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VGS Review: Gears of War: Ultimate Edition – A Nearly Broken Experience

10 days 7 hours ago - A word that fans constantly heard being reiterated prior to the release of the game was painstakingly, a term that is not meant to be taken lightly... | Review | Xbox 360


Dragon Age Inquistion: Finding the NUG KING

21 days 4 hours ago - To find the great and powerful Nug King, you'll need to uncover the Ruins of Heidrun Thaig marker. Claim the landmark then return to your War Room... | Article | PC


VGS: Introducing the Cast + Gamescome Coverage and Rare Replay Review

24 days 8 hours ago - In this week’s episode VGS talk all about Gamescom, and review Rare Replay. Does Mad Max deliver? What's your favourite game from Gamescom? Everyth... | Podcast | Xbox 360


History of Dragon Age with Bioware Lead Writer David Gaider: Dragon Age 2 Retrospective

41 days 4 hours ago - The business of making games often seems like a petty and illusive beast to the general gaming public but every once in a while an enshrouded mem... | Interview | PC


Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

VGS Opinion - When I Cried Playing Mass Effect

54 days 15 hours ago - A lot of people who don’t play video games just can’t understand how sometimes there can be an emotional component. And when done right, its not be... | Opinion piece | PC


History of Dragon Age with Bioware Lead Writer David Gaider: Dragon Age Origins

66 days 19 hours ago - VGS continues our Bioware interview session with the former lead writer of Dragon Age Inquisition, David Gaider. VGS already talked with David abo... | Interview | PC

VGS E3 – Why Sony ‘Won’ E3 2015

73 days 10 hours ago - Games, games, games, and more games. That’s a brief summary of Sony’s incredible press conference at E3 this year and that’s why they and THAT’... | Podcast | PS3


Witcher 3 Fixes Money Exploit By Adding Cow Army

90 days 16 hours ago - Here’s how the exploit worked: kill some cows, collect their hides, meditate for an hour, and the cows quickly spawn back into the world. The hides... | News | PS4


BioWare Writer Talks Gay Romances and Sexual Diversity in Gaming

99 days 19 hours ago - "I remember hearing about when they made that decision to put it in and I was floored," Gaider told Video Game Sophistry. "I mean, I'm gay myself,... | Interview | PC


Witcher 3 Sidequest Guide - Twisted Firestarter

103 days 22 hours ago - Twisted Firestarter is a Side Quest in White Orchard. Upon finding the only Dwarf in White Orchard, Geralt finds that non-human prejudice is still... | Article | PC


Witcher 3 Sidequest Guide - A Frying Pan, Spick and Span

103 days 23 hours ago - This is a super simple side quest to take early on in the game. Head up the beach from the main town in White Orchard toward the Nifgaardian Garris... | Article | PC


Witcher 3 Sidequest Guide - Precious Cargo

103 days 23 hours ago - Precious Cargo is a Side Quest in White Orchard. While traveling to the Nilfgaardian Outpost, Geralt happens upon a merchant in a quandary, but is... | Article | PC


640 Review – The Witcher 3 Is the One of the Best RPG’s of All Time

104 days 11 hours ago - "For any nitpicking you might want to do, this is an astounding accomplishment – there is a fully realized fantasy world here for you to live in, w... | Review | PC


The Witcher 3: Easter Eggs - Save a Troll, Get an Elf's Head

107 days 20 hours ago - Here is a hilarious and tiny example of the sheer variety of characters you will randomly meet in your travels as a Witcher. | Video | PC


VGS- The Witcher 3 Review - The Best RPG Game Ever?

109 days 3 hours ago - VGS (102.1 The Edge) has released its official review of The Witcher 3! We look at the story, mechanics and gameplay elements that make it a conten... | Review | PC


Witcher 3: The Idiot's Uncut Walkthrough - First Hour

109 days 3 hours ago - Welcome to the Idiot's Uncut Walkthrough of the Witcher 3! These are full, uncut videos of some of VGS playthrough - you will be able to see full m... | Video | PC


The Witcher 3 - Playing as Ciri, Fighting a Werewolf

109 days 8 hours ago - As you probably know, Ciri is a playable character in the Witcher 3 - watch her encounter with a werewolf! | Video | PC


The Witcher 3 - Ciri's Childhood Training

109 days 18 hours ago - Key moments from The Witcher 3 - first up is Ciri's time as a child under Geralt's tutelage. | Video | Xbox 360


The Witcher 3 - Geralt the Witcher Gigolo "First Sex Scene"

109 days 20 hours ago - We know how much you love rigid, awkward video game coitus, so here it is - the first sex scene from The Witcher 3. | Video | Xbox 360


Hot Docs Interview: ‘Thank You for Playing’ Exploring Cancer Through Video Games

116 days 21 hours ago - Anyone who has played an indie game within the last few years is no stranger to the video game revival currently taking place – more games are bein... | Interview | Industry



Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post
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