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CoD Black Ops Declassified has gone gold

1143 days 11 hours ago - In a tweet fest overnight, Nihilistic talked about all things CoD Black Ops on the Vita, including the fact that the US version has gone gold. Quit... | News | PS Vita


Madden 13 Vita getting a big update and makeover

1143 days 17 hours ago - What should we call it now? Madden 13.1? Anyway here's the details of the update, fixing crashes, bringing smoother gameplay and other improvements... | News | PS Vita


FIFA 13 on Vita gets caned on Metacritic and Amazon

1157 days 15 hours ago - EA Sports' FIFA 13 on the Vita is pretty much the first Vita FIFA game with some teeny-tiny updates. That's the verdict of those who got it early,... | News | PS Vita


Enjoy 15 minutes of Soul Sacrifice action

1162 days 3 hours ago - Sony Japan has put up a couple of hefty trailers/tutorials explaining how to play Soul Sacrifice (in Japanese naturally) but still worth a peek. Su... | Video | PS Vita


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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Amazon U.K. Prices Up the Wii U for Brit Gamers

1169 days 17 hours ago - After a lot of mystery, and prices coming and going from sites. It looks like Amazon has settled the Wii U's UK launch price conundrum. Start your... | News | Wii U


Hatsune Miku rocks Japan, goes live on tour (awesome video)

1171 days 6 hours ago - Having done the hard work of releasing the game and getting a No. 1 hit for the PS Vita, there's no rest for Sega's vocaloid queen who now has to t... | News | PS Vita


Sunflowers hitting PS Vita and iOS this week

1172 days 21 hours ago - Game Atelier launches the brightest looking Vita game yet with Sunflowers out this week on the EU PSN. The deceptively simple looking game should b... | News | iPhone


Are EA and Activision ashamed of their PS Vita games?

1174 days 12 hours ago - So, we see Activision totally disassociating itself from Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified, saying that the main game's developers have nothing t... | Opinion piece | PS Vita


First Real Boxing trailer and screenshot

1198 days 1 hour ago - Vivid games has confirmed its Real Boxing game will launch in time for the new iPhone launch first, then the PS Vita (proving at least that the Vit... | News | Mobile


Amazon UK Adds New Vita Bundles

1212 days 10 hours ago - While America gets a free copy of Gravity Rush from their Amazon, Sony UK is a bit less classy, offering only digital download copies of launch gam... | News | PS Vita


Indie Vektropolis heading to PS Vita in 2013

1214 days 7 hours ago - This awesome-looking retro wireline 3D shooter is hitting the PC later this year, but the developers are looking at a PS Vita for early 2013. Using... | News | PC


Which Vita developers are still missing in action?

1228 days 3 hours ago - Remember that huge list of PS Vita (NGP at the time) developers that Sony showed off at the proud unveiling back in January 2011? Where are they no... | Article | PS Vita


Puzzle game Puddle to make a big splash on PS Vita

1231 days 8 hours ago - Puddle is another one of those annoyingly addictive looking tilt games that the Vita badly needs to keep gamers keen. The new trailer shows off all... | News | PS Vita


EscapeVektor coming soon to PS Vita

1232 days 7 hours ago - Aussie developer Nnooo is bringing its WiiWare Tron-like title to the Vita. Alarmingly hypnotic, it looks a good fit for Sony's handheld, especiall... | News | PS Vita


Metal Gear Vita sneaks into the UK Top 10

1243 days 4 hours ago - Chart compiler UKIE says MGS HD sales shot up by 532% (having been out on Xbox and PS3 for some time), so that's mostly all Vita sales, making it o... | News | PS Vita


Wrapping up June for the PS Vita

1245 days 23 hours ago - E3 came and went with a whimper rather than a bang, but Sony acknowledged the blunder and good things beckon for Gamescom. At least E3 came and wen... | Article | PS Vita


New PSP Legend of Heroes title gets cute limited edition

1248 days 20 hours ago - The Japanese always get the best stuff, and Falcom's next release for the PSP (yep, still going strong and getting cool limited editions) features... | News | PSP


Rainbow Moon being considered for PS Vita

1249 days 18 hours ago - The boss of SideQuest Studios, the Italian team behind the newly announced PSN game Rainbow Moon is thinking about doing a Vita version. Marcus Puk... | News | PS Vita


New games coming to Vita, Real Boxing and Bright

1254 days 8 hours ago - Vivid brought us Speedball 2 on the PSP as a mini release, and has plenty more in the pipe. Coming TO the PSP is BMX Jam, and coming to the PS Vita... | News | PSP


Need for Speed Vita box art and exclusive features rev past

1254 days 23 hours ago - A trawl through Amazon just showed up some PS Vita artwork for Need For Speed Most Wanted. Pretty much the first solid proof of its existence. Thre... | News | PS Vita


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