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Blood Dragon Dev: 'When We Got Green Light, We Couldn't Believe It'

862 days 17 hours ago - NowGamer: "It's not every day that a big publisher like Ubisoft gives you the opportunity to roll with a crazy idea like this one" says production... | Interview | PC


PS4 & Xbox 720 'Need To Secure Desirable Exclusives'

863 days 13 hours ago - NowGamer: DrinkBox co-founder Graham Smith believes exclusives are necessary for each respective next-gen console. | Interview | PS4


GTA 5: Screensaver Clues Point To April 29 Announcement

863 days 15 hours ago - NowGamer: Rockstar's downloadable Epsilon screensaver has an expiry date - April 29, 3PM GMT. Is the expiration date serving as a countdown for the... | News | Xbox 360


Crytek Dev To Nordic: 'We'd Be Happy To Take Darksiders Off Your Hands'

863 days 18 hours ago - NowGamer: Former Darksiders devs have passed on their advice for future titles in the series to Nordic Games, and also offered to take the IP 'off... | News | Industry


Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

'Next Xbox Will Not Be Compatible With Second Hand'

864 days 11 hours ago - NowGamer: Managing director of publisher Xing Interactive adds for the next Xbox 'you’ll have to go through Microsoft to do anything' | Rumor | Xbox 720


7 Current Gen Games Harder Than Dark Souls

870 days 12 hours ago - NowGamer: Is Dark Souls this gen's toughest game? Here are seven that qualify as even tougher than From Software's classic… | Opinion piece | Culture


5 Games Nintendo Should Make (But Won't)

874 days 18 hours ago - NowGamer: From a Pokemon MMO to another mature Zelda, fans are screaming at Nintendo for some games the company will probably never make... | Article | Culture


Dark Souls 2: 10 Things The Gameplay Demo Didn't Show You

875 days 4 hours ago - NowGamer: Dark Souls fans have probably seen IGN's 12-minute demo of Dark Souls 2 in action but there are still a lot of questions - will it be eas... | Article | PC


Army Of Two: The Devil's Cartel Review (NowGamer)

890 days 12 hours ago - NowGamer writes: "The oddly flat co-op is the most disappointing aspect of The Devil's Cartel because that's the one area where you feel it should... | Review | PC


Games Suffer Because 'Reviewers Say They're Supposed To Be Long'

897 days 18 hours ago - NowGamer: "A great game could be ten hours, but it rarely is," says Brothers game director Josef Fares, as he explains how games re-use assets to s... | News | Industry


Is This Kickstarter's Strangest Game?

898 days 11 hours ago - NowGamer: Moments Of Silence creator Amicus explains why his game "can’t help being different no more than it can help being the same." | Article | PC


The Witcher 3 On PS4: It Will Be 'Adapted', Not Ported

903 days 16 hours ago - NowGamer: CD Projekt has opened up on its PS4 release of The Witcher 3 and hinted at features for the console that haven't yet been fully revealed. | News | PS4


Thief 4 '100% Not Outsourced'

912 days 20 hours ago - NowGamer: Eidos Montreal community manager addresses rumours that Thief 4 has been outsourced by confirming that is '100%' not the case. | News | Dev


Almost Two-Thirds Of Gamers Admit 'Trolling' Online

913 days 17 hours ago - NowGamer: Nottingham Trent University study finds 59.5% of gamers admit to having trolled online and those participating in the trolling 'tended to... | News | Culture


Sony: "We're Not Saying PS4 Is A Man's Machine And That's The End Of It"

917 days 19 hours ago - NowGamer: PlayStation UK boss Fergal Gara address the focus on core genres at the PlayStation 4 unveiling and how the console's appeal will be broa... | News | PS3


PS4 Is 'Very Important' To PS Vita - Sony

918 days 18 hours ago - NowGamer: Sony says that the PlayStation 4 announcement is a 'big, big step' for Sony's handheld. | News | PS4


PS4: Second-Hand Games Block Back On? Sony Says Stance 'Isn't Clarified Yet'

919 days 18 hours ago - NowGamer: Sony has admitted it hasn't 'clarified' its stance on second-hand games, following earlier reports that used games won't be blocked. "We’... | News | PS4


Crysis 3 Beta HD Screenshot Gallery

947 days 12 hours ago - NowGamer: 29 screenshots taken from the Crysis 3 beta released today on Xbox Live. | Article | Xbox 360


Lightning Returns Dev: Real-Time 'Realistic' Action Is Future Of JRPGs

959 days 15 hours ago - NowGamer: Motomu Toriyama, director of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13, thinks real-time 'realistic' action is the future of the JRPG genre.... | News | Xbox 360


Mario Cart 2, Supper Mario And Other Rip-Off Games

966 days 21 hours ago - NowGamer: Mario Cart 2 is one of the five games named by NowGamer as shameless rip-offs of existing and well-known titles. | Article | Culture


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