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Dex, a Deus-Ex inspired cyber punk RPG, might come to PS4

16 hours ago - Dex, inspired by games such as Deus Ex and Splintercell, is a 2D side-scrolling, open world Cyberpunk RPG with a focus on exploration and non-linea... | Article | PS4


Multiplayer stealth game Red Awakening set to release on PS4

23 hours ago - Developer Domino Effect is working on their very first team based objective multiplayer stealth game Red Awakening. | News | PS4


Final Horizon gets a release date on PS4 and PS Vita

2 days 5 hours ago - Today Eiconic Games tell us the release dates for their intergalactic tower defence game Final Horizon. | News | PS4


Flyhunter Origins gets a release date on PS Vita

2 days 12 hours ago - Developers Steel Wool Games and Ripstone publishing have announced today the release date of their super-fly platformer, Flyhunter Origins. | News | PS Vita


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Aqua Kitty Review (PS4/PS Vita) - punkandlizard

2 days 12 hours ago - SJ Hollis writes for P&L: "Get out your scratching posts and prepare for a mouth-full of hair on your pillow." | Review | PS4


Tennis in the Face Review (PS4) - punkandlizard

3 days 11 hours ago - SJ Hollis serves up a ball-bouncing review for Punk and Lizard. | Review | PS4


Deceptive Games wants to bring psychological horror Kidnapped to consoles

3 days 12 hours ago - Kidnapped is a psychological story-driven adventure horror game that hopes to land on consoles. | Article | PS4


Poncho confirmed for PS4 and PS Vita

3 days 13 hours ago - We get the latest news on Poncho, a game about a parallax shifting, platforming, pixellated, poncho wearing robot called Poncho. | News | PS4


Nidhogg Review (PS4/PS Vita) - punkandlizard

9 days 9 hours ago - SL Hollis writes for P&L:"Forget the single player mode, Nidhogg will give you the funniest multiplayer experience of your life. Don’t let the simp... | Review | PS4


The launch of Never Alone for PS4 in Europe has been delayed

9 days 12 hours ago - E-Line and Upper One Games release news that Never Alone shall be delayed and now come to EU on 26th November. | News | PS4


Never Alone Review (PS4) - punkandlizard

10 days 10 hours ago - SJ Hollis writes for P&L:"Here I am the day after playing Never Alone wondering how to construct an intelligent review of reasonable length rather... | Review | PS4


Flat Kingdom – A unique shape shifting puzzle platformer

10 days 22 hours ago - Flat Kingdom by FatPanda Studios is a 2.5D puzzle game in which you control Flat, who has the ability to change shape. Flat Kingdom is now on Kicks... | Article | PS4


Voggel Bringing Couch Co-Op Fun

14 days 9 hours ago - We get the latest news on Voggel and speak to them about their plans to bring this to PlayStation 4. | Article | PS4


Final Horizon Teaser Trailer

14 days 13 hours ago - Eiconic Games release the teaser trailer for their up coming intergalactic tower defence game Final Horizon coming to PS Vita and PS4. | Trailer | PS4


Iridium Studios shows off the story and characters of There Came an Echo

15 days 11 hours ago - There Came an Echo is a voice-controlled, squad-based real-time strategy game developed by Iridium Studios and is coming to PlayStation 4,XboxOne a... | Trailer | PC


Yorbie: Episode 1 – Payback’s A Bolt coming to PS4 and XboxOne

16 days 11 hours ago - A fast-paced 3d action adventure from Dance Happy Games is heading our way early 2015. | News | PS4


The Evil Within Review (PS4) - punkandlizard

17 days 10 hours ago - SJ Hollis writes for P&L:"Prepare to be turned upside down. Prepare to have your nerves shredded. Prepare for giant eyeballs and grotesque creature... | Review | PS4


Rebel Galaxy (PS4) - The latest from Double Damage Games

18 days 11 hours ago - "If you were to take the naval combat from Assassin’s Creed:Black Flag, and transfer it to space, with all of the cool trappings you get in sci-fi,... | Interview | PS4


Create your very own Adventuring Agency in Epic Manager

18 days 13 hours ago - Epic Manager is a 2D Strategy RPG based in an Epic Fantasy world where, for the first time ever, you create your very own Adventuring Agency. Veroc... | Article | PC


Check Out These Custom Design PlayStation 4 Controllers

18 days 16 hours ago - Today Custom Controllers UK have announced a second batch of new releases. Custom Controllers UK offer an extended PS4 range with 13 new designs. A... | News | PS4


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