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Atomic Ninjas on PS3 and PS Vita: First Gameplay Trailer

553 days 11 hours ago - Atomic Ninjas is a colorful and funny multiplayer action game, in which you control super-powered ninjas in frantic online matches against other pl... | Trailer | PS3


Gung Ho's genius Ragnarok Odyssey Ace advert will fly over your head

556 days 10 hours ago - As regular readers will know, I'm bemused by most Japanese advertising, but then its not really for us. This time, however, Gung Ho has got it spot... | Video | PS Vita


Sega's top-secret Project 575 confirmed for the Vita, but what is it?

557 days 12 hours ago - Famitsu is reporting that Sega's Project 575 is a Vita title, coming in 2014 and also available for iOS. The translated text seems to suggest it is... | News | iPhone


Vektor Wars brings hard lines to the Vita

559 days 16 hours ago - SuperIcon (Life of Pixel) is hard at work on Vector Wars, developed in Unity, it is confirmed for the Vita, among other formats. It seems to offer... | News | PS Vita


Grand Theft Auto V (XB1) Review

Now - Ken returns to Los Santos and gets lost in its world again. | Promoted post

Jeff Minter shows off Tempest TxK progress on Vita

571 days 16 hours ago - Not long after a first showing of this re-visitation of Tempest 2000 off to Sony, Jeff Minter has written up a milestone blog post showing off his... | News | PS Vita


Toukiden PS Vita bundle selling out around Japan

573 days 12 hours ago - Reports out of Japan show the new PS Vita bundled with Toukiden are selling out fast across Tokyo, with massive demand for both the game and the Vi... | News | PS Vita


Jeff Minter tweets first TxK Tempest Vita pics...

577 days 5 hours ago - As well as teasing users that buying a PS Vita and a PS4 might be a good idea, just noticed that Jeff Minter has posted some pics of Tempest TxK in... | Screenshot | PS4


Ragnarok Ace gets a dragon-filled opening movie

595 days 11 hours ago - The Japanese gaming bandwagon rolls on, ignoring E3 as best it can, chucking monster hunting like games with ever larger dragons and other monsters... | Video | PS Vita


Starlight's full trailer lights up, space combat coming to the Vita

605 days 16 hours ago - After a tease last week, here's the full Starlight Inception trailer showing off Escape Hatch's Kickstarted game for the first time. We've go fleet... | Video | PC


Starlight Inception gets a one-year on... trailer

614 days 3 hours ago - A year after reaching its Kickstarter goal and the team at Escape Hatch has been hard at work ever since on Starlight Inception. Now they've put up... | Trailer | PC


Velocity Ultra soundtrack available for purchase

619 days 3 hours ago - You might not really notice or appreciate the driving soundtrack behind Velocity as you're concentrating on picking up the survivors, sending bombs... | News | PS Vita


Vita hardware and bundles go down in price on Amazon

627 days 1 hour ago - Vita hardware has had a price trim on Amazon's UK site, possibly ahead of an official price cut, or just surfing on the tide of supply and demand.... | News | PS Vita


Olliolli skates forever on the Vita

628 days 3 hours ago - Olliolli puts a skateboard under the feet of your endless runner in this new indie game coming to the Vita later this year. Developer Roll7 is... | News | PS Vita


New Toukiden demo video shows off fighting styles

648 days 13 hours ago - Hot on the heels of Soul Sacrifice, Toukiden is coming and will offer more big-beast battling action soon for Japanese gamers. This new video from... | News | PS Vita


Soul Sacrifice demo now available on EU PSN (1.2GB)

649 days 12 hours ago - The Soul Sacrifce demo is now available on the EU PSN, and weighs in at 1.2GB. If you want it right now, without waiting for PSN store to update, g... | News | PS Vita


OMG HD Zombies detonating all over again on the Vita

654 days 8 hours ago - How many zombies can you kill with one shot? That's often what the PSP game came down to and its getting a HD revamp from Laughing Jackal to add to... | News | PS Vita


Jeff Minter to grace the Vita with a new Tempest game

655 days 8 hours ago - Game design legend and sheep afficionado Jeff Minter has coded on most machines in existence with a steady stream of fun, intense, trippy arcade ti... | News | PS Vita


Sony should look to IGF for the hottest indie games

668 days 17 hours ago - Earlier in the week, Sony announced a neat list of Indie games coming to the Vita. These are all good and noble efforts, and show Sony's commitment... | News | PS Vita


UK Vita charts, Dead or Alive?

672 days 1 hour ago - Dead or Alive 5+ bursts into the top five while the Vita other big hitters continue to juggle for position. But,Vita sales are in an odd state at t... | News | PS Vita


PlayStation Mobile game Life of Pixel update is down to the fans

677 days 1 hour ago - The PSM title that pays homage to gaming formats throughout history had a decent update recently and the developers Super Icon have gone on record... | News | Android


N4G Radio

Now - N4G Radio | Promoted post
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