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The Uncharted 4 Beta Leaves A Great Impression

63 days 9 hours ago - Our Nick Keogan has played the Uncharted 4 beta. His verdict? You are about to have a great time with this The Last of Us-infused multiplayer romp. | Opinion piece | PS4


Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 | Video Teaser and Tips

555 days 8 hours ago - Now that San Diego Comic Con is over, you can now prepare for Salt Lake Comic Con. Last year went by so fast. Here are some tips to help you make t... | Video | Culture


Is the Uncharted Series Dead?

556 days 20 hours ago - Nick goes over the reasons why the Uncharted Series still has life and ideas on how the franchise can blossom into something great. | Opinion piece | PS3


Mad Catz Xbox One Force Feedback Racing Wheel

739 days 18 hours ago - During our visit to Showstoppers at CES 2014, we stopped by the Mad Catz booth. We had heard Mad Catz had a new racing wheel, but we didn’t know mu... | Video | Xbox One


Check PS4 Release Dates for 2016 at

Now - Check our release calendars to see what games are coming out this year. | Promoted post

Artist Watch: Brant Loser

847 days 17 hours ago - This week’s artist is an all-around creative and funny guy, Brant Yang, aka Brant Loser. Brant stood out to us by his distinct style of transformin... | Interview | PC


Salt Lake Comic Con 2013: First in History

870 days 17 hours ago - History was made in Salt Lake City on September 5th 2013. Salt Lake City, Utah held its first ever Comic Con: Salt Lake Comic Con. What was formerl... | News | PC


TGF Review - Duke Nukem Forever

1677 days 21 hours ago - Duke Nukem is renowned across the gaming universe for three main traits; his childlike demeanour towards destruction, mayhem & obliteration of anyt... | Review | PC


Exclusive: The Witcher 2 Xbox 360 Tech Demo (Video)

1690 days 19 hours ago - (Awesome Swag Below) From the announcement of an Xbox 360 version to scandalous Playboy covers, The Witcher 2 has definitely caught the attention o... | Video | PC


5 Things That Developers Can Learn From Insomniac

1700 days 20 hours ago - Insomniac is known for being an amazing company and I feel like a lot of other developers can learn from it. So I put together 5 things that I feel... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Exclusive Resistance 3 Interview (TheGameFanatics)

1773 days 7 hours ago - Welcome back to the RESISTANCE! On March 29th, 2011, Insomniac held a Community Day in Hollywood, CA. I got a chance to not only play Resistance 3... | Interview | PS3


3DVIA Offers Game Designers a Choice

1787 days 10 hours ago - 3DVIA is a brand of Dassault Systemes that was founded to extend their high-end 3D graphics capabilities to new markets including consumers. The co... | Article | PC


GDC 2011 Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon (Video)

1787 days 16 hours ago - TheGameFanatics preview of Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon at GDC 2011. In March of 2007, Earth Defense Force 2017, was released on Xbox 360... | Preview | Xbox 360


NeuroSky to Change Movies and Gaming

1794 days 22 hours ago - Well, the video below can describe NeuroSky better then I ever could have. At GDC 2011, I had the opportunity to use the NeuroSky headset, and I wa... | Preview | PC

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