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Gothic themed action game Exorcism coming to PS Vita

23 hours ago - Verocious brings news of Exorcism coming to PS Vita. | News | PS Vita


In need of a horror fix? Then Forgotten Memories is for you

1 day 21 hours ago - Psychoz Interactive release some latest screens from their survival horror, Forgotten Memories. | Screenshot | PC


Gravity Badgers Review (PS Vita) - punkandlizard

2 days 11 hours ago - Punk and Lizard writes:"Behind the stupidly brilliant title lies an average physics based puzzle game. Challenging at times and fun in places, Grav... | Review | PS Vita


Crimsonland Review (PS Vita) - punkandlizard

2 days 11 hours ago - Punk and Lizard writes:"We loved Crimsonland on PlayStation 4, and now it’s PS Vita’s turn to experience utter carnage on the handheld." | Review | PS Vita


Win a Titan One from N4G and ConsoleTuner!

Now - We're giving away three Titan Ones from ConsoleTuner (original inventors of the Cronus and CronusMAX)! The Titan One device makes modded controller... | Promoted post

Forgotten Ball rolls out a £4,500 PS Vita stretchgoal

6 days 12 hours ago - Forgotten Ball takes notes from Kula World and Marble Madness and has a £4,500 Vita Kickstart Stretchgoal. | News | PS Vita


Kick & Fennick Gamescom 2014 Trailer

7 days 15 hours ago - Jaywalkers Interactive are showing off Kick & Fennick at Gamescom. The game is set to release later in 2014. | Trailer | PS Vita


Eiconic Showing The Vita Some Love At Gamescom

8 days 2 hours ago - Today Simon Credland, Creative/Project Director from Eiconic gives us a Gamescom update on Final Horizon. | News | PS4


Echoes: Deep-Sea Exploration Coming To PS Vita

8 days 12 hours ago - Cheese Burgames has confirmed that Echoes:Deep-Sea Exploration shall be coming to PS Vita. | News | PS Vita


The Walking Dead Pinball Terrorizes Zen’s Pinball Platforms on August 26

8 days 19 hours ago - Zen Studios’ highly-anticipated collaboration with Telltale Games will come to, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, iOS, Andr... | News | PC


Gamescom - What the Presentations Revealed on PS4 and PS Vita

9 days ago - The good, the bad and the ugly from Gamescom. It was an eventful day at Gamescom yesterday as you’d expect, with both Xbox and Playstation giving t... | Article | PS4


Gravity Crash Ultra Review (PS Vita) - punkandlizard

9 days 17 hours ago - Blondlizard from P&L writes:"Visually Gravity Crash Ultra does look knockout, screen filling particles of exploding structures and strange life for... | Review | PS Vita


Phoenix Force developer Awoker Games wants to bring the game to Vita

12 days 20 hours ago - Today Awoker Games start the ball rolling to bring Phoenix Force to the PlayStation Vita. | News | PS Vita


Station - A 90′s style adventure gets a PS4/Vita stretch goal

13 days 15 hours ago - Will you be able to escape the Station? Today Designing Engine release their Kickstarter. | News | PS4


Road Not Taken Review (PS4) - punkandlizard

13 days 21 hours ago - S J Hollis writes for P&L:"This is one of those games that gives you two quick consecutive reactions. This is so easy, shortly followed by oh bugge... | Review | PS4


MagNets will positively charge your PS4 and Vita soon!

14 days 16 hours ago - Verocious brings news of MagNets, a fast-paced bot-collection action game by indie development company Total Monkery. | Article | PS4


Underwater puzzle game Kuria coming to PS Vita

14 days 17 hours ago - Verocious tells us about Kuria, a 3D physics puzzle game coming to PlayStation Vita. | News | PS Vita


Grip Games announce Unmechanical: Extended Edition

14 days 17 hours ago - Today Grip Games announce their latest game, Unmechanical: Extended Edition. | News | PS3


GunBlocks - A wacky world of platforming hopefully sailing our way

15 days 23 hours ago - Talking guns, blocky planets, a mysterious and unthinkable chips flavour, an overfriendly computer with emotional issues and a little pig that will... | Article | PC


Table Top Racing Review (PS Vita) - punkandlizard

16 days 12 hours ago - Blondlizard from P&L writes:"When playing the barbecue table, it’s the first time I’ve ever got annoyed by a meat patty. Oh and don’t get me starte... | Review | PS Vita


Metrico Review (PS Vita) - punkandlizard

16 days 17 hours ago - Punk from P&L writes:"Metrico isn’t just thinking outside the box. It’s taken the box, divided and multiplied said box, and turned it into a set of... | Review | PS Vita


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