: Batman Voice Actor Roger Craig Smith Talks About How to Get a Job in the Biz

85 days 14 hours ago - Voice Actor Roger Craig Smith joins the show this week in a 2 part interview. Find out how Roger got into voice acting from being a class clown... | Interview | Xbox 360


VGS: E3 Post-Mortem- Why Virtual Hardware Beat out Sequels Galore

111 days 5 hours ago - Is the constant flurry of sequels causing your brain to implode? Patrick O’Rourke Tech Editor from Canada.com joins the show again post E3 to give... | Podcast | PC


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