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"Getting comfortable in the new Newsboiler digs"

The tale of Telltale and the Jurassic Jeep

1475 days 4 hours ago - A tragic tale of a Jurassic Jeep gone wrong, and Telltale's amazingly elegant PR response to what could have been a bad situation | News | Culture


Shinobi 3DS launch trailer

1477 days 10 hours ago - Shinobi returns in a prequel of the Musashi Clan tale for the Nintendo 3DS | Trailer | 3DS


Trendy announces Dungeon Developers dev kit and Capture the Flag mode

1477 days 21 hours ago - Trendy Entertainment has thrown even more Dungeon Defenders insanity at our faces with a new Dev kit as well as a 16-player capture-the-flag mode. | News | PC


Saints Row the Third DLC detailed

1478 days 8 hours ago - Details on Genkibowl VII, Gangstas in Space, The Trouble With Clones, and Nyte Blayde DLC Packs have been released for Saints Row the Third. | News | PC


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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Icrontic review: Saints Row the Third is the pinnacle of absurdity in gaming

1478 days 14 hours ago - The sheer insanity of Saints Row the Third must be seen to be believed. Jaw-dropping, hilariously inappropriate moments abound in THQ and Volition'... | Review | PC


Saints Row the Third trailer #8: Jet Surfing

1480 days 9 hours ago - Saints Row the Third reveals their eighth "Cherished Memory" of Steelport: Surfing on a jet. | Trailer | PC


Digitalism and Skrillex contribute remixes for Syndicate re-release

1481 days ago - Skrillex and the electronic music duo Digitalism are contributing to the soundtrack for the upcoming re-release of Syndicate by EA Games. | News | PC


Icrontic: New Releases for the Week of Brick Wizards and Snow Warriors

1481 days 18 hours ago - Icrontic's non-Dragonborn CB Droege brings us this week's interesting releases in gaming: LEGO Hary Potter: Years 5-7, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare... | Article | Nintendo DS


Icrontic review: Bastion

1483 days 7 hours ago - In Bastion, the player starts off, as so many video game heroes do, by waking up in a world of ruin. Yet, even in these first few minutes, Bastion... | Review | PC


Nobuo Uematsu to perform live at MAGFest 2012

1485 days 10 hours ago - MAGFest's 10th annual video gaming and music convention is going to have a very, very special guest musical appearance. | News | Culture


AMD announces sweeping layoffs

1486 days 4 hours ago - Today AMD began announcing several layoffs. Up to 10% of its workforce may get the pink slip. | News | Tech


Sanctum DLC, free weekend announced

1486 days 12 hours ago - First-person co-op tower defense game Sanctum is getting a big patch and a free weekend. | News | PC


Rumor: Intel Sandy Bridge-E release date

1486 days 16 hours ago - The Intel rumor mill is in high gear, and an industry insider tipped Icrontic off to a very likely launch date for Intel’s highly anticipated follo... | Rumor | Tech


Play 30 minutes of Lord of the Rings: War in the North for free with OnLive

1488 days 5 hours ago - OnLive gets an exclusive 30-minute demo of Lord of the Rings, War in the North. | News | PC


Icrontic: New Releases for the Week of Stretches and Dashes

1488 days 5 hours ago - Icrontic's flexible CB Droege brings this week's interesting releases in gaming: Sonic Generations, Golden Eye 007: Reloaded, Twister Mania, and th... | Article | PC


The Humble Voxatron Debut

1489 days 9 hours ago - The folks behind the awesome Humble Bundle are now offering a special two-week deal on voxel-based shooter Voxatron | News | PC


AMD releases Catalyst 11.10 drivers

1489 days 9 hours ago - MD's latest version of their Catalyst driver, 11.10, gets released, with specific enhancements for Battlefield 3 | News | PC


Now serving the IndieRoyale

1492 days 5 hours ago - The IndieRoyale bundle offers yet another innovative way for PC gamers to get access to a bunch of great games on the cheap. | News | PC


What do Tim and Eric have to do with Saints Row the Third?

1492 days 14 hours ago - An in-game show come to life by the twisted minds of Tim and Eric for Saints Row the Third. | Video | PC


An evening with Origin

1493 days ago - In which are sung the many glories of EA's Origin service. | Article | PC


Track Pokemon GO at

Now - Track Pokemon GO to find out when the game will be released. | Promoted post
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