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THQ Pays Saints Row Tribute in Final Moments

1109 days 10 hours ago - OXCGN: "Over the past few years, THQ has been in financial trouble, and declared bankruptcy recently. A few days ago, their franchises were a... | News | PC


PS4 and Xbox 720 Unveiled: Dev Spills the Beans on Reddit

1115 days 14 hours ago - OXCGN: "The motherload has finally arrived. A developer choosing to remain anonymous for obvious reasons has spilled the beans on Reddit, giv... | Rumor | Next-Gen


OXCGN’s Battlefield 3: Aftermath Review

1124 days 13 hours ago - OXCGN: "Sure, the whole concept and execution of Premium has been debated before, and no doubt continues to be a hot topic among online gamers,... | Review | PC


Wake Up Remedy! What Alan Wake 2 Needs to Succeed

1128 days 13 hours ago - OXCGN: "Recently, the Alan Wake Facebook page had a tease saying that we’ll soon be seeing what Remedy has been up to all this time. Consider... | Opinion piece | PC


Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

OXCGN’s Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Review

1130 days 11 hours ago - OXCGN: "Nearly three years ago an underrated little racer known as Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing was released to give 360 and PS3 owners their v... | Review | Xbox 360


Why March 2013 is the Greatest Month for Gaming in Years

1130 days 12 hours ago - OXCGN: "2012 was an above average year for gaming. We got tons of major franchise iterations like Far Cry 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Bord... | Opinion piece | PC


OXCGN’s New Super Mario Bros. U Review

1131 days 12 hours ago - OXCGN: "It’s been a while since we’ve had another console side scrolling Mario title, but Mario has finally burst onto our screens in [near] ful... | Review | Wii U


GTA V Release Date Revealed

1142 days 10 hours ago - OXCGN: "It’s safe to say that the entire gaming world is anticipating GTA V. Rockstar has been elusive up until the last few months, finally... | Rumor | Xbox 360


OXCGN’s Game of the Year Awards for 2012

1142 days 12 hours ago - OXCGN: "However the quality of this year’s titles shows that gaming is very much alive and though many studios and franchises faltered this year... | Article | PC


OXCGN's FUSE Preview: Time to Light the FUSE: Insomniac's 'Overstrike' Game Revealed

1147 days 8 hours ago - OXCGN: "One of the more anticipated titles of EA’s Q1 2013 lineup is FUSE, Insomniac’s first foray into multi-platform gaming and a brand new IP... | Preview | Xbox 360


OXCGN’s EA Showcase Snapshot: Crysis 3, SimCity, and The Devil’s Cartel

1151 days 2 hours ago - OXCGN: "It’s astounding to think that all the games at EA Australia’s Showcase will be released in Q1 of 2013. These range from the beautifu... | Preview | PC


Counterpoint: Multiplayer Unlocks Don’t Ruin Halo 4

1152 days 6 hours ago - OXCGN: "Over the last month I’ve had a few issues with the level of quality journalism from our colleagues at Kotaku, from the abysmal THQ Humbl... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


OXCGN’s Far Cry 3 Review: You’d be insane to miss this trip…

1156 days 11 hours ago - OXCGN: "Far Cry 3 doesn’t tell you how to do things; it just points you in the right direction and lets you decide how to get there, and how to... | Review | Xbox 360


OXCGN’s 2012 Reader GOTY: Gamers Voted, But Will the VGAs Get it Right?

1159 days 10 hours ago - OXCGN: "For five wonderful years, OXCGN has been bringing the gaming community in Australia and abroad the best opinionated pieces in the gaming... | Article | PS3


Patient 0: A Real Life Zombie Slaying Experience

1160 days 1 hour ago - OXCGN: "But, how you would really act if you were thrown in the midst of a zombie infestation? Countless players have no doubt thought about... | Article | Industry


OXCGN’s Hitman: Absolution Review

1160 days 12 hours ago - OXCGN: "Now, for the first time in years, we have a legitimate AAA stealth title in the form of Hitman: Absolution. Agent 47 is back, and he’... | Review | PC


OXCGN’s PlayStation Vita Mini-Review Game Roundup

1164 days 9 hours ago - OXCGN: "With the holiday season upon us, there’s sure to be a lot of PlayStation Vitas exchanging hands. We’re big fans of Sony’s latest here... | Review | PS Vita


OXCGN’s 2012 GOTY Reader Poll

1164 days 11 hours ago - OXCGN: "It’s that time of year again, folks. We’re all making lists, and not checking them twice because we’re game journalists. Deciding... | Article | PC


Imprisoned ARMA 3 Devs Write Heartwarming Letter from a Greek Prison

1166 days 21 hours ago - OXCGN: "I’m very surprised that the fate of ARMA 3‘s developers isn’t being more publicized. To make a very long story short, they took pictu... | News | PC


OXCGN’s Wii U System Review: Is This Truly the Next Generation?

1170 days 11 hours ago - OXCGN: "This has been one of the most prolonged console generations in the history of video games. While traditional generations have lasted... | Review | Wii U


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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