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Fallout 3: Broken Steel MicroReview | Press Play TV

1 day 21 hours ago - "Impressive DLC feat not only allows you to play past the ending of Fallout 3, but populates the existing Capital Wasteland with the ramifications... | Review | PC


Fallout 3: Operation: Anchorage MicroReview | Press Play TV

1 day 22 hours ago - "First Fallout 3 expansion inexplicably doubles down on the original’s weakest trait: gunplay." -Nick Hawryluk, Press Play TV | Review | PC


Fallout 3: The Pitt MicroReview | Press Play TV

1 day 22 hours ago - "Fallout 3’s second DLC expansion feels legitimately fresh, and not just because of the bad taste left by its previous episode." -Nick Hawryluk, Pr... | Review | PC


Steampunks - Grand Theft Auto V (PC)

3 days 7 hours ago - Nick commits several crimes against nature by using mods in Grand Theft Auto V’s PC release. | Video | PC


Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

The Witcher 3 Is A Real Goddamn Video Game | Press Play TV

3 days 9 hours ago - Sometimes it’s not about the slam-bang action set pieces you show, but rather what you don’t show, that makes a memorable scene. | Opinion piece | PC


Steampunks | VoidExpanse

40 days ago - Nick explores the deepest reaches of space and OH GOD THEY EXPLODED | Video | PC


Cities: Skylines - Don't hire us as your mayor

46 days 5 hours ago - The guys try to expand their virtual city, but the job crisis sets in, and Nick tells of The Great Epidemic of 2020. You really shouldn’t hire us a... | Video | PC


Hand of Fate - Steampunks

82 days 3 hours ago - Nick makes a deal with the devil and plays some cards in Hand of Fate. | Video | PC


Elite: Dangerous - "I'm a rocket man" - Video Showcase

89 days 7 hours ago - Nick takes the guys on a journey to the final frontier to, well, do whatever the hell he wants in Elite: Dangerous. | Video | PC


Besiege - Two idiots try to build a warmachine

94 days 4 hours ago - Nick and Bamidele put their brains together to try to take down a castle wall. They get an A for effort, at least. | Video | PC


Darkest Dungeon - Our descent into madness

98 days 11 hours ago - The guys descend into the depths of the Darkest Dungeon to test their mettle. Safety not guaranteed. | Video | PC


Dying Light: All Hail Spider-Zombie

111 days 8 hours ago - Nick takes a tour of yet another zombie-infested town, but this time he can do PARKOUR! Also, the guys pay their respects to Spider-Zombie, the gre... | Video | PC


Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review

116 days 3 hours ago - By making several smart additions to the stealth gameplay but abandoning nearly all the series’ trademark charm, Ground Zeroes is both the best and... | Review | PC


Star Citizen and Chris Roberts’ Masterclass

124 days 7 hours ago - Whether or not Star Citizen turns out exactly as Roberts promises, the industry's landscape won't be the same after its release. | Article | PC


Big Boss Sneaks Into 2015 - Ground Zeroes Completions Stream

131 days 21 hours ago - Nick is going for more completions in Ground Zeroes. What better way to spend the first day of 2015 than with Big Boss? | Videocast | PC


Ground Zeroes PC Video Feature & S-Rank Walkthrough

143 days 5 hours ago - The guys talk about sneaking and fiddles while Nick somehow manages to get an S-Rank. | Video | PC


Ground Zeroes - New Year’s Extravaganza Show

144 days 7 hours ago - It’s the last day of 2014, and what better way to cap off the year than with Snake running for his life from a big tank? Nick checks out the PC por... | Video | PC


Alien: Isolation - In space nobody can hear us wet our pants

159 days 10 hours ago - Nick tries not to scream while playing Alien: Isolation. He is unsuccessful. | Video | PC


Press Play TV's Game of the Year 2014: Part 5 (The Final Day)

164 days 9 hours ago - Press Play TV finished its 5-day Game of the Year Awards with 4 more categories: Biggest Disappointment, Biggest Surprise, Best WTF Moment and the... | Opinion piece | PC


Press Play TV's Game of the Year Awards: Part 4

165 days 2 hours ago - Press Play TV continues its 5-day Game of the Year Awards with 7 more categories: Best Multiplayer, Best Co-Op, Scariest Game, Most Addictive Game,... | Opinion piece | PC


Toukiden Kiwami (PS4) Review

Now - Drew slays plenty of demons in his latest review. | Promoted post
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