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Wii U 2014 - Why Next Year Is Crucial For Nintendo

839 days 3 hours ago - NowGamer: What games in Wii U's 2014 line-up can help Nintendo's console fight the next-gen assault? | Opinion piece | Wii U


Pokemon X & Y: 22 Bizarre Secrets You Didn't Know

844 days 2 hours ago - NowGamer: From Pokemon X & Y glitches to how to fix them to Tay Zonday cover songs to hidden references, we've caught 'em all! Or most of them. Or... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Pokemon X & Y Guide To Super Training, EVs & IVs

846 days 5 hours ago - NowGamer: In-depth trainer's guide to EVs and IVs in Pokemon X & Y, plus an explanation of Pokemon Natures and Super Training. | Article | 3DS


NFS: Rivals Executive Producer Explains Wii U Absence

880 days 8 hours ago - NowGamer: Need For Speed: Rivals executive producer Marcus Nilsson explains why the racing title will skip Wii U on release. | News | Wii U


N4G Game of the Year Awards Nomination Contest

Now - Help us create our Game of the Year nominee list and you could win one of five $100 Amazon Gift Cards. | Promoted post

XCOM: Enemy Within - Impossible Iron Man And The Only Person Who Has Conquered It

885 days 6 hours ago - NowGamer: XCOM: Enemy Unknown is on the way and lead designer Ananda Gupta tells NowGamer about the one person at Firaxis who has managed to beat i... | Interview | PC


Inafune: Western Collaborations Important For Future Of Japanese Game Development

891 days 6 hours ago - NowGamer: Former Capcom legend Keiji Inafune suggests collaborations with Western developers are important for the future of the Japanese games ind... | News | Industry


Sonic: Lost World Nintendo Exclusivity Explained

902 days 5 hours ago - NowGamer: Lost Worlds' executive producer explains why the latest Sonic title is perfect for Nintendo console users. | News | Wii U


The Abandoned FPS Franchises That Need Reviving

909 days 4 hours ago - NowGamer: Sick of macho war? NowGamer looks to the past in hope for a brighter FPS future. | Opinion piece | Retro


Super Smash Bros: Sakurai Speaks

912 days 9 hours ago - NowGamer: Super Smash Bros director Masahiro Sakurai talks about how they choose characters, how the series will evolve plus the differences betwee... | Article | Wii U


PS4 Certification Explained

913 days 9 hours ago - NowGamer: Zombie Studio's Jared Gerritzen explains why trophies and Remote Play is mandatory for all PS4 games. | News | PS4


Xbox One To Support Mods? 'It's Up To Developers' Says Major Nelson

927 days 10 hours ago - NowGamer: Following news that Xbox One can be used as a devkit, Major Nelson's comments suggest the console will be open to mods as well. | News | Xbox One


100 Moments That Defined Xbox

930 days 3 hours ago - NowGamer: The Xbox journey began in 1999, with the present being Xbox 360 and the future being Xbox One. Here are the 100 moments that defined Xbox. | Opinion piece | Culture


Peter Molyneux: "I Would Love To Have Finished Milo"

930 days 9 hours ago - NowGamer: 22Cans founder Peter Molyneux laments the loss of cancelled Kinect title Milo & Kate. | News | Industry


Original Strider Creator Not Involved With New Title, 'Prays For Capcom USA'

932 days 8 hours ago - NowGamer: Kouichi 'Isuke' Yotsui, creator of the original Strider, says he's not involved with the new title and 'prays' for Capcom USA. | News | Industry


In Defence Of Dynasty Warriors

934 days 5 hours ago - NowGamer: The Dynasty Warriors games have long been considered guilty pleasures but they're better than they're given credit for. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


PS4 Will Last At Least Eight Years - Sony

942 days 11 hours ago - NowGamer: Sony's Jack Tretton feels PS4 will last as long as the current generation of hardware has. | News | PS4


GTA 5 New Character Discovered

944 days 10 hours ago - NowGamer: GTA 5 will have a character known as 'Mariachi'. But who is he? | News | Xbox 360


Call Of Duty Ghosts Netcode 'Very Similar' To Previous Games

948 days 2 hours ago - NowGamer: We know that the engine for Call Of Duty: Ghosts is iterative rather than built from scratch - now we've learnt that the netcode for Call... | News | PC


Pitchford On Aliens E3 Demo: 'The Alternative Is To Never Discuss Any Upcoming Game'

951 days 10 hours ago - NowGamer: The Gearbox president has spoken up about the infamous Aliens: Colonial Marines demo at E3. | News | Industry


There Was a 'Severe Culture Clash' Between Microsoft & Rare - Former Rare Dev

953 days 21 hours ago - NowGamer: "The culture changed and it began to feel more Microsoft and less Rare" says developer who used to work at the studio. | News | Industry


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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