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School Shooter: North American Tour 2012:

1735 days ago - OXCGN: "Ladies and Gents, The Line Has Finally Been Drawn" "The road to video games becoming a common commercialized medium has been a long,... | News | PC


Nintendo 3DS Game Impressions Round-Up The Aussie Nintendo 3DS Tour turns some heads

1736 days 23 hours ago - OXCGN: "As Nintendo begin their journey around Australia providing playable Nintendo 3DS units in key locations, I had the opportunity to go han... | News | 3DS


SEGA Auction Dreamcast Collection Vinyl Record On Ebay

1740 days 23 hours ago - OXCGN: "Doesn’t matter where you are in the globe, the auction is open to all comers. "As mentioned, SEGA Australia has kindly donated it’s ’... | News | Tech


UBISOFT® And Xbox Live Announcement

1741 days 19 hours ago - OXCGN: "It’s always nice to get a bargain, every gamer loves them, so it’s great to see some of Ubisoft’s great titles getting a discount for th... | News | Xbox 360


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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Splinter Cell Trilogy Delayed

1744 days 3 hours ago - OXCGN: "February has just been an awful month for news. "Whether it be the whole conflict in Egypt, or titles like Mirror’s Edge 2 receiving... | News | PS3


Dead Island Trailer Isn’t Original

1744 days 20 hours ago - OXCGN: "The biggest news this week has most definitely been that of Dead Island. "People have been praising the trailer and its content (so... | Article | PC


OXCGN's Dead Space 2 Review: Slice-n-Dice, is it as twice as nice?

1744 days 22 hours ago - OXCGN: "Visceral Games brand new flagship title, Dead Space 2 has finally been released to slice up the usually quiet January period. "Be pre... | Review | PC


OXCGN Looks At Collector’s Editions And The Madness That Ensues

1746 days 3 hours ago - OXCGN: "Ever since I was a small child, I enjoyed collecting things. "Can I explain it? Not really. There’s just something about having valua... | Article | Nintendo DS


OXCGN’s MindJack Review: Worth Hacking Into?

1749 days 4 hours ago - OXCGN: "When a game such as Square Enix‘s MindJack slips quietly onto shelves with little or no fanfare (not to mention hardly any preview cover... | Review | Xbox 360


Gamer’s Guide to Smartphones: Google’s Astounding Android

1749 days 13 hours ago - OXCGN: "It cannot be denied that handheld gaming is no longer the sole domain of Nintendo and Sony. In fact, even the greatest gaming franchises... | Article | iPhone


10 Failings Of The Nintendo 3DS: A Nintendo Lover's Thoughts on The New Device

1749 days 23 hours ago - OXCGN: "It’s that time again. Much as it did with the DS, Nintendo is heading up the jump into the next generation of portable gaming in March a... | Article | 3DS


What Borderlands 2 Needs To Be A Success

1751 days 5 hours ago - OXCGN: "If you didn’t hear, Borderlands 2 was sort of revealed by Gearbox Software leader Randy Pitchford in a conversation; if that’s not good... | Article | PC


OXCGN’s Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike DLC Review

1753 days 1 hour ago - OXCGN: "After eagerly awaiting the new map packs for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and being sorely disappointed both times, I am pleased to sa... | Review | PC


What The Metal Gear Solid Series Did Right: An Xbox Site's View

1758 days 2 hours ago - Snake gave his final salute at the end of Metal Gear Solid 4, and to longtime fans of the series (including the MSX versions) it was one of the mos... | Opinion piece | PS2


Battlefield 3: Everything We Know

1758 days 21 hours ago - OXCGN: "Fans of the FPS genre (and good multiplayer in general) rejoiced today when DICE officially released the teaser trailer for the long-awa... | News | PC


OXCGN's Duty Calls Review: The Definitive First Person Shooter

1761 days 1 hour ago - OXCGN: "Every so often in our lives, a piece of entertainment is released that completely blows the doors off of what we thought was possible. W... | Review | PC


Nintendo is Asking Sony to Win: 3DS vs. NGP

1761 days 5 hours ago - OXCGN: "In the past week, Sony unveiled the NGP (Next Generation Portable), the successor to the PSP. It’s pretty much a handheld PS3, and Ninte... | Opinion piece | Industry


Where in the world is Star Wars Battlefront 3?

1766 days 7 hours ago - OXCGN: "Over-exaggeration aside, the first Battlefront is commonly ranked as one of the best Star Wars games ever made, next to Battlefront 2 an... | Article | Nintendo DS


Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Review; Cheap Kills and High Speed Thrills

1806 days 18 hours ago - OXCGN: "Episode 1 instantly feels like a classic arcade game when it boots up, from the nasty sound track to the typical sounds of menu navigati... | Review | Arcade


Black Ops Zombies: Why It’s Controversial – OXCGN Speaks Out

1854 days ago - OXCGN writes: "Call of Duty: Black Ops is shaping up to be the best [selling] game of 2010, and one of the biggest attractions is the game’s pos... | Opinion piece | PC


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